KOH: Shower Foam Sensation

For most of you, when you hear the name KOH, you would associate that with nail polish, wouldn’t you? Well, KOH also has a separate line of body care products called KOH Body Sensations. The ladies in Holland would have no doubt seen these in the stores.

There are five products under this range: KOH Cream Soap Sensation, Bath Powder Sensation, Shower Foam Sensation, Body Scrub Sensation and Body Oil Sensation.

All the products in this line have one ingredient in common: extracts of the Japanese cherry blossom (Sakura). KOH says: The blossoming of the Sakura is a sign that spring has arrived. In Japan, the blossoming and dying of the Cherry Blossom is believed to symbolise the human life cycle. The Japanese culture also attaches great importance to the intense enjoyment of the prime of one's life. The symbolic value of the Sakura was one of the starting points in the development of the KOH Body Sensations range.

Late last year, during my first ever visit to the KOH nail polish heaven (okay, ladies, officially, it’s called the KOH Experience Shop!), I had purchased a sample size of its Shower Foam Sensation (right). I tried it a couple of times and liked it, but because of its cute small size (75ml), I decided to put it aside for use when I’m travelling. I didn’t give it much thought thereafter until a few weeks ago when KOH kindly sent me the full-size version (200ml) of this Shower Foam Sensation to try out. So, I’ve been using this shower foam everyday for the past (almost) four weeks and this is my write-up on it.

Name: KOH Shower Foam Sensation

Full-size version: 200ml, comes in a high-quality box

Mini version: 75ml, comes in a velvet drawstring pouch

Both are housed in pressurised containers.

According to KOH (excerpts from the accompanying insert in the box)
Experience the sensation of pure relaxation under the shower. Feel the shower foam’s mild ingredients hydrate and cleanse the skin. Contact with water transforms KOH Shower Foam Sensation into a rich foam: a unique sensation! This shower foam combines the nourishing and firming properties of Rice Bran Oil with the emollient qualities of the Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Please click on the image to enlarge.

My thoughts
The Experience
The first thing that one would notice is the fragrance. It’s the scent of Japanese Cherry Blossom: sweet and floral but with a certain edge. It comes to the nose strong and heavy but dissipates with a certain pleasant and perhaps slightly sour-ish edge.

When pumped, the product comes out as a baby pink gel but upon contact with moisture in the air, it quickly transforms into foam. Pictured here is the gel with parts of it already starting to foam. About a big marble-sized amount should be sufficient for each use. The gel is actually very concentrated, so it's better to be careful not to waste by pumping too much out.

It lathers well. Hmm, it probably sounds weird saying it, but it feels rather like spreading velvet on the skin. After the shower, I can feel a very subtle layer of emollient oils left on the skin, not unlike the effect with most moisturising shower products. The floral scent lingers on the skin for a while. As far as the quality is concerned, I have no complaints (I mean, how wrong can one go with a shower foam?). It's quite a luxurious experience overall.

The Lowdown
All right, luxury does come at a price. The full-size version with 200ml costs €19.95 per bottle. Well, I checked my full-size bottle and it does say "Made in France".

Fortunately, there are deals to be had. I was able to purchase the mini version for only €1.95 during a promotion back then (I believe the original price was €2.95). By the way, KOH also has mini versions for the other four products in the Body Sensations line with prices ranging from €1.95 to €4.95. The mini versions are all very cute (as in classy cute) and in the case of the Shower Foam Sensation (whose bottle is only 5" tall), I think it would last for about a week (maybe more).

At the Douglas parfumerie stores, I have also seen the full-size version available on special offer at a more palatable price of €9.95 per bottle but it was without the box. The bottles were instead packaged in drawstring organza bags. Granted, presentation-wise, the shower foam bottle packaged in a lovely box would make a great statement gift, but this version without the box, and the mini's, do make better alternative options.


Cosmetics Chick Chat said...

