Winner of Sharing the Fun: Essence

It’s time again to make someone happy! Thank you, ladies, for showing interest in sharing the fun with me. As expected, it was a cosy little bunch of us, which warmed my heart even more. [Hugs all round]

I’ve put together the entries, including the qualifying ones from the Adorned Nails: Essence Object of Desire post and arranged all the 33 entries in chronological order. I then consulted my Mummy Number Generator this morning and the number she’s given is Number 4 and that is.....

bowsnhearts of Bows and Hearts and a Whole Heap More.!


Now, ladies, I need to make an apology.

I must say sorry to all of you.....

.....for not telling you that I’ve put together another prize for you! Surprise! In case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t break the bank doing this. Let me explain. First of all, Essence products are coincidentally on offer at the Kruidvat drugstores this week. So, I simply couldn’t resist coming up with this surprise for you. Secondly, I really appreciate the support that you have given me and my blog, and I think this is the least I could do to show my thanks. Really.

Anyway, this is what I’ve put together. You might notice that they are actually the same kinds of products as in the other package but with different colours. They are (from top right, clockwise):

• Kajal Pencil – 13 Night Fever
• Quattro Eyeshadow – 06 Sooo Cool
• Glossy Lipbalm – Berry Sorbet
• Lipstick – 33 Glam Girl
• Multi Dimension 3 in 1 nail polish – 42 Dress To Party
• Nail Art Stampy Set – 02 Have Fun! (Isn't that so appropriately named for this Sharing the Fun?)

Only the lipstick is of the same colour. The Nail Art Stampy Set has a different set of images from the 01 Be Creative!.

So, who’s the second winner? Well, I asked my Mummy Number Generator for another number and after some ummms and ahhhhs, she said, “32.” Lucky number 32 is.....

Daniela of A Pimpinela!

Congratulations! To both winners, please send me an email (address found in my profile section) with your postal details within 72 hours.

Thanks again to all of you. Oh, please don't be miffed if you didn't win. I'm doing this for the fun of it, so do take this in the spirit of fun.

Okay, that’s it! No more surprises from me.

For now.


Cynthia Z said...

Congrats to the winners! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations winners! Those packs look like a lot of fun!! :D xx

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Congratulations to the winners!!! So nice of you to make a second prize!

DistantDreamer said...

Oooh a surprise second winner!! Awesome! Congrats winners!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

yay! congrats to the winners! those are nice give-a-ways.

Daniela said...

:O Me?? Thank you, thank you :D I'm so happy!! My first essence products!

Lavender said...

wow congrats to the winner!

DinaXYYan said...

congrats to the winners!!

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, ladies, for your kind messages to the winners. :)

twinsouls888 said...

Wow lovely lovely prizes, congratz on the winners :)

Lovely giveaway ^_^

Arie said...

omg, how sweet and generous to put a second surprise winner!!
Yay!! congrats to the lucky winners ^_^