Adorned Nails: KOH Rose Quartz

It feels like only yesterday when we were looking at KOH's first special collection for 2013, Love Story.

Well, it's time for the next one already! The new collection is called KOH Jewels (not to be confused with KOH Jewel, a green shimmer polish released a couple of years ago). Obviously, it's a shimmer collection.

Let's kick things off with KOH Rose Quartz. It's a dainty pink-dusty rose shimmer, not unlike the name it's been christened. In strong sunshine, you might be able to make out its pinky red and aqua twinkles. In the photos here, I have a mixture of two and three coats on.

As for the rest of the KOH Jewels collection, here they are:

These polishes were kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.

KOH Blue Topaz
KOH Ruby
KOH Diamond
KOH Amethyst
KOH Rose Quartz
KOH Grey Agate

The KOH Jewels collection is expected to be in stores in March. Retail price: €14.99 per 10ml bottle.


Nikki said...

Mooie foto's meid, top! Groetjes

Anonymous said...

I see some interesting colors in this collection, can't wait to see and admire KOH Ruby and Amethyst. "KTee"xx

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I agree with KTee, but Blue Topaz might be a stunner as well. Take care, Nicole x

esther said...

Mooie kleur hoor. Vooral in het zonlicht, want dan zie je die schittering. <3

Witoxicity said...

Hartelijk dank, Nikki! Groetjes! :D

Those are lovely colours, aren't they? Coming up soon! :)

Thank you, Nicole. True, and that Blue Topaz is also somewhat different from what we've been seeing lately. :)

Klopt. Deze hele collectie kun je het beste in het zonlicht bewonderen. :)