Inglot: Lipstick Review

Here's another item that I got in May at the then newly opened Inglot store in Amsterdam.

I'll cut to the chase. You would remember that Inglot loves numbers, so this lipstick has been given the very memorable identity of No. 103. It's a bright coral. There is red (like tomato red) but No. 103 borders on orange. Well, it's just flirting, it's not quite orange.

I like this lipstick. It scores high marks for great pigmentation. It has a slight sheen but I'm more inclined to call it a matte. It applies soft, smooth and creamy. Lovely.

It does have fragrance though. It smells like cherry and I do find the scent quite strong in the first couple of minutes after application.

Although I didn't think this lipstick was too drying if applied on bare lips, I find its feel/texture on the lips to be ideal when applied on a light coat of lipbalm (as seen in the lip photos here).

On me, one good application lasts half a day but by then, it's about 60-70% faded. It fades evenly, leaving a flattering tint on the lips.

Please click to enlarge

Good lipstick, I say. I have no complaints and the price isn't too bad either: €12.

More information:
Inglot has a humongous range of lipstick shades. You can view them on the Inglot website.

Petits By Tatyana: Solid Perfumes Review

You’ve read my introduction on Petits by Tatyana and the company behind it, Aqua De Luna. In this article, we will explore the basics of the range of five Petits by Tatyana Balm De Perfume a.k.a. solid perfumes.

The Petits by Tatyana Balm De Perfume

• is a solid perfume made with 100% natural essential and absolute oils
• has shea butter as the base
• contains no fillers
• contains no artificial colours
• contains no parabens
• contains no beeswax
• is 100% vegan

Aqua De Luna does not test on animals.

Each is housed in a simple container made of recycled metal. This, of course, goes perfectly with the life and business philosophy of Stefan and Tatyana Leiste, the founders of Aqua De Luna. Each recycled tin jar contains .35oz / 10ml of solid perfume.

Shea Butter
The shea butter in the solid perfumes that Stefan sent me for review seemed to have different textures and consistencies. After using them for several weeks, I wrote Stefan an email to find out why, thinking that it perhaps had something to do with how the shea butter reacted to the different mix of essential oils. I was mistaken, as the answer simply lay in the batch of shea butter that Stefan and Tatyana used when making the solid perfumes. Stefan explained (excerpts):

The consistency / texture is entirely related to the batch of shea butter. We are trying to find a formula that is more consistent (hard). However we do not want to compromise on what we add into these Balm De Perfume. Cooling them makes them hard, heat makes them softer.

About Shea Butter:
Shea butter can be very soft or harder, depending on where it comes from (for example Central Africa Shea butter is always softer while West African Shea butter tends to be harder) and the age at which it was harvested (3 months or younger seems to be of a harder consistency).......

With that in mind, we will now move on to the solid perfumes:

Petits by Tatyana Balm De Perfume

Maui Aloha

Maui Aloha includes memories from paradise, fragrances that reminds you every day of Maui's beauty and welcoming nature. Carry a piece of Aloha on your skin and each day will bring you joy and happiness.

Pure shea butter with essential oils:
Tuberose, Pikake (Jasmine), Neroli (Orange Blossom)

The shea butter: dark beige, soft and sinks in when rubbed on.

The perfume: Quite heady at first, thanks to the potent turberose and jasmine (it seriously does remind one of island life and Aloha 'Oe!). The orange blossom provides a subtle sweetness to it which helps to 'calm' the powerful floral combination of the first two. On me, Maui Aloha settles into a warm, soapy scent.

Pink Shadow

Pink Shadow is a homage to the fragrant flowers of Hawaii. Always used to inspire the beautiful woman from the ancient Hawaii. Enjoy this combination and feel the spirit of Aloha on your skin.

Pure shea butter with essential oils:
Hala Flower (Hinano), Lokelani (Rose), Lemon Balm, Ylang Ylang

The shea butter: dark beige, smooth and solid, the right consistency to rub on

The perfume: I read that Lokelani a.k.a. Rosa damascena is the official flower of Maui Island and looking at the essential oils used, you can already tell that it's sweet all round. In fact, if you're looking to get drunk on rosy sweetness, Pink Shadow would be it. It's sweet, sweet and very sweet with a little (just a little) tangy undertone. The smell of roses sticks around for a good couple of hours and eventually becomes soapy-musky on me.

