Adorned Nails: Zoya Sloane

You probably would have noticed that I have a certain fascination for purple nail polishes, especially the dark ones, and I wouldn’t be surprised if purple has got a grip on many of you too.

Deep purple on its own looks regal but then, deep purple juxtaposed against silver is like having the king, the queen and the handsome prince over for dinner!

Image left is with flash photography.

Zoya Sloane is a magnificent deep purple, leaning slightly towards burgundy and with hints of shimmer. In the bottle, it's so striking that I've been having trouble tearing my eyes away from the polish. This is my first ever Zoya which I bought a few months ago. My friend, Gail of ooglemakeup, who also has this in her collection, had said a while back that I should feature this nail polish here, so here it is!

For stamping, I used the newly released Essence Nail Art Stampy Design Plate: 03 Be Creative. The design that I chose is the Chinese character in the top row. Translated, it means ‘friend’ and I think it’s very appropriate for this post. Gail was my first friend in blog world and my first ever reader (one never forgets such things!), so this is for Gail and for all the ladies I've met here ever since!

Sloane was quite a pleasure to polish but I did encounter the odd bubble or two. Shown here are two coats of Sloane. For the stamping, I used Silver Moon, a phased-out nail polish from Catrice.

And because deep purples are so difficult to capture on camera, I ended up having to take a gazillion photos in my attempt to outwit this chameleon Sloane. Here are just three more for your viewing pleasure, my friends.....

Umm, have I already mentioned how much I love deep purple nail polishes?

Beauté: Weightless Lip Crème Review

I’ve been very curious about Beauté Cosmetics ever since reading about it on the blogs of two amazing ladies, Lipstick Rules and London Makeup Girl. That was some months back and while the curiousity was strong, I let the lemming simmer unobtrusively at the back of my makeup-crazed mind.

That was until opportunity came in the form of a swap with Mademoiselle Lipstick Rules. Thanks to her, I now have in my possession a Beauté Weightless Lip Crème!

First, here’s something about Beauté Cosmetics for the benefit of those who haven’t heard of this name. The creative mind behind this brand is Canadian-born makeup artist, Beau Nelson. When I read his biography, words like ‘prodigy’ and ‘wonder kid’ came to mind. I mean, he was already working professionally when he was fourteen, first starting out with designing theatrical makeup and then moving over to fashion show makeup. He won awards for his fashion design makeup and was already a counter manager for a makeup brand in a large departmental his teens!! His clientele list consists of the who’s who in showbiz and you know what, he’s still in his twenties now. Oh, to top it off, did I mention that he’s got smoldering good looks too?

The unique thing about Beauté Cosmetics is that they take their time in launching their products. Every product is carefully and thoughtfully formulated and crafted.

Beauté is at once luxe and functional. Combining the best in packaging innovation, superior product formulation and unique wearable color, Beauté is the evolution of makeup.

Beauté Cosmetics debuted in 2006 with something very basic: a set of luxurious handmade makeup brushes. Strange, you might think, but Beau strongly believes that a good set of tools is the most essential item a woman can own where makeup is concerned. This was later followed by a range of lip products (launched in stages, of course), one of which is this Weightless Lip Crème that I now have.

Name: Beauté Weightless Lip Crème – Modern Love WLC 100
Colour choice: Available in six colours
Weight and Price: 3g / 0.11oz for CAN$26 or £22 in the UK

According to Beauté (excerpts)
Lightweight and full coverage, moisturising and long-lasting, in understatedly chic shades, the Weightless Lip Crème is sure to become a modern classic.

The Weightless Lip Crème is based in a unique Paraben free gel polymer which provides its texture and long wear. Unparalleled moisture delivery is due to Mango Butter and Vitamin E in combination with Orchid Extract and Maxi-lip, a patented tri-peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis and provides anti-aging benefits to the wearer.

Key benefits
1. Paraben free
2. Long wearing color
3. Stimulates collagen
4. Moisturizes and hydrates

Please click on the image to enlarge.

Comes in a box
Length: About 8.5 cm / 3.5 in
Description: (In Beauté’s words) Housed in Beauté signature Lucite and mirror-black metal packaging with a doe foot applicator.

Description: Fluid lip colour. Modern Love is a plummish brown shade. Note of interest: The colour was named after a David Bowie song. I’ve read that Beau keeps a long list of names, including songs, that he intends to use to name his shades.

