Adorned Nails: Herôme W.I.C. Peaceful Finland Collection

Peaceful Finland is the latest collection from Herôme. The colours are nothing loud, they're just pale, muted and serene.

These are the six colours, each named after a city or town in Finland:

L-R: Rovaniemi, Lahti, Lohja, Jyväskylä, Mikkeli, Joensuu

Here are the polishes applied (two to three coats):

Herôme W.I.C. Rovaniemi
It's a very pale beige crème.

Herôme W.I.C. Lahti
Lahti is a light grey taupe shimmer.

Herôme W.I.C. Lohja
This too is a creamy one, a white with the slightest lilac tint.

Herôme W.I.C. Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä isn't a straight-out milky pink crème. You'll have to look closely to see the bitty bits of shimmer in the formula.

Herôme W.I.C. Mikkeli

This is another one with subtle shimmer. Mikkeli is a light lavender crème.

Herôme W.I.C. Joensuu
Finally, here's baby blue Joensuu. It's a blue crème, so pale you'd almost think it's white.

Polishes were kindly provided by Herôme.


esther said...

Ze zijn allemaal mooi, maar ik hou van roze dus Jyväskylä is mijn favoriet. <3

Anonymous said...

Your photos really stand out, always clear and beautiful. Have a great week, Nicole x

Nikki said...

Wat zien je nagels er weer mooi uit. Ze zijn zo perfect gelakt.

Ik zie een paar leuke kleurtjes, maar die grijze trekt mij het meest aan. Groetjes.

Jules said...

Awww...these nail colors are all so pretty. I have never tried this brand but upon seeing these colors, I think I'll give it a try. I'll choose the 5th one, the lavender one.

Witoxicity said...

Jyväskylä is zo'n zachte roze. Leuk, hè? :D Fijn weekend!

You're so kind. Many thanks, my dear! Time flies. I hope you'll enjoy your weekend! :)

Hartelijk dank, Nikki. Ga maar eens kijken bij de winkel. Met een beetje bruin is Lahti geen gewone grijs. Groetjes en prettig weekend! :)

Witoxicity said...

Glad to hear that, Jules! :)

Anonymous said...

I see some nice colors in this Finland collection, but it will be difficult to remember the names....*looking for pen and paper* ;) Have a great weekend hun, "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Hi, KTee! I agree about the names. I had to triple check the spelling to make sure that I got them all right! Thanks, my dear. I had a nice but busy weekend. I hope yours went very well. Have a lovely week ahead! :)