SheerinO'kho: Outdoor Meetings Wintertime Face Cream Review

On the box, SheerinO'kho has just this simple tagline: Natural skincare for active lives.

Intelligent skincare presented in aesthetically pleasing packaging is how I see it. You've read a bit about the brand in my SheerinO'kho Eye Cream review. Briefly, it offers premium skincare solutions to address the effects the environment has on the skin, for example, temperature changes, sun exposure, pollution and air-conditioning.

Never mind the unconventional name. However it is translated, it boils down to being outdoors in winter. The SheerinO'kho Outdoor Meetings Wintertime Face Cream was developed to help protect the skin and minimise sensitivity to the rigours of winter (and autumn) weather.

SheerinO'kho says (excerpts):

.....this face cream is designed for lovers of sport, hiking or gardening in the crisp autumn and winter air, protecting their skin from the effects of wind, biting cold, rain and sun.

Concentration in active ingredients of 20.45%. A fusion of more than 20 extracts including Buriti, Candle Tree, Baobab, Larch, Pea peptide, Acerola, Tamarindus Indica, Myrothamnus Flabellifolia, Indian Senna, Tamanu, Mourera Fluviatilis, Jojoba, Cupuaçu, Tucuma and Shea.

Water, glycerin,tamanu oil, sunflower oil, pea extract, buriti oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, jojoba oil, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, cupuaçu butter, shea butter, sucrose, astrocaryum vulgare kernel oil, pca, serine, arginine, benzyl alcohol, potassium palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein, undecylenoyl glycine, proline, xanthan gum,alanine, baobab oil, cassia angustifolia seed polysaccharide, capryloyl glycine, parfum, trehalose, cassia alata leaf, threonine, tamarindus indica polysaccharide, tocopherol, glycogen, dehydroacetic acid, larch wood extract, mourera fluviatilis, sodium hydroxide, myrothamnus flabellifolia extract, acerola fruit extract, isoeugenol, linalool, geraniol, citronellol, limonene, citric acid, benzyl salicylate, eugenol, citral.

This face cream has the same gold-toned lockable dispenser as the Eye Cream.

And just like the eye cream, the texture of the SheerinO'kho Outdoor Meetings Wintertime Face Cream is light and neither oily nor sticky. Actually, it feels more like a very light lotion. It spreads easily and I typically use three-four drops for the whole face each time.

I'd gone through this bottle last year, also covering a short period in summer (40ml lasts about six months, used twice daily) and well, I have only nice things to say about it. My skin soaked up its goodness and in all the time that I used this face cream, my skin was nicely plumped and always nourished. And I love its subtle sweet herbal-earthy scent too.

In addition to that, there was another improvement to my skin. Rosacea. I haven't got severe rosacea but before, it did ocassionally rear its ugly red head cheeks, especially in winter, when entering a very warm indoor space from the biting cold outside.

Well, I haven't had any facial flushing ever since using this face cream, certainly not last autumn/winter. I thought nothing of it initially but it dawned on me some months later that SheerinO'kho may have had something to do with this.

The thing is, I checked the SheerinO'kho website afterwards and it says that this face cream has been proven effective as a daily treatment against rosacea and broken capillaries. A-hah!

Good stuff but I'll admit, it's on the pricier side: €58 for 40ml / 1.35 fl.oz (as per its website). Prices may vary when purchasing through authorised SheerinO'kho retailers. The bottle, by the way, comes with its own elegant protective sheath.

SheerinO'kho products are made in France (Provence), using fresh spring water from the Durance river that runs from the southern French Alps. Its products contain various and often uncommon botanical active ingredients sourced from all over the world. It uses no parabens, no PEG, no colouring and no artificial fragrance, preferring to have its products naturally scented with essential oils.

Oh, one more thing gleaned from its website: This face cream has even been tested in Antartica!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds lovely. I'm happy to hear you liked it. Great review hun! "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Thanks so much, my dear. It's seriously good stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

SheerinO'kho is such a cool name. I will definitely check this one out as it sounds great. I enjoyed reading your review.

I hope you had a great weekend, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, Nicole! Gotta love the name, eh? Well, SheerinO'kho has many different face creams/moisturisers for different needs, so hopefully, you'll find one (or two) right for you. :)