Blue Light

Blue Light consists of sensual fragrances from sacred flowers well known since centuries. Unusual and rare to find it comforts your skin and the air around you. Simply beautiful all day long!

(I've been told that Blue Light is Tatyana's favourite.)

Shea butter with essential oils:
Blue Lotus, Pikake (Jasmine), Sandalwood, Palo Santo

The shea butter: dark beige, smooth and solid, just hard enough to rub on

The perfume: Extremely fragrant. Opens strongly with what to me is jasmine and sandalwood. The fragrance reminds me of monks, chants and temples. Over time, the pungency fades but the jasmine and sandalwood is ever-present.

Ancient Spirit

Ancient Spirit is a melange of ancient sacred scents, a unique combination of well known essential oils used in the ancient world. Connect your spirit with these sacred oils!

The shea butter: white, slightly gritty, soft

The perfume: Complex. Woody and antiquey, like the stuffy smell you get when you open an old, wooden school desk. Sometimes, it even reminds me of insects but the thing is, it's really not as bad as it sounds. There are also incense accents. After a few hours, it becomes just plain woody and ever so slightly spicy on my skin. Ancient Spirit wasn't one that I immediately liked but it has grown on me over time.

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest, lush green airy scents, inspires to take in the rich green floral fragrance of a healthy nature. Happy dreams come true by enjoying the vibrant colors of the mystical bamboo forest as only found like that on Maui.

Shea butter with essential oils:
Palo Santo, Oakmoss, Orris, Pine, Lemon Rosewood, Parsley, Mimosa, Cedar Atlas

The shea butter: white, gritty, soft

The perfume: Fresh and green, like newly-cut grass but prettier and sweeter. On me, it smells almost bitter some hours later.

In general, I've found that these solid perfumes do not last very long on the skin, about three-four hours. The strong ones like Pink Shadow and Blue Light are perhaps the most longlasting of the lot.

Shelf Life
According to Stefan, the shelf life of these solid perfumes depends on the shea butter. They can last for a year or longer if stored cool and dry.

Each Petits by Tatyana solid perfume retails for USD9.95. Now and then, Aqua De Luna has special deals on these, so it would be worthwhile subscribing to their newsletter.

In their online shop, you will also find a package deal where you can buy all five Petits by Tatyana for USD29.95.

Aqua De Luna is based in Hawaii. I had asked Stefan about retail points and he mentioned that it is available in a few places in Hawaii. Please contact Stefan for details if you live in Hawaii.

Aqua De Luna does provide international shipping. I did my own research on the Aqua De Luna website to find out the shipping rates (you do need to register first before you can explore that section):

USA: range from USD2.71 for one tin of Petits by Tatyana to USD3.22 for five.

Worldwide: range from USD 7.09 for one tin to USD14.10 for the Set of Five special offer.

Please note that this is just a guideline. If you are interested in purchasing, it is best to register to get the specifics.

These being solid and in tins mean they are easy to carry around - no risk of broken bottles in the bag/luggage. The list of ingredients in Petits by Tatyana solid perfumes are plain and simple and you know I like that. If I could describe each of them in a few words, this is how I would put it:

Maui Aloha - exotic, low hum

Pink Shadow - rose, sweet, feminine, predictable

Blue Light - pungent, temples

Ancient Spirit - antique furniture, intriguing

Bamboo Forest - pleasant, clean, leafy sweet

My personal favourites are Bamboo Forest (simply because it's refreshing) and Ancient Spirit (because it's soooo not my usual!).

More information:
Aqua De Luna website

Adorned Nails: Rococo Psychedelic Roc Matte

I bought two bottles of Rococo nail polishes months back and had every intention to show the darker one first but as with so many things in life, things just never go according to plan. We've had a very somber and washed-out July this year and maaaan, I need a happier, upbeat colour this time!

Psychedelic Roc. Vivid red-fuchsia and matte. I don't know how you feel about polishes without shine but I love them mattes. Sure, you can mattify anything with a generic matte top coat but I fell in love with Psychedelic Roc the minute I first set my eyes on it - on a Rococo promo postcard.

