Adorned Nails: KOH Atmosphere

Okay, here's the final polish from Galaxy and it's my other favourite from the collection.

KOH Atmosphere is pretty much the green counterpart of KOH Stardust. It's a green-gold duochrome shimmer and a two-coater.

At this angle, it looks an ashy brown-green.

Look at it again and Atmosphere becomes a pompous green.

And finally, here it is showing off its lovely combined green-goldness.

The Galaxy collection is now available via the KOH online shop.

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Adorned Nails: KOH Stardust

This is one of my two favourites from the Galaxy collection.

KOH Stardust is both beautiful and mysterious. It's predominantly a burgundy-golden brown duochrome shimmer but you may see a glint of green/green-gold at certain angles sometimes.

Here it is in all its burgundy glory.....

.....and here it is parading its burgundy-brown.

I love it when a polish has more than one personality!

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