Beauty and makeup through the eyes of a late bloomer: reminiscing the past, contemplating the present and sometimes peering into the future. This is the journey of my beauty awakening.

I never cared much about makeup until a couple of years ago. No kidding, I am a true late bloomer.

I see my writings on Witoxicity as a way to document my journey of beauty awakening. I started with mainly beauty-related ramblings but over time, my attention turned to writing reviews and features of makeup and beauty products that I've been discovering along the way.

It's been a real adventure exploring new and/or lesser-known brands. Through my detailed reviews, I hope to help you make an informed decision before deciding to purchase a beauty product. I do my best to provide colour-accurate swatches of makeup products and nail polishes, and if I've inspired you in some way with my eye looks, I'd be so pleased!

A quick note about my series:

Adorned Nails
Nail polish galore! These are the nail polishes that I wear (and change every few days). Most ladies would prefer to call these nail polish swatches though.

For an easy global view of the polishes, please take a look at my Nail Polish Gallery.

Beauty Shopping in the Netherlands
A whole series on the stores where you can buy makeup and beauty products here in the Netherlands: drugstores, parfumerie stores, branded stores, departmental stores, health stores, clothing/fashion accessory stores, a nail polish heaven.

I've been consuming organic food for more than a decade. It hasn't always been easy to go organic all the way but I do my best. Beauty products with natural and/or organic ingredients have become another obsession of mine and these are my thoughts on the products I've tried.

I Love Thee
Self-explanatory, no?

Lip Treatment
Views on natural lipbalms by a former hard-core Vaseline addict. Goodbye, petrolatum!

Usual Unusual Ingredients
A small collection of verbose articles on interesting ingredients used in beauty products. I enjoy writing these articles but due to time constraints, they've been put on the backburner. I hope to get back to this soon. What I've featured so far: gemstones, silk.

Enjoy and thank you for visiting Witoxicity!