My thoughts
You know what, I can’t find any fault with this product.

The doe-foot applicator seems pretty standard and does its job well in applying colour to the lips. The cover screws on sturdily. The tube may look simple and is rather short and stumpy but it sure is one heck of an elegant tube! I don’t know if it’s the weight or the size of the tube, it just feels good to have it in your hand.

This Weightless Lip Crème is packed to the brim with pigmentation! As with any liquid lip colour, coverage is buildable. Seen here in the images are with two coats (all taken in daylight). I’m very pleased that I chose Modern Love. I think this shade is would be very flattering for many skin tones.

This, to me, has got to be the best part. The Lip Crème is thick, not sticky and has literally no scent (it says so on the box and I sniffed very hard at it just to check. Nada!)

And read my lips: It’s moisturising. Remember that sacred list of lippies that don’t dry my lips out? That short list is now one product richer. With this Weightless Lip Crème, there is no need for a lip balm base at all!

The first word of the name is another big hint: weightless. Even with two coats applied, it feels feather-light or for the most part, unnoticeable. It’s like having lipbalm on your lips, only lighter but much more pigmented. It must be because the Lip Crème doesn’t just sit pretty on the lips. It sinks into the lips.

The finish is supposed to be matte but I do see a certain sheen on my lips if I pack on the colour.

It will transfer and it will fade gradually over the hours. However, in my experience, I can still see a hint of colour left on my lips after more than half a day and that’s not a complaint, mind you.

This product reminds me so much of another one that I fell in love with. I can’t help but compare this Beauté Weightless Lip Crème with my Ellis Faas Creamy Lips. They are both great products in their own right and were each created by amazingly talented makeup artists who know what makes a product tick.

When I first applied Beauté Weightless Lip Crème in Modern Love on my lips, I went "Wow!”. If you remember, the last time I said that with a lip product was with the Ellis Faas Creamy Lips No. L106.

So, just humour me here. I’d like to show you the swatches of these two fantastic products side-by-side. I hope you can see the sheen from the moisturising oils in both products.

L: Beauté Weightless Lip Crème (Modern Love); R: Ellis Faas Creamy Lips (L106)

That's all I can say. The Beauté Weightless Lip Crème is a fabulous product in every way and let's not forget that it's paraben-free too. I truly embrace this Lip Crème with all my makeup-crazed soul!

For more information, please check the Beauté Cosmetics website.

I am not being paid to say the following. I only wish to share this information with you:
For readers in Europe and Asia, it is now also possible to purchase Beauté products from the UK-based
Coco Beau. I have inquired on their shipping fees: Regardless of the number of products purchased, it is a flat rate of £5.95 to the EU and £7.95 to the rest of the world.

Beauty Retail Gem: C. Cosmetics and Care

As a little spin-off from my Beauty Shopping in the Netherlands series, I’d like to share with you my visit to a lovely store in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. My interest was first piqued when I read about the opening of this “eco-luxury” beauty store and salon on the internet and so, when time permitted, my husband and I went off to pay it a visit.

Note: This visit was made on my own initiative and at my own cost.

I introduce to you C. Cosmetics and Care, a store with a purpose and a very elegant and inviting interior, I might add. Once inside on the ground floor, you’d see on the left a vertical stretch of green leafy wall (literally!) spanning both the ground floor and the basement level. On the right is a huge white wall dotted with display caverns. Further in, there is a long wall covered with an imposing wall hanging, but it's not just any wall hanging, mind you. It's a Claudy Jongstra felted wool wall piece that is hand-made and has been coloured with botanical dyes. Impressive!

Below that are the minimalistic and stylish wooden display platforms for its products. On the left, facing the product displays are two treatment rooms. On the basement level, there are two more treatment rooms, one of which is for massages.

I was fortunate enough to have met the owner of the store, a young lady named Caroline van Eeuwijk. She was kind enough to have an impromptu conversation with me about her month-old store and give me permission to take some pictures of the interior (always handy to have my little camera in my bag!).

Caroline is a lawyer by training but after practising law for a few years, she felt that law was perhaps not her calling after all. She also explained that when she was seventeen, she had suffered an allergy and since then, she has been very health-conscious and has been educating herself about good nutrition and taking good care of her skin and body.

