Win: MuLondon Organic Foaming Face Cleansers

I love these cleansers.

Now, here's your chance to win a full-size bottle of the MuLondon Organic Foaming Face Wash of your choice. There will be three winners. Details can be found on my Giveaway page.

Good luck!

Adorned Nails: KOH Cover Girl

We've arrived. It's the final one from the Show It collection and aaaiiii, it's ridiculously pretty.

Two coats. A coral/tomato red with glass flecks and a joy to apply. That's KOH Cover Girl for you. From afar, it looks orange due to the yellow mixed with red. Upclose, it looks like it's got fire in the belly.

And my heart is singing.

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Adorned Nails: KOH Shopping Queen

Here's the Shopping Queen. It's bold and it's gold.

Simply said, KOH Shopping Queen is a clear jelly packed with golden glitters.

I'm taking a different approach with this one. In the photo above, it's three coats of Shopping Queen. In the following photos, you'll see Shopping Queen layered on a few polishes from the KOH Show It collection. I prefer to use it as a top coat. One generous layer would do.

With KOH It Girl

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Adorned Nails: KOH Super Model

Let's continue with the Show It collection, shall we?

KOH Super Model reminds me of KOH Lucky Star from the Fantasy collection. They're both inobtrusive blues and have got the same kind of yellow/golden micro glitters. The only difference is that Lucky Star is a pale blue while Super Model is a aomewhat broodier medium slate blue. I've got three coats on here.

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