Adorned Nails: Herôme W.I.C. Agra

I'll have to say, this isn't quite the colour I would expect to be associated with Agra but okay, okay, the press release does say it's a homage with a wink to the iconic Taj Mahal. I wonder what Shah Jahan would have thought of this.

Herôme W.I.C. Agra is a murky medium-dark grey with a teeny tiny tinge of green. The formula was nice and creamy and you're looking at the usual two coats.

If it's not obvious already, this polish belongs to the new Herôme W.I.C. Magical India collection.

This polish was provided by Herôme.

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esther said...

Gewoonweg een mooie kleur en mooi gelakt. Staat heel mooi op jouw nagels. <3

Anonymous said...

I love greys and greens,so a grey with a tinge of green is irresistible. This nail polish looks awesome. Love it. "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Bedankt! Deze lak heeft wel een fijne formula om te lakken, dus dat komt het resultaat ten goede. :)

Great you love this. It would make a fab camo grey! :)

Nikki said...

Toffe nagellak, mooie kleur. Magical India is een coole collectie! Groetjes

Anonymous said...

Application looks smooth and I find the color very classy. Gorgeous. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Ja, Magical Indis is een erg kleurrijke collectie. Leuk! Groetjes! :D

I like how this polish applied - even and problem-free. I'm pleased you like this shade, my dear. :)