Teeez: Magic Pigment Powder Review

These pigment powders were released by Teeez a couple of months back under the collection called Hypnoteeez. In my opinion, what really stands out about this whole collection is really the eye-catching tattoo-like design on the packaging.

The Hypnoteeez collection is made up of five types of makeup items: a range of eyeshadows (Silk Fantasy Eyeshadow), pigment powders (Magic Pigment Powder), eyeliners (Exotic Sparkle Eyeliner), lipglosses (So Soft Lipgloss) and a set of makeup brushes (also with the same attractive motif). From Hypnoteeez, Teeez (a Dutch brand) had kindly sent me two Silk Fantasy Eyeshadows (reviewed here) and these two Magic Pigment Powder housed in seriously cute mini pots.

Retail price: €5.29 for 2.5g, available in five colours.

The pots come with a sifter. Initally, it was baffling that the cover was loose and could not be twisted shut but really, all it takes is one last forceful twist and the cover will click shut securely.

According to Teeez
Use the Magic Pigment Powder for a subtle or intense color effect. This loose powder contains 2 unique color pigments, this creates a layered effect with a sparkle. Besides an intense eyeshadow, you can make subtle highlights or use one of the pink colors on your cheeks or cleavage to accentuate with a subtle sexy sparkle. Go crazy and blend the loose powder with each other or any other eye shadow and create your own favorite color with the Magic Pigment Powder.

Nylon-12, Zinc Stearate, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Dimethicone, Trimethylsiloxypheny Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Tocopheryl Acetate, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben
May contain: Mica White No. 21 CI 77891 Red No. 27 CI 77491 Yellow No. 19 CI 77492 Black No 16 CI 77499 Red No.25 CI 75470 Blue No. 13 CI 77007 Blue No. 15 CI 77510 Yellow No.9 CI 19140 Blue No. 3 CI 42090 Red No. 10 CI 15850 Red No. 10 CI 15850:1 Red No.27 CI 45410:2

Although I do have some pigments in my drawer, I can't say that I'm such a huge fan of pigments in general. I hate - truly hate with a capital H - eyeshadow fallout. Pigments are inherently fallout city and these Magic Pigment Powders are no exception.

Featured here are Smooth 02 (peachy beige) and Cool 09 (dark blue). Both have a frosty sheen and, of course, they need a good base to adhere to. Finely milled? I'd say they are pretty standard.

Top: On bare skin; Bottom: On Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Teeez mentioned that each of these Magic Pigment Powders have two unique colour pigments. I had a hard time making that out for the peachy beige of Smooth 02. With my failing eyesight, it may be peachy beige plus white/silver.

Cool 09 on the other hand was easier to inspect: it has dark blue/silver with a sparse mix of aqua pigments. If you look carefully here, you just might be able to make out a few specks of aqua.

I did this eye look using Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a base. The result was an eye look with medium colour intensity. If a deeper colour intensity is required, you'll need a much stickier base.

I used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (not shown)
Teeez Magic Pigment Powder - Smooth 02 (peachy beige)
Teeez Magic Pigment Powder - Cool 09 (dark blue)
GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner - Pretty Petrol
Inglot Duraline
Teeez Full & Flirty Volume Mascara (also provided by Teeez)

It's a straightforward look as far as the pigments are concerned. For the eyelining, I lined first with the blue of GOSH Pretty Petrol and then went over it with the blue pigment powder mixed with Duraline to give it a more vivid blue liquid eyelining.

I did this look a while back and took an impromptu photo with my matching nails. That's KOH Blue Universe.

The last time I took a nail-eye shot like this, it was coincidentally also an eye look with a blue eyeshadow - ELLIS FAAS: Eye Look With Light X - taken with a Teeez nail polish.

More information:
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Anonymous said...

Cute packaging and I love your eye look. The color combination looks just fab (I love the blue/peachy beige blending). Your blending skill are awesome.

Take care, Nicole x

Unknown said...

They look quite good!
I'm in love with your make up!!

Witoxicity said...

Thank you for your kind words, Nicole! Yeah, those little pots are cutie pies, aren't they? :D

Merci beaucoup! :)

sugar sugar said...

looking at the pictures i would agree with what you said. hmmm... i guess these pigments need several layers of application.

btw, love the last picture! <3

Anonymous said...

Yup AWESOME eye look! I LOOOVE it! The last pic is AMAZING..love the matching nails....Yeah!! Thumbs up!! "KTee"xx

Honey Bomb said...

Thanks for another great review! I think your eyes look nice with this color combo & love the Koh polish! The great thing about pigments is they can be used to make franken-polishes! =)

Witoxicity said...

@sugar sugar
I did try it with a stickeier base and the I got a deeper colour intensity. Maybe I'll do another look later. Hey, thanks, I'm glad you love that final pic! :)

Thank you very much, KTee! It was just an unplanned photo. I was taking pictures of my eyes and suddenly, I noticed the KOH Blue Universe on my nails and then started entertaining thoughts of a matchy-matchy photo. :D

@Honey Bomb
My pleasure, and thanks for your kind words, Honey Bomb. Oooo, franken polish! That'll be the next step! :)

Paulina said...

stunning make up!

LeonaCarolina said...

I didn't realise Teeez made eyeshadows! The blue one is gorgeous. And your nails! That Koh polish - that's going straight on my wishlist.

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Paulina! :)

Thank you! Teeez has a whole range of eye and lip products too but I guess they're better known all around the world for their awesome holo polishes. Anyway, I hope you've been having fun using the purple holo I sent you, Leona. :)

LeonaCarolina said...

I'm so disappointed, I haven't even used it yet! :( The weather here has been absolutely terrible, we've had storm after storm, and it's been snowing in odd places this winter too :S Hopefully it clears up soon, it's number one on my want-to-try list, I promise! :)

Witoxicity said...

No worries, Leona. You wouldn't want to waste your time applying a holo polish on your nails only to find that you can't admire its beauty in the sun. Well, at least it is winter over there. Here, it's summer and we haven't seen much of the sun either! :D I hope the skies will clear up over there as that would definitely help to perk up your day. :)

LeonaCarolina said...

It's actually quite annoying because I am ITCHING for some bling on my nails... I need something like a good holo to brighten up my days! :)

Cynthia Z said...

These are so cute! The last pic is awesome...love the matching nails :). I am guessing your nails are always in tip-top condition, unlike mine hehe...


Witoxicity said...

You could try wearing a flakie polish, Leona. The beauty of flakie polishes can still be admired in the shade. :)

Thanks, Cynthia! :) Oh no, my dear, I've always said that I have my fair share of nail-related problems. I try to take care of them as best I can but accidents and splits etc do happen! :P

Bear Woods said...

Packaging is too cute not to own it ;)

Witoxicity said...

I agree! Those little round jars are adorable. :D