Adorned Nails: KOH Movie Star

They're here!

It's time for another KOH Limited Edition collection, one I believe is the final special collection by KOH for 2012.

This time around, the collection is called KOH Show It and I'm starting off with this uncomplicated metallic shimmer polish named KOH Movie Star.

Movie Star is basically a beigy gold, quite pale but glamorous enough. Two coats were sufficient for opacity.

Here's the KOH Show It collection at a glance:

These polishes were kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.

KOH Groovy Dancer
KOH Movie Star
KOH It Girl
KOH Super Model
KOH Cover Girl
KOH Shopping Queen

There are some real gems in this collection, the kind that makes your heart sing. I'll be featuring these polishes in quick succession this week. The collection is expected to be out in Dutch parfumerie stores some time in November but I suspect it's available in the KOH Experience Shops in de Bijenkorf already. Price per 10ml bottle: €14.95.

Next KOH Show It polish: KOH It Girl


Unknown said...

It's a beautiful gold!
I love it!

esther said...

Wat een feestelijke gala kleuren zitten er in deze collectie. <3

Nikki said...

Cool, weer een nieuwe collectie. Er zitten volgens mij weer een paar aparte kleuren tussen dus ik ga er weer even goed voor zitten om ze te bewonderen.

Movie Star staat heel mooi op jouw nagels (ik vind het ook weer mooi gelakt!) Groetjes

Anonymous said...

You can pull off every color, they all look gorgeous on your nails! Great collection, funky names! "KTee"xx

fingers said...

I am so lemming me some KOH polish!

Witoxicity said...

I'm glad you do! :)

Kerst komt weer, hè? :D

Hey, dank je, Nikki! Nou ik hoop dat je aan het genieten bent van deze KOH artikelen. Groetjes! :D

You're very kind, my dear but I don't know, I'd probably put it down to flattering lighting. :D

You're in luck. I see this Show It collection in KOH's online shop now. :)

Anonymous said...

It's such a beautiful collection, I feel Xmas is coming. Have a great week, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Nicole! Apologies for the late response. Oh yes, I agree, it's a lovely collection with some Christmas glam. Have a great weekend! :)