Rococo Nail Apparel polishes come in very luxurious boxes with (uh, of course) Rococo motif. The boxes are again unnecessary (I mean, what in the world do I do with them afterwards?!) but OK, it's all part of Rococo's high(er)-end image. I get it, Rococo.

Psychedelic Roc is the kind of matte with a dull sheen. I have two coats on here and drying time was quite fast. The formula was fine and application went smoothly. The thing is, it started chipping on the index nails on the third day, a bit too soon, I thought, for a nail polish that cost €14.00. Well, having that pretty box doesn't make me feel any better, I'm afraid, BUT I still love the shade (and the name).

Anyway, I decided to crackle it to give it a different look. I've deliberately applied a thin-ish layer of a black crackle top coat from DA (that's a Dutch drugstore/parfumerie chain) called Graffiti Nails Topping 001. The cracks are finer this way.

There are a couple more photos with the ring over at Witoxichic.

I bought Psychedelic Roc at Skins Cosmetics in Amsterdam. For international readers, Rococo is also available in Space NK (US) and Space NK (UK), among others.

For the life of me, I cannot find the official website of Rococo Nail Apparel and I don't see any activity on its Twitter account. If anyone knows something about the brand's current status, please enlighten me.

Petits by Tatyana: Introduction

Vegan solid perfumes, anyone? Contains no beeswax, no petroleum jelly, no fillers and no alcohol.

These little tins of botanical solid perfume, or Balm de Perfume, as the creators call them, are handmade in Maui, Hawaii with good ol' shea butter and 100% natural essential and absolute oils.

Aqua De Luna is the name of the company behind Petits by Tatyana, and it is run by husband and wife team, Stefan and Tatyana Leiste. Some of you may have heard of Aqua De Luna before from the very exotic and tempting Scents of Time perfumes that it retails, but that's another (David Pybus) story. This post is more about the Petits by Tatyana solid perfumes.

According to the Aqua De Luna website, Stefan and Tatyana are both musicians with a love for nature and who prefer organic and natural solutions. With the Aqua De Luna business, Stefan and Tatyana strive to source for unique and exotic perfumes from around the world. The Scents of Time perfumes, for starters, fits perfectly in their mission.

Aqua de Luna used to be based in Santa Monica, California but the couple made a strategic decision to move to Hawaii in fall last year. When asked why, Stefan said that the islands allowed them to be more creative and the amazing nature is a source of inspiration for their product creation.

Stefan and Tatyana expanded their business end of last year by launching their own range of Balm de Perfume which are created by Tatyana herself. Stefan had gotten in touch with me a couple of months back and he had kindly sent me samples of the Petits by Tatyana solid perfumes to try.

I include here snippets of Stefan’s and Tatyana’s general description of each of them:

Maui Aloha – includes memories from paradise, fragrances that reminds you every day of Maui's beauty and welcoming nature.

Pink Shadow – an homage to the fragrant flowers of Hawaii. Always used to inspire the beautiful woman from the ancient Hawaii.

Blue Light – consists of sensual fragrances from sacred flowers well known since centuries.

Ancient Spirit – a melange of ancient sacred scents, a unique combination of well-known essential oils used in the ancient world.

Bamboo Forest – lush green airy scents, inspire to take in the rich green floral fragrance of a healthy nature.

I asked where Tatyana gets her inspiration from and was told that she is inspired by the fragrances she finds and the flowers she loves the most. The couple spent a lot of time researching and sampling different scent combinations and test marketed them on the islands.

As mentioned before, these solid perfumes are based on shea butter and not the usual beeswax. Stefan and Tatyana consciously chose shea butter as the base as it is moisturising and good for the skin. When asked about beeswax, Stefan said (excerpts):

Beeswax has no benefits for the skin (it is wax at the end just like that used for candles). Shea Butter dissolves into the skin and is yes vegan.

Do stay tuned for my feature on the Petits by Tatyana solid perfumes.

In the meantime, you might want to have a look at the Aqua De Luna website.

KOH: Purifying Polish Remover Review

I had wanted to get this acetone-free nail polish remover for the longest time after having tried it two years ago. I kept putting off purchasing it as I couldn’t justify paying €19.95 for a 150ml bottle. Yes, for that price, your Purifying Polish Remover would come in a sleek and sturdy signature black KOH box. That’s nice to have but let’s face it, it’s unnecessary.

