Adorned Nails: Rococo Psychedelic Roc Matte

I bought two bottles of Rococo nail polishes months back and had every intention to show the darker one first but as with so many things in life, things just never go according to plan. We've had a very somber and washed-out July this year and maaaan, I need a happier, upbeat colour this time!

Psychedelic Roc. Vivid red-fuchsia and matte. I don't know how you feel about polishes without shine but I love them mattes. Sure, you can mattify anything with a generic matte top coat but I fell in love with Psychedelic Roc the minute I first set my eyes on it - on a Rococo promo postcard.

Rococo Nail Apparel polishes come in very luxurious boxes with (uh, of course) Rococo motif. The boxes are again unnecessary (I mean, what in the world do I do with them afterwards?!) but OK, it's all part of Rococo's high(er)-end image. I get it, Rococo.

Psychedelic Roc is the kind of matte with a dull sheen. I have two coats on here and drying time was quite fast. The formula was fine and application went smoothly. The thing is, it started chipping on the index nails on the third day, a bit too soon, I thought, for a nail polish that cost €14.00. Well, having that pretty box doesn't make me feel any better, I'm afraid, BUT I still love the shade (and the name).

Anyway, I decided to crackle it to give it a different look. I've deliberately applied a thin-ish layer of a black crackle top coat from DA (that's a Dutch drugstore/parfumerie chain) called Graffiti Nails Topping 001. The cracks are finer this way.

There are a couple more photos with the ring over at Witoxichic.

I bought Psychedelic Roc at Skins Cosmetics in Amsterdam. For international readers, Rococo is also available in Space NK (US) and Space NK (UK), among others.

For the life of me, I cannot find the official website of Rococo Nail Apparel and I don't see any activity on its Twitter account. If anyone knows something about the brand's current status, please enlighten me.


Unknown said...

The box (i.e., waste of materials) is really pretty! lol

Toyomi said...

The packaging is awesome . The color is beautiful though .

Pretty said...

ooh pretty

Milz said...

Pretty shade

Adis said...

I'd use that box to hold hair clippies and stuff :o. Or for my collection of perfume samples or something, I dunno :p. I'll find a way to use it since it's a pretty box ^^.

I've got a Hema polish with a similar colour (I believe the Hema one is slightly brighter), but it's super shiny :D. Good colour choice to counteract the depressing weather we've been having :).

Me said...

I love everything about your manicure, from the packaging to the final look. I remember when I first heard of Rococo, Sabrina posted a NoTD using the color Re-Issue. I thought I was going to die. It's a PITA to get that brand around here. I have to drive nearly 90 minutes to the only Bloomingdale's in the state.

Anyway, gorgeous color on you!

BellasUnhaseCia said...

Hello dear!
This beautiful shade of pink, love!

Anutka said...

Lovely color!
I know how you feel about trying to throw a little color in your life. It has been a gray an rainy summer around here... If you had no clue it was summer, you'd think fall for sure when looking outside :(

kimmyl182 said...

I really like the look of matte right now! I think I'm behind a few years lol, I just discovered it recently. That colour looks amazing though!

-- Kim

Raey said...

The color is super hot!! & matte nail paints are quite a rage these days..

Anonymous said...

The bottle looks very simple and sleek. Lovely packaging too, but you are right what to do with it? Instead of the luxurious box I would rather pay less.

I love mattes too and this one is very pretty. Nice shade to
brighten up your day.

Take care, Nicole x

ps. I hope you will have some sunny days ahead.

Witoxicity said...

I know, it's too pretty to be thrown away (nooo, never!) and well, I just have to find a use for it (says this packaging hoarder). :P

I'm glad you like the shade, Toyomi. :)

Hi, Pretty! One can seldom go wrong with a shade like this. :)

Hello, Alvira! I'm pleased you like this, even though it's not your favourite purple. :D

Oh, I must find a good use for the box and yes, that's a good idea with the hairclips. Thanks! Speaking of HEMA, they've got some really nice shades in their collection. I got a couple of those little bottles of vivid summery colours (and I'm pretty sure you got them too). I must get to them! I can't believe how persisitently gloomy it is outside! :P

@Zuzu's Petals
Thank you, Zuzu! :) Oh, Re-Issue is an awesome, vampy colour! I haven't got that one myself but it's definitely swoon-worthy. Anyway, I think this Psychedelic Roc is also something right up your alley. You do love red-rosy shades.

Wow, that's a mighty long drive to get your Rococo-fix! Then again, you could get it online, no? It's a pity Zappos doesn't offer Rococo but at least, you've got Space NK. :)

Thank you, Cris! I'm glad you love this hot shade. :)

Oh, yes, so true! So, it's pretty much the same over there too, huh? Spring was actually warmer and sunnier than now. Funny. :P Anyway, I hope you're still able to enjoy summer as best you can, Anutka. Gotta make the best of it! :)

Hey, Kim! It's better late than never, I say. I know some ladies don't like mattes (perhaps too dull?) but some colours actually look great as mattes. My personal favourites are KOH Flamingo and KOH Black Matt. These were the first two mattes that I ever bought and I really love them! I hope you'll keep exploring the world of mattes and well, the best way to do that is to get a generic matte top coat. :)

Hello, Raey! I'm happy you like this hot, funky shade. I think it stands out more due to its matte finish. :)

Precisely! Lose (or at least, tone down) the packaging and charge a lower price, but then again, it's all about keeping up the brand image, isn't it? Also, we ladies do fall for pretty packaging, don't we? :D

It's great that you like Psychedelic Roc, something to perk up one's day. P.S. The sun has been playing peek-a-boo with us almost the whole of July. I sincerely hope you're having lovely weather where you are, my dear. :)

sugar sugar said...

the box is so pretty but it's rather wasteful.. :/ the color is lovely though! i always love the nail polishes you feature and use. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mani. I think the black crackle on fuchsia looks gorgeous. The fuchsia on its own looks great too, a bit expensive though. But then again you will be the proud owner of a luxurious brand and box when you purchase this apparel. ;)

The formula sounds great, but in the end it is already chipping on the third day, while some cheaper brands don't have that. :0 Bummer!!

I'm loving your ring btw, "KTee" xx

Paulina said...


Witoxicity said...

@sugar sugar
Thank you very much, sugar sugar. You and I must have similar tastes! :D

Thank you for your kind words, KTee! Oh, the box, the box, what do I do with it? :P Yeah, for that price, you'd expect it to last longer. I should wear it with a matte top coat next time. :)

Thanks! :)

Karla Michelle said...

ohmygod.... this is such a lovely color I'd kill to get my hands on this!! :)

- kill a plant maybe.. or a bad, flying cockroach! :)

Witoxicity said...

@Karla Michelle
I'm pleased you love this polish, Karla. However, no, no, you don't have to kill for this! Heh heh! I don't think it's worth the life of a plant (it's innocent!).......or a flying cockroach (fear them, I do!). :D