She took a break after she left her job as a lawyer in the middle of last year and after careful deliberation, she decided to take a different career path, one combining her interest in health and personal care, and running a business involving beauty. In the seven months leading up to the opening of C. Cosmetics and Care in early February this year, she was kept busy with research, product sourcing and, of course, finding the right location for her store and salon. She also roped in Olga Zesjkova to be her full-time beauty specialist for the facial treatment services offered at C. There are also two other part-time staff, one of whom is a masseur, and the other for pedicure treatments. Olga and one of the part-time staff were present during our visit and I must say they were both very friendly too. In fact, Olga spent some time with us providing explanation on some of their products.

The tagline of C. Cosmetics and Care is simple: Nothing but natural ingredients. All the products sold and used at C. are made from natural ingredients (with a small exception of the fluid makeup products of freshMinerals) and as much as possible, from organic sources. And so it follows that you won’t find mineral oils in the ingredients of these products and many carry certifications from ECOCERT (a control and certification body for organic products) and the UK-based Soil Association (which monitors the organic farming sector). Taking the ethos even further, Caroline has also consciously chosen brands that are environmentally friendly where packaging is concerned: bio-degradable, recyclable and/or re-usable.

The brands currently available at C. Cosmetics and Care are:

• SheerinO’kho – a French brand of environment responsive skincare

• Dr. Alkaitis Therapeutic Skin Food – “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” says creator and research scientist Dr Saul Alkaitis.

• Sophyto Organic Skin Care – a professional grade certified organic skincare range

• Doll Face Natural Beauty Cocktails – “Tested on starlets, not on animals”, cruelty-free and biodegradable skincare range

• Happy Future – natural baby care range made with no traces of nuts or nut derivatives

• Naturelle d’Argan – a French organic skincare range with argan oil

• Dr. Baumann Cosmetic – a German skincare range using skin-identical lipids and ingredients, liposomes and vitamins

• Pure Altitude by Fermes de Marie – an exclusive French organic skincare line made from extracts of mountain plants

• Andrea Garland – all-natural balms housed in vintage compacts

• freshMinerals make-up

• Valeur Absolue parfums – perfumes based on essential oils and harnessing the powers of precious stones

• Alqvimia oils – premium quality essential oils from Spain for aromatherapy massages

• SpaRitual nail polishes – explained previously here

The nail polish that I featured recently from SpaRitual, I Feel The Earth Move, was purchased from C. Cosmetics and Care.

Over a cup of tea (organic, of course!), Caroline explained briefly the services offered at the salon. It ranges from a basic facial using Dr Baumann products to a luxurious extensive one using the Dr Alkaitis products (Dr Alkaitis Skin Food Facial) or Pure Altitude products. Other services include waxing, manicures, pedicures and massages. Charges range from €5 for nail polishing to €105 for the Dr Alkaitis Skin Food Facial. Every treatment, be it for facial or for special treatments like permanent hair removal and intensive peeling, begins with a 15-minute consultation to establish the skin type, its health and its problems.

Caroline informed me that C.’s mission is to give good advice, good service and personal attention to every customer. Whilst wishing to advocate good, healthy skincare regime without depending on mineral oils and preservatives like parabens, amongst others, which can be damaging for the body, Caroline doesn’t believe in bluntly smothering customers with this philosophy though. The key is in educating. Mineral oils may seem to leave the skin feeling soft and help with elasticity but in reality, all they do is leave the skin suffocated and in a cycle of dependency. That’s why Caroline advocates using products made with natural ingredients and with a high concentration of active ingredients which not only have no damaging effects on the skin but can also aid cell regeneration.

I was given two business cards by Caroline but no, they weren’t any ordinary business cards.

The one on the left is a plantable card, in this case, it contains seeds for daisies. Just put the card in soil, add water and watch it grow! The one on the right is an edible card! You’re encouraged to eat it after reading.

C. Cosmetics and Care is located at 30a Herenstraat, 1015 CB Amsterdam. More information on its services and the brands offered can be found on the C. Cosmetics and Care website. Plans are afoot to have an online shop too.

I asked Caroline if C. stood for her name. She replied that it’s just a coincidence that her name starts with a ‘C’. More importantly, it stands for all things good and lovely in life that begin with ‘C’. That could be clean, clear, conscious and (she jokingly adds) also indulgences like chocolates, champagne and cocktails.

