Adorned Nails: Teeez Outta Control

This holograpic nail polish from Teeez is too amazing for words. I don't quite know what to say because, really, the photos pretty much say it all.

Indoors without direct sunlight

I can however inform you of the following:

• No photography tricks, just direct sunlight was needed (but of course!)
• The Outta Control nail lacquer is a purple-violet holo, almost neon.
• You're looking at three coats.
• Minor chipping started on Day 3.
• This 10ml bottle of magic costs only €4.50.
• Teeez Trendy Cosmetics is a Dutch (drugstore) brand.

Isn't it blindingly gorgeous?

More information:
Teeez Trendy Cosmetics website


makeup merriment said...

Only one word....DROOL!

Camy said...

this color is so beautiful!

Yi said...

ohhh...I LOVE IT! shame we dont have Teeez here in the UK ;(


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

This is /STUNNING/. Would you believe that I don't own a single holo polish yet? Insane! Your nails look gorgeous, by the way :) I hadn't heard of this brand before, so thanks for spreading the news!

Adis said...

*legasp!* The gorgeousness! It's blinding and grabbyhands-inducing :(.
Naturally, one should share the wealth and tell us where one could procure a specimen of this fine nail lacquer, no :)?

(But in all seriousness, that is a gorgeous holo! I only have the Koh silver holo, but my holo collection could use some more friends ^^.)

nail crazy said...

what a beauty!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Stunning!!! What a beautiful color, it looks great on your nails. Great pics!! "KTee"xx

AnnaYJia said...

the color is so pretty ! Or should I say , pretty is not enough to describe it !! LOL...

Blu11 said...

OMG! Amazing!!! :))

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. Stunning color....drooling indeed, take care
Nicole x

Unknown said...

Amazing colour!!
I love it!!

BlackCherry said...

Great holo, looks georgeus on your nails. Amazing price too O.O

Raey said...

The bottle is as pretty as the color!! NICE! =]

BellasUnhaseCia said...

me apaixonei por esse esmalte.
É lindo e perfeito.


I fell in love with this polish.
It's beautiful and perfect.

Witoxicity said...

@makeup merriment
[offers tissue] ;D

Yay! :)

Hi, Yi! Be on a lookout. Teeez may make its way to the UK, if they haven't already. Who knows! :)

@The Student's Guide to Nail Polish
Oh, don't worry about not owning any holos yet. That's no crime. I bought my first one only a couple of months ago - Britta from Makeup Store - and since then, I've been hooked. :)

Gasp! It appears that yours truly was so dazzled by this nail lacquer that it slipped her mind to mention where she procured it from! Well, one can procure this magnificent specimen from the establishment known as Etos, in the old town called Oud-Beijerland to be precies, which is where yours truly discovered this specimen of rainbow. I believe one may also have luck with other establishments such as DA and Van Weijen parfumerie. :)

@nail crazy
I agree! :)

Yay! It’s KTee-approved! :D Thanks!

You’re right, Anna. It needs a more bombastic word. ;)

I said the same thing when I first saw it in direct sunlight. :)

True, true. :)

Thanks so much, Nicole! The polish is definitely drool-worthy. :D

I’m pleased you agree! :)

I know, that just goes to show that pretty things don’t always have to be expensive. :)

Yeah, the flowery design on the bottle does look lovely and sweet. :)

I’m so happy you like this. Obrigada! :)

Adis said...

Thank you, oh knowledgeable one, for your information :D!
I think I remember seeing it at the Etos in Schiphol now that you mention it :o. Need to remember to check it out whenever I'm there again :/.

Inge (PolishSis) said...

Thank you sooo much for showing this one...because I forgot I bought this one last summer and never wore it or swatched it. After seeing your pictures I'm a bit hesitant swatching it, your pictures are amazing!

Witoxicity said...

The pleasure's all mine, comrade. Btw, there is a 'store locator' page on the website of Teeez. I suggest you check that out first. You probably don't have to go all the way to Schiphol to get it. :)

You're most welcome! Err, you forgot that you bought this bottle of rainbow?!?!? Forgot?!?!?? Scandalous! That's proof again that you're a nail polish pro who's seen and tried too many polishes in her lifetime. ;D But, seriously, of course you will show your readers Outta Control one day! Not today though as the weather's turned crappy. I thank you for your kind words, but I was just lucky with the sun the other day. Very lucky. :)

Lolipop said...

Purple is one of my favorite color :) I could stare at your nails for hours xD

Witoxicity said...

Haha! This purple's gorgeous and I'm pleased you like this one. Psst, I stared at my nails a lot when I was wearing this and I was finding every excuse to put my hands in the sun so that I could enjoy the holo effect. Fascinating rainbow colours! :D

Honey Bomb said...

Oooooohhh Ahhhhhh! My eyes! It's too beautiful! And I thought Color Club Wild at Heart was a nice purple holo...!

Witoxicity said...

@Honey Bomb
Wild At Heart is a gorgeous one. I haven't got it myself but I believe it's a tad darker than Outta Control. Oh, whatever holos, they are just so beeeautiful! :)