To put things into context, I hesitate paying almost €20 for a nail polish remover because, at the local drugstores, I can get a decent acetone-free one from brands like Essence and Etos for no more than €2 for the same volume. Of course, these do not have the same formula as KOH’s but they were good enough to do the job.

Then, quite suddenly, a couple of months ago, KOH started
offering the Purifying Polish Remover at a discount. It lowered the price to, lo and behold, €9.95. You get the same bottle but this time, it’s in an organza bag. It’s still on the expensive side (compared to the alternatives) but it’s basically half the original price. Plus, I think the organza bag is much more practical to have than the box. So, I finally went ahead and made the purchase.

According to KOH
The special composition of KOH Purifying Polish Remover with Vitamin E ensures that nails are quickly and thoroughly cleaned and degreased. The added Castor Oil and Almond Oil helps KOH Purifying Polish Remover to improve the resilience of the nails. This delicately scented remover contains no acetone and doesn’t dry out your nails. The remover is also very suitable for cleaning artificial nails.

Methyl Acetate, Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether, Aqua, Ricinnus Communis, Tocopherol Acetate, Prunus Dulcis, Styrene Copolymer, Sodium Lauryl Ether, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, d-Limonen, Eugenol. Hexyl Cinnamic, Aldehyde, Hydroxycitronellal, Hydroxymethylpentylcyclohexenecarboxaldehyde, Lillal, Linalool, Methyltrimethylcyclohexenyl-butone.

The Liquid
It’s a murky white liquid in a plastic bottle with a hole-opening. One of the first things you would notice is the scent. It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill nail polish remover smell. The smell is, funny enough, pleasant. I could detect a trace of the usual hallucination-inducing nail polish remover smell but KOH must have pumped in a great deal of fragrance to mask it. The scent is a bit sweet and floral and if anything, I think it has the same fragrance as the range of KOH Body Sensations products, like the KOH Shower Foam Sensation.

The Nail Polish Remover
I’m tempted to say, “A nail polish remover is a nail polish remover is a nail polish remover.” like how I sometimes say of body washes. However, one will notice a difference compared to the usual drugstore fare. Please note: All the nail polish removers that I refer to in this article are acetone-free.

Drier feel – I know we’re talking about a liquid here but I do find the KOH Purifying Polish Remover to have a drier feel. The cotton pad feels less wet with this compared to when I use a conventional remover. With a conventional remover, I can usually manage to remove polish from about three nails with a cotton pad that has been drenched with remover just once (because it’s wetter). With the KOH remover, I can manage only one or two nails. The cotton pad dries faster and I need to keep going back to the bottle. The removal process takes a bit longer, so if I’m in a hurry, I prefer to use a conventional remover.

'Oily' feel – As you would have read in KOH’s description of this remover, it contains Castor Oil and Almond Oil. The nails, cuticles and fingers do end up with a kind of ‘oily’ feel, or perhaps a better way of putting it would be that the nails, cuticles and fingers feel less dry/dehydrated after the whole exercise. Conventional removers make my nails and cuticles very dry. So, I make it a point to apply a cuticle balm or a rich natural moisturiser on my nails and cuticles immediately after. I do the same after using the KOH remover but it’s less urgent.

It’s worth mentioning that you don’t exactly end up with oily nails and cuticles. It does do its job of prepping and degreasing the nails, which means that you can start applying polish on your nails after using this KOH remover.

Scent – Oiii, you do end up with nice smelling nails when you’re done removing polish with this remover and the scent stays on for several hours.

It’s an all-round polish remover, no different from the conventional removers. So, it also works fine with polishes with glitter and flakies.

A Mini-me
I once got a free mini (20ml) sample of this Purifying Polish Remover with my KOH purchase at a parfumerie. I just thought I’d show how cute that little thing looks next to its Big Momma. By the way, I believe the KOH Experience Shop in de Bijenkorf Amsterdam has mini samples of this too......but unfortunately, they are not given free. They are for sale. Apologies, I can’t remember the price – probably a couple of euros.

Last Words
Do I recommend the KOH Purifying Polish Remover? I do, but only if you can get it at the lower price of €9.95. Why pay €19.95 when you can get it for half the price?

