Adorned Nails: KOH Paparazzi Collection

Let's take a closer look at KOH's latest special collection, KOH Paparazzi.

It's a glitter-and-glamour collection. Three are simple but sophisticated while the remaining three are flashy, each meant to be layered over its less flamboyant mate. Here's the collection at a glance:

KOH Gossip
KOH Extremely Famous
KOH Snap Shot
KOH Attention
KOH Biggest Fan
KOH Flashing Lights

I'm featuring the three pairs of polishes in this order: lilac, grey and blue. For each of the base colours, you're looking at two coats.

KOH Gossip
KOH Gossip is a lilac with subtle shimmer. It's pretty and subdued.

KOH Extremely Famous
Extremely Famous is an un-shy glitter polish in clear liquid. The mostly-large hexagonal glitters are pink and sapphire blue in colour. Here, it's shown layered over the lilac of Gossip.

KOH Biggest Fan
Biggest Fan is a straightforward dark grey créme.

KOH Flashing Lights
This one is a multi-sized flakey/glitter mix. The particles are rainbow-coloured, depending on how they catch the light. This is Flashing Lights layered over Biggest Fan.

KOH Snap Shot
Black-blue is how I would describe KOH Snap Shot. Like Biggest Fan, it's a glossy plain créme.

KOH Attention
This is my favourite pairing - KOH Attention layered over Snap Shot. Attention has both large and fine blue/purple hexagonal glitters accompanied by small, round green/aqua glitter bits.

Polishes kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.

You can, of course, change the pairings. The combinations can always be played around with these six polishes.

The KOH Paparazzi collection is out now in stores and in the KOH online shop. Price: €14.99 per bottle.


esther said...

Waanzinnige combinaties zeg, vooral de laatste 2. Schitterende foto's ook weer. <3

Ik vind het een SUPER mooie collectie.

Anonymous said...

KOH Attention layered over Snap Shot looks totally awesome. It's my favorite combination as well. I love it and I adore your pics hun!!! "KTee"xx

Julie said...

OMG!!! These nail polishes are all so pretty. They are def a must try. Perfect for any occasion. Love it!

Witoxicity said...

Hoi Esther! Mooi hè, deze collectie? Ik ben heel blij dat je de foto's leuk vindt. Dank je. Fijn weekend! :)

Thanks, KTee. Yeah, that blue combi has got to be the most stylish of the three. I hope your weekend is going well. :)

I'm glad you love this collection, Julie. :)

Nikki said...

Hartstikke toffe top coats, maar KOH Biggest Fan en Snap Shot zijn eigenlijk al kanjers op zichzelf! De laatste combinatie zou eigenlijk ook al een heel gave lak op zich zijn. Groetjes.

Юлия Александровна said...

Шикарный маникюр)))

Witoxicity said...

Hallo Nikki! Jij hebt gelijk. De donkergrijze en de donderblauwe zijn gewoon ook heel chic. Oh, een donkerblauwe lak met deze flakies/glitters er al in zou ook heel leuk zijn! Groetjes! :)

@Юлия Александровна
Thanks so much! :)

Asami Gwen Cormier said...

I've missed you!

Witoxicity said...

It has indeed been a while. I hope you've been well, Asami. :)