I’m thinking: cosy, chic and classy. How’s that for a few more C’s?

All images used belong to Witoxicity.

Winner of Sharing the Fun: Essence

It’s time again to make someone happy! Thank you, ladies, for showing interest in sharing the fun with me. As expected, it was a cosy little bunch of us, which warmed my heart even more. [Hugs all round]

I’ve put together the entries, including the qualifying ones from the Adorned Nails: Essence Object of Desire post and arranged all the 33 entries in chronological order. I then consulted my Mummy Number Generator this morning and the number she’s given is Number 4 and that is.....

bowsnhearts of Bows and Hearts and a Whole Heap More.!


Now, ladies, I need to make an apology.

I must say sorry to all of you.....

.....for not telling you that I’ve put together another prize for you! Surprise! In case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t break the bank doing this. Let me explain. First of all, Essence products are coincidentally on offer at the Kruidvat drugstores this week. So, I simply couldn’t resist coming up with this surprise for you. Secondly, I really appreciate the support that you have given me and my blog, and I think this is the least I could do to show my thanks. Really.

Anyway, this is what I’ve put together. You might notice that they are actually the same kinds of products as in the other package but with different colours. They are (from top right, clockwise):

• Kajal Pencil – 13 Night Fever
• Quattro Eyeshadow – 06 Sooo Cool
• Glossy Lipbalm – Berry Sorbet
• Lipstick – 33 Glam Girl
• Multi Dimension 3 in 1 nail polish – 42 Dress To Party
• Nail Art Stampy Set – 02 Have Fun! (Isn't that so appropriately named for this Sharing the Fun?)

Only the lipstick is of the same colour. The Nail Art Stampy Set has a different set of images from the 01 Be Creative!.

So, who’s the second winner? Well, I asked my Mummy Number Generator for another number and after some ummms and ahhhhs, she said, “32.” Lucky number 32 is.....

Daniela of A Pimpinela!

Congratulations! To both winners, please send me an email (address found in my profile section) with your postal details within 72 hours.

Thanks again to all of you. Oh, please don't be miffed if you didn't win. I'm doing this for the fun of it, so do take this in the spirit of fun.

Okay, that’s it! No more surprises from me.

For now.

Adorned Nails: Essence Object of Desire Re-desired

Yes, you’ve seen this nail polish here before but the truth is, I was suffering from a very nasty headache when I was preparing for that post back then. That headache lasted three long days and after the ordeal, I thought that I could have done a better job with the photos.

Anyway, last week, I decided to paint my nails with Object of Desire again and try some stamping (which I didn’t do previously) using the Essence Nail Art Stampy Set: 01 Be Creative and the white nail polish from the Bourjois French Manicure Kit.

With a clearer head and a whatever-goes frame of mind (as I was actually not planning to show this here), I started stamping.

I was pleased with the results. So pleased that I decided to take a photo of it and document it here. This is, after all, part of the journey of my beauty awakening! I must let you know that the nail polish is more colour-true in this photo.

I could die happy and contented now.

Adorned Nails: SpaRitual I Feel The Earth Move

[Swoon] Oh my, I think I’ve fallen in love with this nail polish! SpaRitual, why has it taken me so long to discover you?

At the core, SpaRitual is about vegan spa treatments for use in spas and at home. Indulgent but environmentally conscious. At SpaRitual, there are many messages of positivity, empowerment and self-confidence and these are in turn reflected in the three rituals explored through its products:

• Center Yourself
• Build a Solid Foundation
• Harness the Power of Color

And this is where the nail lacquer fits in – in the ritual of harnessing the power of color. Color has the power to soothe or seduce, nurture or ignite, says SpaRitual. According to the website, SpaRitual has a collection of 80 nail lacquers spread over four dynamic harmonies. With each SpaRitual shade comes a special message and a numerological value. SpaRitual has combined the discipline of colour therapy and numerology which encourages the user to have a moment of contemplation and reflection.