What a great review!!! I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a blog award cause I absolutely love reading your blog (it's so creative & informative)!!!! xo

Mademoiselle C. said...

Mmhh Cherry blossom smell sounds delicious !
You could just buy mini versions, they're much cheaper !
I like the bottle, it's classy and the pump and the gel/foam :) It's definitely not a common shower gel !

Unknown said...

The packaging looks pretty good. Japanese things are always so good XD it's expensive though. hmmm it must smell pretty good then because I love light floral scented products. :)

Yuvna said...

I love your blog n you are so talented.

Witoxicity said...

@Cosmetics Chick Chat
Thank you! You're very kind to say that, and I appreciate the blog award very much! :D

@Mademoiselle C.
Yeah, the mini versions are not only cute (and handy) but also easier on the wallet. :)

Oh, the fragrance for this product is delicately sweet. It's certainly a pleasing scent. :)

Gosh, what a lovely thing to say! Actually, I'd say the same about you and your blog too! You always write very informative posts. :)

Thank you, Yuvna! You've certainly made my day. :D

Cynthia Z said...

That pouch is so cute! N so is that blob pinkish lol...
Like spreading velvet?? Lovely!


Karen said...

Hey girl, thanks for watching the PETA video and giving it a chance! I love that you share products that I don't get exposed to elsewhere.. this gel really looks soft and fluffy! Btw, I finally came across MuLondon again (from besides your blog).. I was reviewing lists of cruelty-free brands by PETA ad the Leaping Bunny and it was on there :)

DinaXYYan said...

The packaging is really pretty with the cute pouch, but I think it's too pricey for a shower foam, hehe...

Witoxicity said...

I had trouble describing it and the best I could come up with was 'velvet'. It's really because of the foam. :D

@Miss K. You
I'm pleased that you enjoy reading such articles. As for cruelty-free brands, I'm glad you found MuLondon's name on the list. Yay! Well, they are registered by The Vegan Society and PETA. This brand is so right up your alley. :)

My sentiments exactly, but yeah, the packaging for the mini version is indeed very adorable. :)

The Beautifier said...

It seems a nice product to try. I love the velvet pouch and the packaging is lovely! It would make a perfect gift for anyone! I might try the mini versions of these :) xoxo

Shop N' Chomp said...

I am enamored by the packaging. <3 As a fan of foam, this gets a thumbs up from me! :)

P.S You have mail

Witoxicity said...

@The Beautifier
Yes, it's a good thing there are the mini versions that one can try first. :)

@Shop N' Chomp
Well, it's apt that KOH used the word 'Sensation' for all these products, eh? :D

Lavender said...

would love to try this product. Japanese Cherry blossom sounds like a great scent. The name itself smells good.thanks for sharing this.

Witoxicity said...

Well, it is certainly lovely with its sweet and floral scent. :)

Marisa Álvarez said...

I'm a fan of japanese cherry blossoms, as you know, everything related with them arouses my curiosity, I would like to smell it! haha. I tried shower foams by Rituals and I liked them, the texture, the smell... But they aren't cheap! kisses!

Witoxicity said...

Yes, I did think about you and your recent post about cherry blossoms when I was writing this post. Oh, so you've tried Rituals! They do have great products. Do try to get them when they are on offer. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh things other than nail polish? This brand is indeed interesting. I love the concept of it foaming up. Kind of reminds me of my Bliss Oxygen mask though you have to sort of rub it in on your face.

Witoxicity said...

Nail polish and body care. I wonder what would be next from KOH! :D

Unknown said...

I really love your blog. You are really talented.
It’s for sure a pleasure to read.

I like this packaging, especially the small one is very handy, and wonder how it smells. Cherry blossom sounds lovely!!
Have to go to the KOH Shop soon :-)
Wondering what else they have more….

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, Daniella. That's very nice of you to say that! :)

Yes, do check out the shop when you get the chance, especially if you're also into nail polishes. Heaven! :D