I've just checked the KOH website. This remover is also available at this special price in its online shop. The KOH online shop ships internationally. Please refer to my Guidelines On Where To Buy KOH Nail Polish post (I'm not an affiliate).

Further reading:
My feature on the KOH Shower Foam Sensation
KOH Cosmetics website

Teeez: Magic Pigment Powder Review

These pigment powders were released by Teeez a couple of months back under the collection called Hypnoteeez. In my opinion, what really stands out about this whole collection is really the eye-catching tattoo-like design on the packaging.

The Hypnoteeez collection is made up of five types of makeup items: a range of eyeshadows (Silk Fantasy Eyeshadow), pigment powders (Magic Pigment Powder), eyeliners (Exotic Sparkle Eyeliner), lipglosses (So Soft Lipgloss) and a set of makeup brushes (also with the same attractive motif). From Hypnoteeez, Teeez (a Dutch brand) had kindly sent me two Silk Fantasy Eyeshadows (reviewed here) and these two Magic Pigment Powder housed in seriously cute mini pots.

Retail price: €5.29 for 2.5g, available in five colours.

The pots come with a sifter. Initally, it was baffling that the cover was loose and could not be twisted shut but really, all it takes is one last forceful twist and the cover will click shut securely.

According to Teeez
Use the Magic Pigment Powder for a subtle or intense color effect. This loose powder contains 2 unique color pigments, this creates a layered effect with a sparkle. Besides an intense eyeshadow, you can make subtle highlights or use one of the pink colors on your cheeks or cleavage to accentuate with a subtle sexy sparkle. Go crazy and blend the loose powder with each other or any other eye shadow and create your own favorite color with the Magic Pigment Powder.

Nylon-12, Zinc Stearate, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Dimethicone, Trimethylsiloxypheny Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Tocopheryl Acetate, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben
May contain: Mica White No. 21 CI 77891 Red No. 27 CI 77491 Yellow No. 19 CI 77492 Black No 16 CI 77499 Red No.25 CI 75470 Blue No. 13 CI 77007 Blue No. 15 CI 77510 Yellow No.9 CI 19140 Blue No. 3 CI 42090 Red No. 10 CI 15850 Red No. 10 CI 15850:1 Red No.27 CI 45410:2

Although I do have some pigments in my drawer, I can't say that I'm such a huge fan of pigments in general. I hate - truly hate with a capital H - eyeshadow fallout. Pigments are inherently fallout city and these Magic Pigment Powders are no exception.

Featured here are Smooth 02 (peachy beige) and Cool 09 (dark blue). Both have a frosty sheen and, of course, they need a good base to adhere to. Finely milled? I'd say they are pretty standard.

Top: On bare skin; Bottom: On Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Teeez mentioned that each of these Magic Pigment Powders have two unique colour pigments. I had a hard time making that out for the peachy beige of Smooth 02. With my failing eyesight, it may be peachy beige plus white/silver.

Cool 09 on the other hand was easier to inspect: it has dark blue/silver with a sparse mix of aqua pigments. If you look carefully here, you just might be able to make out a few specks of aqua.

I did this eye look using Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a base. The result was an eye look with medium colour intensity. If a deeper colour intensity is required, you'll need a much stickier base.

I used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (not shown)
Teeez Magic Pigment Powder - Smooth 02 (peachy beige)
Teeez Magic Pigment Powder - Cool 09 (dark blue)
GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner - Pretty Petrol
Inglot Duraline
Teeez Full & Flirty Volume Mascara (also provided by Teeez)

It's a straightforward look as far as the pigments are concerned. For the eyelining, I lined first with the blue of GOSH Pretty Petrol and then went over it with the blue pigment powder mixed with Duraline to give it a more vivid blue liquid eyelining.

I did this look a while back and took an impromptu photo with my matching nails. That's KOH Blue Universe.

The last time I took a nail-eye shot like this, it was coincidentally also an eye look with a blue eyeshadow - ELLIS FAAS: Eye Look With Light X - taken with a Teeez nail polish.

More information:
My other posts on Brand: Teeez
Teeez Trendy Cosmetics website

Adorned Nails: ANNY The Show Must Go On

If you've ever come across the ANNY brand of nail polish on the internet, chances are good that the person said that she came across it in a Douglas parfumerie store somewhere in Europe.