The four harmonies are:

Dramatic High Notes - intense reds and magentas, representing the power of fire, energy & creation
Earthy Low Notes - deep browns and maroons, representing the power of earth & connection.
Airy Sopranos - mellow beiges and nirvana pinks. There are different messages for different colours. Eg: Ethereal (very light shimmery pink) - From up here, you have a unique perspective. Look closely. You are floating above it all. Don't let anyone bring you down.
Cool Contraltos - fresh violets and chilled-out neutrals, representing the power of water, emotion & intensity.

Well, that was a whole bunch of words for a post on just a nail lacquer! I could have kept it short, of course, but you would have missed out on the philosophy behind all this.

Now, I present you a nail lacquer from the Earthy Low Notesharmony, I Feel The Earth Move, number 125. Its numerological number is 1+2+5=8. Confidence & power. The achiever. Hmmm…

Hey, don’t look at me! I bought this brand because I thought its philosophy was interesting and I chose this colour simply because the colour appealed to me! The unusual bulbous bottle comes with a cool, convenient rubber cap with ridges. The cap is actually patented and called the Plum Cap®. In SpaRitual’s words:

.....allowing easy opening of the bottle and a non-slip grip while applying the product. SpaRitual's signature brush is also specially designed to allow for precise lacquer application. The shorter brush length offers more control and accuracy of lacquer application. In addition, our bottle is crafted in Italy from reusable glass with up to 50% recycled materials and is recyclable with proper care.

SpaRitual Nail Lacquers are free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene.

I must say that I’m really blown away by I Feel The Earth Move. It’s a glossy deep maroon-brown shade. Application was truly a dream! I don’t know if it’s any different with the other SpaRitual nail colours, but this one is amazingly streak-free. The first nail image above and this one on the left are with two coats. I’ve seen jelly-like nail polishes on some of your nails before, but I’ve never experienced one myself. I think the closest I’ve ever gotten to this finish was with KOH Red.

Fresh out of the bottle, this nail lacquer does have a nail polish scent but it doesn't linger long on the nails.

I thought I should also show you how it looks with just one coat (right). Here, you'll see the maroon-brown shade more clearly.

Gosh, I love both versions. I could almost lick the jelly!

This SpaRitual nail polish was purchased from C. Cosmetics and Care. More information can also be found on the SpaRitual website.

I Love Thee: Essence Lipstick

I never ever thought I’d feature a lipstick that cost just one cent shy of €2 and be able to say good things about it, let alone slotting this into my I Love Thee series. Well, here I am doing just that! And that’ll explain for the absence of a picture of a proud brand new lipstick. Instead, with apologies, I’d have to show you my used one.

This is the Essence Lipstick in number 33 Glam Girl. It’s a glossy deep pink shade with tiny specks of glitter and has a strong sweet bubblegummy scent. And I will tell you now that you might find some tiny random glitters still hanging around on your lips at the end of the day, even after facial cleansing.

Those are my observations and personally, neither the scent nor the six specks of glitter left on my lips bother me.

So, what is it about this lipstick that really won me over? Simple! It doesn’t dry my lips out. There is no need for a lipbalm base and I’ve said before that there aren’t many lipsticks that can do that for me. I’m a fusspot and I keep a careful mental list of these (and it’s a very short list). The Essence Lipstick keeps my lips moist and gives my lips more colour than a lipbalm would.

I checked the list of ingredients on the Essence website and I see top on the list, castor seed oil, followed by lanolin and further down the list, paraffin, carnauba wax and avocado oil. The rest of the items on the list of ingredients are those with long, convoluted chemical names, so if you’re interested, do check out their website. Funnily enough, I didn’t see any parabens on the list.

On the issue about how long-lasting it is, it’ll last a couple of hours but isn’t that normal with most lippies?

Sharing The Fun
As you already know, Essence is a German brand with cheap and cheerful products, complete with packaging to reflect that (I mean more the cheerful part, perhaps). The quality is all right considering the prices. I’d say I’ve had more hits than misses. What really impresses me about Essence is its huge range of products. They’ve got the whole range of makeup necessities but the icing on the cake has got to be their wide range of nail and nail art products, from nail files and nail correction pens to nail art stickers and nail art stamping kits (that last one you’re already familiar with, no?).

