Adorned Nails: ANNY The Show Must Go On

If you've ever come across the ANNY brand of nail polish on the internet, chances are good that the person said that she came across it in a Douglas parfumerie store somewhere in Europe.

That's where I got mine from too. It's a pretty new brand here in the Netherlands. The sales assistant I spoke to in Douglas informed me that they have been trialing this brand in ten Douglas parfumerie stores across the Netherlands and if all goes well, they will eventually offer ANNY nail polishes in other Dougles stores in the country.

This is what ANNY says on its website (excerpts):

......ANNY has developed a totally new fashion concept: ANNY combines the colors that the stars love with the hype from the ‘in’ places, with a focus on the fashion hot-spots of America: New York, Los Angeles and Miami!

I think the creators wish to portray ANNY as an American brand but a quick check of the label under the bottle (and also the website) says that a German company called ICB innovative cosmetic brands GmbH is behind the brand. ANNY nail polishes are made in Germany.

The ANNY display rack is prominent and showcases quite a wide range of nail polish shades. However, if you're looking for something really special (like say, holos and flakies), you won't find it here, not in the collection currently available in the Netherlands anyway. It felt like the Inglot situation all over again: a whole parade of classic colours to choose from but nothing unique caught my eye. Well, okay, perhaps just one after some scrutiny, and that one happened to be sold out! Hmph, just my luck.

In the end, I got the next best one, an ominous dark purple. I'm sure you know this kind, a purple so dark that it's almost black. It reminds me of KOH Purple Darkness but ANNY's The Show Must Go On leans a bit more on the blue side. What really got me were the silver swirls and patches in the purple liquid, sometimes like a deep, angry purple night sky momentarily lit up by lightning, and other times, like swirls of smoke.

Ah well, it would be unrealistic to expect that same effect on the nails. It looks black and flat if it doesn't catch light the right way:

Otherwise, it looks like this:

The formula was thick but not too thick to affect application. It went on nicely without streaks. It is possible to do just one coat for The Show Must Go On. I have two coats on all nails except one. I bet you can't tell the difference. With a top coat (not in these photos), it lasted three days without chipping.

ANNY nail polishes come in squat cubic bottles. Retail price: €9.50 for 15ml.

Available at:
Douglas Nederland
Douglas Germany

More information:
ANNY website


Anutka said...

OMG! I want this color! LOL :)
Gorgeous, gorgeous purple...

Adis said...

Oooh, I love cubic bottles! SO much easier to arrange compared to round ones :p. Too bad about the flat colour though :(. They should've added more sparkles or made the polish more like a jelly 8D!

Do you happen to know which cities get the ANNY trial? :o Can't find the info on their site :x.

Anonymous said...

I love dark colors and this one looks elegant and stylish. A bit mysterious and vampy in my opinion, as you can see a bit of the purple.

Never heard of this brand, so thanks for introducing another great polish.

Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

I'm glad you like it. :)

That's great! I think mainly purple polish fans would be able to appreciate this particular almost-black one. :)

I like the bottle design too. It sits very steadily and that's always a plus. Well, to be fair, it looks flat only if you view it in poor lighting.

I'm afraid I don't know which Douglas stores are trialing ANNY but I would think they are in the big (Randstad) cities. I can tell you though that I got mine in the Douglas store in Almere city centre (the one in the newer section - sorry, I don't know the name of street). I hope you can find this brand in the Douglas you frequent! :)

But you're absolutely right! It is mysterious, evil-ish and vampy, and we both love such shades, don't we, Nicole? :D

sugar sugar said...

that's such an amazing color anne! :)

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love smooth applications! Wow, one only needs 1 coat and it's without streaks.

Gorgeous color, my kind! "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

@sugar sugar
I'm pleased you like it, sugar sugar! :)

Yay!! :D I'd say this was a pretty good buy. It's a bit dearer than some other brands, but it's good quality for the money that you pay. :)

Paulina said...

beautiful colour!

Witoxicity said...

Thank you! :)

Unknown said...

I like this , I like this a lot!!

Witoxicity said...

@Me, my best and I
I'm glad to hear that! :)