Inglot: Lipstick Review

Here's another item that I got in May at the then newly opened Inglot store in Amsterdam.

I'll cut to the chase. You would remember that Inglot loves numbers, so this lipstick has been given the very memorable identity of No. 103. It's a bright coral. There is red (like tomato red) but No. 103 borders on orange. Well, it's just flirting, it's not quite orange.

I like this lipstick. It scores high marks for great pigmentation. It has a slight sheen but I'm more inclined to call it a matte. It applies soft, smooth and creamy. Lovely.

It does have fragrance though. It smells like cherry and I do find the scent quite strong in the first couple of minutes after application.

Although I didn't think this lipstick was too drying if applied on bare lips, I find its feel/texture on the lips to be ideal when applied on a light coat of lipbalm (as seen in the lip photos here).

On me, one good application lasts half a day but by then, it's about 60-70% faded. It fades evenly, leaving a flattering tint on the lips.

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Good lipstick, I say. I have no complaints and the price isn't too bad either: €12.

More information:
Inglot has a humongous range of lipstick shades. You can view them on the Inglot website.


Cynthia Z said...

OMG I just got this same lipstick yesterday hehe....same pinch! This shade is just too gorgeous, isn't it?! :)


Me said...

That color looks fantastic on you. I am so drawn to tomato reds, and they look good on me until I open my mouth. And then all yellow hell breaks loose with my teeth.

Beautiful on you!

dempss01 said...

This looks great on you! The colour is great, and the texture reminds me of Illamasqua lipsticks. Thanks for the review :)

Anonymous said...

This color looks very nice on your lips and the quality seems to be great,so good buy. Have a relaxing sunday, Nicole x

sugar sugar said...

gorgeous color! it suits you anne! :)this is such a hoootttt color for fall! ^__^

Anonymous said...

LOVE orange lippies.:)

I just had a look at their website and they have an amazing range of colors!

"KTee" xx

Honey Bomb said...

Nice review! This color looks great on you & I would love to see an eye/lip look with this shade. The sleeks gloss & lip pot I have from Inglot both have a fruity smell too...
(PS -got the Rose Moisturizer from Boris - LOVE IT! Thanks again!)

Witoxicity said...

Wow, what a coincidence! :D It's a fab shade. In fact, of all the colours that I saw in their lipstick display, this was probably the only one that stood out. :)

@Zuzu's Petals
Thank you, Zuzu......and that's why I ain't showin' my teeth. ;D

My pleasure! Ooh, I must try an Illamasqua lipstick one of these days. :)

Thanks so much, Nicole. It is good quality lipstick for sure and it's reasonably priced. I'd recommend it! My Sunday went well, thank you. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Have a great week ahead, my dear! :)

@sugar sugar
Thanks, Teresa. :)

Yeah, the range is crazy huge, isn't it? Drool! :D

@Honey Bomb
Thank you! I see that you're certainly a big fan of Inglot. Yup, I do intend to do a Face later which includes using this lippie. :) (P.S. I'm glad the moisturiser has arrived. Yay! And you're most welcome!)

Adis said...

Pretty colour :D! More companies should just give their colours funny names. I'd dub this one Crime Scene Red or something if I could :p.

[Adis' pearls of wisdom]
I'm sure you've come across it before, but if you haven't: peach colours for lipstick apparently makes yellow-ish teeth look more white :D!
[/Adis' pearls of wisdom 8D]

Witoxicity said...

I see you've taken my jest seriously. :D Thanks for the literal pearls of wisdom! Hee hee!

Adis said...

:o! Oh no! I forgot to add the 'SRSBZNIZPURFESSUR' smiley for that pearl of wisdom!

______ /
*( -o-)/

There, crisis averted :D! Jest-y status, re-instated!

(I understood 'twas all said in jest :3. We all know your teeth aren't yellow. Obviously, they're blurple. With a holographic finish. And some pretty flakies if you look really well ;D.)

Witoxicity said...

Huh? A jest within a jest is no crisis. However, having blurple teeth would be a crisis. :D I love how you've applied what we often talk about in regard to nail enamel to tooth enamel. Haha! Good one! :)

Adis said...

It would be if the jest was not detected. Wars happened because of jest flying under the radar :(.

Well, you know what they say about knowledge and applying it to the real world so it can be useful :D!

(By the way, I was in the Inglot store some days ago for nailpolish and the sales people there told me they were going to open a Dutch online store some time in September :D! And they also didn't have the nailpolish I wanted :(. Boohiss!)

Witoxicity said...

We're peace-loving citizens and we're all learning as we go along, so it's nice to share what we know with one another. :D

There was talk of Inglot opening an online store but I thought they would launch it sooner. Well, never mind, September ain't that bad. Thanks for letting us know. What a pity though that you went there and they didn't have the polish that you wanted! Hmph! :(