So, would you like to try some Essence products, including the lipstick featured above? I’ve put together some items for one lucky lady! I’m calling this Sharing The Fun because, well, I’m doing this simply in the spirit of fun! Here’re the products that you could win (from top right, clockwise):

• Kajal Pencil - 11 Cool Breeze
• Quattro Eyeshadow - 05 Aqua Flash
• Glossy Lipbalm - Mango Daiquiri
• Lipstick - 33 Glam Girl
Nail Polish Multi Dimension 3 in 1 - 44 Object of Desire
Nail Art Stampy Set - 01 Be Creative!

Recognise that nail polish? Yeah, I featured this shade a couple of weeks ago. I said back then that I think it’s a discontinued colour. What I didn’t mention was that I had at that time bought another bottle for this purpose, not knowing then that this colour would be discontinued. Now, that second bottle is going to one of you! See? The one on the left is mine and the one on the right will be yours!

If you’d like to try your luck, all you need to do for one basic entry is to leave a relevant comment under this post but please, no ‘enter me’ stuff. My older readers would be familiar with this as I’ve done this once before. Please just comment like normal as if I wasn’t sharing the fun here. All I ask is for it to be relevant to this post about the lipstick (yes, even if you said I've got fish lips in the picture, you’d still have an entry).

Oh, did you leave a comment on the Adorned Nails: Essence Object of Desire post prior to publication of this current post? That would be your extra entry, but only if you leave a comment here for your basic entry. I’ve decided that I won’t enter anyone without their knowledge or against their will.

This is of course open internationally, to all who publicly follow my blog as seen on Google Friend Connect. I’ll keep this open for a week, so if you’re interested, please comment by latest Friday 12th March 2010, 11.59pm (Central European Time). As always, the Mummy Number Generator will determine the winner. Note: For those who still don't know what that is, that's my Mum who lives far away from me and will give me a random number on the phone in picking the winner. By the way, she's too busy to read my blog, so she has no idea who my readers are. I will announce the results on Saturday 13th March. The winner has 72 hours to respond with her postal details.

Please note that all the items in the prize are brand new and were purchased with my own money. As always, I will take every care in sending out the package to the winner but I will not be held responsible if the package goes missing in transit or arrives damaged.

Have fun and good luck, ladies!

Adorned Nails: KOH Jewel

I’m warning you, ladies. That KOH Experience Shop is a dangerous place to venture into. It’s funny that I should call it nail polish heaven because, in reality, it’s just a place filled with devilish temptations. You’d have to have a lot of will power to walk away from that place empty-handed. Or you could just leave your wallet at home. Or not go there at all!

I went with the intention of just looking (yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that line before) and I walked out of there euros poorer, but with a jewel. The name’s KOH Jewel. I’ve had a very hard time capturing its green-ness on camera. I don’t know how it turns out on your screen. Whatever it is, it’s not anywhere near turquoise. Take it from me, it’s very green, not neon but like the very bright green of some jade stones.

So green that it’s almost offensive? Okay, here’re some pastel colours to soothe your eyes for a change:

These are the six new Spring colours that KOH will release next month. As is the trend with every brand, they’re all light, sweet pastels. I didn’t try these on my nails though – I was too distracted by the Wall of Joyful Colours.

Right, let’s continue the green assault.

Now, I know green doesn’t often come out tops as people’s favourite nail polish colour. It’s not quite my favourite colour either. I tried Jewel on one nail some time back, and I wasn’t too excited. I gave it a second look this time around and well, it wasn’t too bad. It’s bright and fresh.....and loud. Jewel is glossy and has very fine specks of shimmer, which are noticeable in the bottle. On the nails, they are drowned out by all that green, unfortunately, and only conspicuous in certain lighting or at certain angles. The nails here are with two coats, except for the nail with stamping, which was with just one coat. I encountered no application problems with this formula.

Not wanting to create too much of a riot on my nails but still eager to do some stamping (haven’t done any of this for a couple of weeks now), I decided to stamp on just the ring finger. A lovely fellow blogger, Beauty Vibes, had suggested that I try using the Catrice 60 Seconds Nail Couture nail polish for stamping and so I did! Thank you! The nail art here was done with Catrice Black Beauty and, of course, my one and only Essence Nail Art Stampy Set: 01 Be Creative (boy, I’m really procrastinating with KONAD, aren’t I?).

You might have noticed that KOH has started issuing cases with a different look: bright colours with a ribbon on the flap. I chose a green case to go with Jewel. So cheesy, I know!

Love it or hate it, I’m sure your views on green nail polish would be polarised!