Thank You, Gail & Erryn

Earlier this month, the lovely Gail of oogle makeup organised a contest with the support of Erryn from Erryns Health and Beauty. In the contest, participants were asked to describe (as a comment on Gail’s blog or in a video on Youtube) their signature look and also to share beauty and makeup tips.

I found out about the contest by chance while checking out some Youtube videos and it was already the very last day of the contest. In the final few hours that the contest was still open, I managed to scramble together my comment entry telling my story and giving my take on what my signature look was.

Lo and behold, a week later, I found out that I was the third prize winner! I was gobsmacked. I received the package from Gail late last week and am so pleased with the prizes.

This is what I received:

· A silver flower headband from Topshop
· A star purse-keyring from Topshop
· Bibo Quick Draw lip polish
· Sebastian Trucco Divinyls lip gloss
· Repechage Sunscreen Lip Shield
· Spapedicure Cucumber Heel Therapy
· Lola sample foundations
· Disposable hand cleansers
· Assortment of samples for shampoos, conditioners and face creams
· Toe separators
· Nail files
· 3 sets of false eyelashes

Thank you, Gail and Erryn. I will certainly have lots of fun using the prizes. Above all, thank you for inspiring me to start this blog, something that I had never thought I would do! In fact, what I wrote in the comment has since been expanded and is now my inaugural post in my blog. I hope to be able to share with and learn from the many beauty and makeup bloggers out there. Life for us ladies would be so dull without pretty things and makeup, no?


Gail said...

My pleasure! I must send this link to Erryn, she will be very pleased too!! You were a hit with both of us. So good to see your blog, it looks great! xx

Witoxicity said...

I'm so pleased that you like the blog. I feel so liberated now that I can pen my thoughts here! said...

You definitly hair a flair for the written word my lady! Glad you enjoyed the contest, we had a blast getting it together.

Witoxicity said...

So glad you could drop by my blog to read my 'thank you' post, Erryn!