That's where I got mine from too. It's a pretty new brand here in the Netherlands. The sales assistant I spoke to in Douglas informed me that they have been trialing this brand in ten Douglas parfumerie stores across the Netherlands and if all goes well, they will eventually offer ANNY nail polishes in other Dougles stores in the country.

This is what ANNY says on its website (excerpts):

......ANNY has developed a totally new fashion concept: ANNY combines the colors that the stars love with the hype from the ‘in’ places, with a focus on the fashion hot-spots of America: New York, Los Angeles and Miami!

I think the creators wish to portray ANNY as an American brand but a quick check of the label under the bottle (and also the website) says that a German company called ICB innovative cosmetic brands GmbH is behind the brand. ANNY nail polishes are made in Germany.

The ANNY display rack is prominent and showcases quite a wide range of nail polish shades. However, if you're looking for something really special (like say, holos and flakies), you won't find it here, not in the collection currently available in the Netherlands anyway. It felt like the Inglot situation all over again: a whole parade of classic colours to choose from but nothing unique caught my eye. Well, okay, perhaps just one after some scrutiny, and that one happened to be sold out! Hmph, just my luck.

In the end, I got the next best one, an ominous dark purple. I'm sure you know this kind, a purple so dark that it's almost black. It reminds me of KOH Purple Darkness but ANNY's The Show Must Go On leans a bit more on the blue side. What really got me were the silver swirls and patches in the purple liquid, sometimes like a deep, angry purple night sky momentarily lit up by lightning, and other times, like swirls of smoke.

Ah well, it would be unrealistic to expect that same effect on the nails. It looks black and flat if it doesn't catch light the right way:

Otherwise, it looks like this:

The formula was thick but not too thick to affect application. It went on nicely without streaks. It is possible to do just one coat for The Show Must Go On. I have two coats on all nails except one. I bet you can't tell the difference. With a top coat (not in these photos), it lasted three days without chipping.

ANNY nail polishes come in squat cubic bottles. Retail price: €9.50 for 15ml.

Available at:
Douglas Nederland
Douglas Germany

More information:
ANNY website

Winners of Giveaway: MuLondon Natural Organic Moisturisers

The response to this MuLondon Giveaway was fantastic and I am very sorry that there are only three prizes to be given away. Thank you very much to all who participated and who made the effort to spread the word about MuLondon and the down-to-earth, natural moisturisers that Boris lovingly handmakes.

I am passing on to Boris all the thoughtful and encouraging comments that you left regarding MuLondon and his moisturisers. I am sure he will be very pleased to read them.

There were a couple of participants who mentioned that MuLondon moisturisers are not available in their countries. I think it's worth pointing out that MuLondon moisturisers are available mainly online through the MuLondon website. Boris does provide international shipping at a reasonable rate (in my opinion). Also, I encourage you to subscribe to his newsletters as he does offer special discounts on his products sometimes.

Image courtesy of MuLondon

On to the giveaway results. I've given my dearest Mum the honour of picking the winners. She gave me three random numbers on the phone this morning and so, the three lucky winners are:

• Amaltée
• Crystal
• Aricos

Heartiest congratulations! You each win a jar of MuLondon moisturiser of your choice.

Emails will be coming your way very soon. Please respond with your postal details within 72 hours, otherwise an alternative winner will be chosen.

• Boris of MuLondon will take every care in sending out the prizes but neither he nor I will be held responsible in the event that a package goes missing in transit or arrives damaged.
• These prizes are kindly sponsored by Boris of MuLondon.

Many thanks to Boris for his generosity!

More information:
MuLondon website
My feature articles on MuLondon

Adorned Nails: Teeez Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale 05. It's a pretty good name for a polish - dangerously seductive. However, I do find the coral/tomato red a tad too sunny and er, succulent to be a true femme fatale.

It is redder than KOH Metallic Red but both possess that same kind of eye-catching gaudiness. When I see this Teeez polish, I think of yummy, cooling, commercially produced dessert jelly that contains copious amount of artificial colouring, way too much for our own good. Add some shimmer into the jelly and you get Femme Fatale No. 05.

I have no complaints about how it applied. You're looking at two coats. The nail line, though visible, is not immediately obvious due to the brightness of the tomato red.

I paid €4.50 for this 10ml bottle of summery cheer.

More information:
Teeez Cosmetics website