Petits by Tatyana: Introduction

Vegan solid perfumes, anyone? Contains no beeswax, no petroleum jelly, no fillers and no alcohol.

These little tins of botanical solid perfume, or Balm de Perfume, as the creators call them, are handmade in Maui, Hawaii with good ol' shea butter and 100% natural essential and absolute oils.

Aqua De Luna is the name of the company behind Petits by Tatyana, and it is run by husband and wife team, Stefan and Tatyana Leiste. Some of you may have heard of Aqua De Luna before from the very exotic and tempting Scents of Time perfumes that it retails, but that's another (David Pybus) story. This post is more about the Petits by Tatyana solid perfumes.

According to the Aqua De Luna website, Stefan and Tatyana are both musicians with a love for nature and who prefer organic and natural solutions. With the Aqua De Luna business, Stefan and Tatyana strive to source for unique and exotic perfumes from around the world. The Scents of Time perfumes, for starters, fits perfectly in their mission.

Aqua de Luna used to be based in Santa Monica, California but the couple made a strategic decision to move to Hawaii in fall last year. When asked why, Stefan said that the islands allowed them to be more creative and the amazing nature is a source of inspiration for their product creation.

Stefan and Tatyana expanded their business end of last year by launching their own range of Balm de Perfume which are created by Tatyana herself. Stefan had gotten in touch with me a couple of months back and he had kindly sent me samples of the Petits by Tatyana solid perfumes to try.

I include here snippets of Stefan’s and Tatyana’s general description of each of them:

Maui Aloha – includes memories from paradise, fragrances that reminds you every day of Maui's beauty and welcoming nature.

Pink Shadow – an homage to the fragrant flowers of Hawaii. Always used to inspire the beautiful woman from the ancient Hawaii.

Blue Light – consists of sensual fragrances from sacred flowers well known since centuries.

Ancient Spirit – a melange of ancient sacred scents, a unique combination of well-known essential oils used in the ancient world.

Bamboo Forest – lush green airy scents, inspire to take in the rich green floral fragrance of a healthy nature.

I asked where Tatyana gets her inspiration from and was told that she is inspired by the fragrances she finds and the flowers she loves the most. The couple spent a lot of time researching and sampling different scent combinations and test marketed them on the islands.

As mentioned before, these solid perfumes are based on shea butter and not the usual beeswax. Stefan and Tatyana consciously chose shea butter as the base as it is moisturising and good for the skin. When asked about beeswax, Stefan said (excerpts):

Beeswax has no benefits for the skin (it is wax at the end just like that used for candles). Shea Butter dissolves into the skin and is yes vegan.

Do stay tuned for my feature on the Petits by Tatyana solid perfumes.

In the meantime, you might want to have a look at the Aqua De Luna website.


Unknown said...

Looks really great!
I'd really love to smell them ^^

나니 said...

OoooOoooOoooohhhhh! D: definitely intriguing..

Anonymous said...

Real cuties those petits and cool you could try those exotic perfumes.

I am looking forward to read your next post on these perfumes.

Thanks for the intro. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

I tell you, Blogger needs to start offering smell-o-blog facilities. ;D

Stay tuned for the next post on Petits by Tatyana! :)

My pleasure, Nicole! It was very nice of Stefan to have contacted me about Petits by Tatyana. As you know, I love all-natural products and Petits by Tatyana solid perfumes are certainly right up my alley. So, thank you, Stefan! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, handmade and vegan solid perfumes, that sounds really great!

I have never been to Hawaii myself, but I can totally understand it's good for creativity to be in such a heavenly place.


Paulina said...

they look very cute!

Witoxicity said...

I can certainly imagine the lush flora there being a great source of inspiration for Stefan and Tatyana. I think it's perfect for what they do. :)

Cute with natural goodness. :)