GOSH: Intense Lashes Lengthening Mascara Review

I wrote a post about a month ago on a mascara promotion that GOSH Cosmetics was having here in the Netherlands. The old-mascara-for-new exchange promotion was such a huge hit with the mascara-mad ladies (yours truly not exempted!) that the GOSH mascara shelves in the participating stores were cleared out within a few days. Some stores ran out of GOSH mascaras even on Day 1!

Anyway, I mentioned getting the GOSH Intense Lashes Lengthening Mascara, which I believe is relatively new on the market. There seems to be very little written on the internet about this mascara and the little that I could find was in Polish. So, I've decided to share my thoughts on this mascara.....in English.

Name: GOSH Intense Lashes Lengthening Mascara (Black)
Colour choice: Available only in black
Volume and Price: 12ml / 0.4 fl oz for €9.99

Physical description
Glossy black and red tube with red lettering. The mascara brush is made of red nylon.

According to GOSH (excerpts)
The revolutionary new, red nylon brush provides fabulous and easy application. This nurturing mascara is also rich in B5 pro-vitamin and features a softening, natural wax that gives your lashes added vitality, strength and suppleness.

· Extreme length
· Added intensity and definition of your lashes
· The nylon brush separates the lashes and provides a beautiful, even application
· Nurturing effect (pro-vitamin B5 and natural wax)
· Gives extraordinarily long lashes
· No perfume and parabens

My thoughts
The tube looks very sleek with the play of glossy black and eye-catching red. The screw-on top a.k.a. the brush handle is pinched in at the waist which allows for a secure grip during application.

The wand is neither too stiff nor too flexible, which suits me fine. The brush looks pretty standard with a tapered end. I had no problems getting to the inner and outer corners of my eyes. The brush did a good job of separating my lashes with no mess and I could easily get to the roots of my lashes.

The formula has a thick-ish consistency.

I always catch a whiff of a chemical scent while applying the mascara. I had never noticed the smell of other mascaras before during application, not unless I deliberately hold the mascara to my nose! The smell is very faint, so it’s not such a big issue.

This mascara does well in giving lovely long fluttery lashes and it's not too bad with volumising. I’ve been using this mascara for the last three weeks. There was no clumping in the first two and a half weeks when the mascara was new but it’s now starting to show signs of slight clumping. I haven’t experienced any smudging.

I gave it a durability test last Saturday. I had it on for the whole day when I was mostly outdoors and after 14 hours, it still hadn’t smudged or flaked! I was impressed as this isn’t even a waterproof mascara. However, I felt that my lashes, while still having the length, had lost most of the curl in the course of the day.

GOSH has delivered on its promise. True to its name, it is indeed a lengthening mascara. For the price, it’s a pretty decent mascara and I like it that it’s long-lasting with no smudging. However, someone like me with stick-straight lashes would need more than just a lengthening mascara to save the day. So, I would say that the GOSH Intense Lashes Lengthening Mascara would work very well for those lucky ones already blessed with naturally curly lashes.


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Oh hello..! LOL I read your post and forgot to write a comment on it! Thanks for the review! I'm always keen on reading mascara reviews because I loveee mascara haha! Guess this one isn't for me as it doesn't hold a curl =(. I also experience the same chemical smell with my Lise Watier one booo.

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