Rituals: Body Care Review

This is a review on two Rituals body care products: Mandarin Shake and Massage from Heaven.

If you are unfamiliar with this Dutch brand, you might want to first read my post introducing Rituals and its concept.

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I popped into a Rituals store yesterday and found out to my chagrin that they’ve revamped these two products. It affects my review in a small way, as you will soon see.

Mandarin Shake

Description: Energising shower gel (with sweet mandarin and fresh mint)

Volume: 200ml

The ritual according to Rituals: Energising Ritual

Rituals’ inspiration: The body’s energy needs vary all the time, depending on the time of day, season or our circumstances such as after an illness. At times, energy has to be harnessed to re-awaken the body while at other times, it is the opposite in order to tune down and relax. Every culture has its own way to stay in tune with this rhythm and to energise the body. This product combines the harmonising powers of the energising mandarin scent and the fresh cooling effect of mint.

Info on packaging: Pamper yourself with this revitalising shower gel. Start each day feeling fresh, clean and charged up. Ingredients Mandarin and Mint makes your skin feel revitalised and fresh.

Contents: Thick, clear, very pale yellow gel

An absolutely refreshing and sweet tangy fragrance. I’m slightly reminded of the scent of the Fanta Orange drink! My olfactories fail to detect the mint though. The citrus fragrance lingers subtly on the skin for about an hour after showering.

Performance: It doesn’t lather up a great deal but it does its job. My skin sure feels fresh and clean afterwards, as promised on the packaging. It’s invigorating!

Product revamp:
This tube of shower gel has been changed into a shower gel in a sleek pressurised container. Rituals says it’s a new shower foam technology. The gel quickly turns into a rich foam when it comes in contact with water. This revamped product is now called Fujiyama, named after the tallest mountain in Japan and is inspired by the purifying bathing ritual taken part by the Japanese before climbing the revered mountain. Fujiyama is also with a volume of 200ml and is with mandarin and mint. A Rituals staff informed me yesterday that the fragrance is the same as before. Retail price: €7.25.

Final thoughts: I love the refreshing citrus scent. It’s especially great for summer, a perfect pick-me-up in the morning. I wouldn't mind repurchasing (the Fujiyama). 7.5/10 rating.

Massage From Heaven

Description: Hydrating & nourishing bodymilk for dry skin (with ginkgo biloba & frangipani)

Volume: 200ml

The ritual according to Rituals: Relaxing Ritual

Rituals’ inspiration: There is constant flow in our lives between opposites, yin and yang, day and night, work and relaxation. Cultures from the world over have developed various ways to facilitate this continuous flow, such as through massage, bathing, exercising and also aromatherapy. In China and Japan, self-massage, stretching and breathing exercises have been practised for many centuries. It is believed that doing these exercises promote blood and energy circulation, thus improving physical and mental strength. Rituals has developed this hydrating lotion that combines the stimulating fragrance of frangipani blossoms from Mexico and the revitalising properties of ginkgo biloba. It is a lotion that one massages into the skin.

Info on packaging: Instantly nourishes your dry skin. Your skin immediately becomes firmer and softer. The innovative non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed by the skin.

Contents: White, light and non-greasy lotion

Scent: A pleasant frangipani fragrance that is quite long-lasting on the body and at the end of a long day, a subtle warm musky scent remains. The clothes I’m wearing that day smell divine too.

Performance: A great lotion with double duty – hydration and massage, especially on the arms and legs. Massaging the lotion into my skin leaves it feeling silky smooth and light.

Product revamp:
Only the product packaging has been changed. It is still known as Massage From Heaven but the lotion is now housed in a pump bottle with a volume of 250ml. Retail price: €10.50.

Final thoughts: It works great for me as a body moisturiser and it’s a great excuse for me to massage my tired limbs. The heavenly frangipani scent is a big bonus as it’s such a lovely feminine scent! I would repurchase. 8.5/10 rating.

Two of these images used are from Rituals.