Winners of ELLIS FAAS: ELLIS EYES Light Giveaway

It is time to announce the results of the ELLIS EYES Light Giveaway. I must say a big thank you to all who took part!

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention two other things. Firstly, I'd like to say welcome to all my new readers. Secondly, to my fellow bloggers, I've not been very good at catching up with all your blogs lately, partly due to this, so please accept my apologies.

Anyway, the response to the giveaway was amazing. However, I have had to disqualify a few entries as some participants had filled up the form twice. I had stated in the rules that the form need only be filled up once. So, for these participants, I disqualified their second entries.

I received more than three hundred qualifying entries (not counting the additional entries earned). Each winner wins an ELLIS EYES Light pen in the shade of their choice from ELLIS FAAS.

Congratulations to the following five winners:

Samantha Lee
Lindsey Townend

I'm sure you will have fun creating looks with your Light! An email will be sent to you shortly. Please respond within 72 hours with your postal details as otherwise, another winner will be chosen.

To all participants with qualifying entries, ELLIS FAAS will be sending an email containing the 15% discount coupon code to each of you in the next couple of weeks. You may use this code for your next purchase from the ELLIS FAAS online shop (discount does not apply to shipping charges).

Last but not least, many thanks to ELLIS FAAS for making it possible for me to hold this giveaway.

ELLIS FAAS: Eye Look With Light III

To all my readers, old and new, I must apologise for the lack of variety in my posts this month. Thank you for sticking around with me. You could be a silent reader or you could be one who regularly leaves comments here. I truly appreciate the support you’ve given me.

July hasn’t been the easiest month for me. My father passed away this month. Gone quite suddenly, gone too soon. Daddy’s little girl misses him dearly, so this simple article is dedicated to my Papa.

Right eye

These are the ELLIS FAAS products used:

Creamy Eyes E103 (matte black)
Light E305 (metallic, holographic Bordeaux)
Mascara E401

What I did:
1. Applied a generous amount of Creamy Eyes E103 to upper lid using the pen’s brush applicator. Also used finger to dab on E103 to fade out the edges. Dragged colour out on the outer corner of the eye.
2. Used an eyeliner brush to line thickly the lower lash line with E103.
3. Join, in the inner corner, the black of E103 on the lower lash line with the black on the upper lid, forming a V.
4. On top of the black on the lower lash line, line the eye with Light E305.
5. Dab on some E305 on the outer corner of the eye, layering it over the E103.
6. Curled lashes and applied Mascara E401.
7. With the finger, transferred some shimmery bits of E305 onto the lashes, by running the finger lightly over the lashes. The two ‘teardrops’ on the inner corner were dabbed on with the finger.

Smokey and somber. I weep, but I do not weep.

Rest in peace, Papa. May you rest in peace.

ELLIS FAAS: Eye Look With Light II

This second look I’m showing you is a somewhat bolder look.

These are the ELLIS FAAS products that I used:

Milky Eyes E207 (rust orange with a hint of shimmer)
Light E305 (metallic turquoise on a burgundy base – ELLIS FAAS calls it holographic Bordeaux)
Creamy Eyes E103 (matte black)
Mascara E401 (black)

Same swatches taken from different angles

Here’s what I did:

1. Applied Milky Eyes E207 all over lid using my finger, also feathered out the edges.
2. Applied Light E305 directly on the eyelid fold using its brush applicator, also used finger to dab some E305 just above the eyelid fold.
3. Used an angled eyeliner brush to add some E305 to the inner corner of the eye, drawing a short vertical line down.
4. Lined the lower lash line with E305 using the angled eyeliner brush.
5. Used an angled eyeliner brush to line the upper lash line with Creamy Eyes E103, wing-ed the line.
6. Curled the lashes and applied Mascara E401.

The colour combination of rust orange and metallic turquoise is a big departure from my comfort zone. Well, sometimes, we should look beyond what we always consider to be normal and comfortable and try something different for a change.

Adorned Nails: SpaRitual Hypnotic

I’m not going to say anything cheesy with wordplay using the name of this polish. It’s tempting, but I won’t.

Hypnotic is a colour that SpaRitual released for its Winter 2009 collection. I know I’m extremely late to the party but does it matter? Besides, some of you living in the Southern Hemisphere are experiencing winter right now, so this one’s for you, ladies!

Hypnotic has been described as a charcoal brown shimmer. It’s like gunmetal with dark chocolate mixed in. This second photo (above) of the nails is truest to colour.

As base coat, I used SpaRitual’s Multi–Tasker Base & Top Coat In One. Hypnotic went on beautifully. What you see here is with two coats and no top coat. Again, these images were taken in daylight.

Hypnotic is beautifully sombre and broody. I’d be afraid to mess with its beauty.

ELLIS FAAS: Eye Look With Light I

This is one of the eye looks that I promised to show you using a combination of ELLIS FAAS eye products.

It is an easy and very wearable look. There is nothing over the top about it, so you can easily wear this during the day.

The ELLIS FAAS products used were:

Creamy Eyes E106 (matte light brown with a tinge of lilac)
Creamy Eyes E104 (matte dark brown)
Light E301 (metallic light beige)
Mascara E401 (black)
The swatches on the right were layered on thickly.

The following was what I did:

1. Applied Creamy Eyes E106 all over lid using the pen’s brush applicator and then used finger to feather out the edges.
2. Used finger to dab Light E301 on the inner section of the eye.
3. Used finger to dab Creamy Eyes E104 on the outer corner of the eye.
4. Lined the upper and lower lash line with E104 using an angled eyeliner brush.
5. Using the same angled eyeliner brush, applied a bit of E301 on the inner third of the lower lash line.
6. Curled lashes and applied Mascara E401.

That’s it. It’s simple and fuss-free. And oh, I have to show you how it looks 11 hours later (photos below were taken with diffused flash). I kid you not. Very little has budged!

Adorned Nails: GOSH Green Hawaii

Een kikker met glitter” is what I would call this. That’s Dutch for “a frog with glitter”.

Would you believe it if I told you that this is my first ever glitter nail polish? Well, it’s true. My life is full of weird, incomprehensible choices made, so having this little green frog as my first glitter polish just fits right into that pattern! My hubby didn’t think I was in the right frame of mind when I bought this bottle.

But you know what? I think it looks good on nails, and even better in the sun, as shown in these pictures. The glitter particles are quite sparse, me thinks, compared to some other glitter polishes that I've seen on your nails. That's fine by me.

I applied three coats, forgot to use a top coat (aah, the story of my life!) and got a dent in the corner of my index finger in no time (you can see it if you looked at the first photo closely). Duh, lesson learnt when applying glitter polish!

Okay, I now understand the fascination for glitter nail polishes. It’s the colours reflected in the glitter particles, isn’t it? At a glance, you would see mainly yellow glitters in Green Hawaii but if you look closely, you’ll see blue, turquoise, red and even orange specks.

I never thought I’d ever say this but, gee, this is one pretty glitter kikker.