Adorned Nails: SpaRitual Hypnotic

I’m not going to say anything cheesy with wordplay using the name of this polish. It’s tempting, but I won’t.

Hypnotic is a colour that SpaRitual released for its Winter 2009 collection. I know I’m extremely late to the party but does it matter? Besides, some of you living in the Southern Hemisphere are experiencing winter right now, so this one’s for you, ladies!

Hypnotic has been described as a charcoal brown shimmer. It’s like gunmetal with dark chocolate mixed in. This second photo (above) of the nails is truest to colour.

As base coat, I used SpaRitual’s Multi–Tasker Base & Top Coat In One. Hypnotic went on beautifully. What you see here is with two coats and no top coat. Again, these images were taken in daylight.

Hypnotic is beautifully sombre and broody. I’d be afraid to mess with its beauty.


Yi said...

ohh..i like the finish of this colour !!!:) but i dont think my nails go well with black since they are too long...LOL XX

Unknown said...

i like the colour :) though i'd prefer it if it's more black :P i must get myself some nice black polish

Shop N' Chomp said...

I love how this looks glossy in some pics and matte in others. =)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

What a witchy color. Looks good!

bowsnhearts said...

Wow I love the colour! It's so vampish and sexy! You have such nice nails!

I haven't been painting my nails at all lately due to work being really hectic!

Sweet Glow Beauty said...

Ooo I love this tone! For summer too :)

Anonymous said...

The colour is wow. And such a cutely shaped bottle too!

Nail Galore said...

Such pretty colour! Love ur swatches too:-)

Susan said...

Black doesn't suits me lol..I always prefer Pink for my nails... :) that suits me a lot!!

Witoxicity said...

I'd go for it anyway, even if the nails are long. I'm sure your nails would look fab with this shade. :)

Do show us your nails on your blog when you get yourself some black nail polishes! :)

@Shop N' Chomp
...and I love how it looks black/grey in some pictures and chocolate brown in others. :D

Ha ha, yes, witchy! I love witchy nail colours. :D

Thanks, my dear. I hope all's going well at work. :)

@Sweet Glow Beauty
Me too! It is after all not a crime to wear a dark broody shade in summer, right? :D

My sentiments exactly! :)

@Nail Galore
Thank you! :)

Witoxicity said...

Never say never, Susan! Perhaps you just need a while to get used to seeing a dark shade on your nails. :)

Michèle said...

wow, so pretty! where do you buy these? Ebay?

Witoxicity said...

Thanks. I got this through a friend in the US. :)

Dewi ♥ said...

This looks great^^ pretty colors!


The Beautifier said...

Nice shade! Looks pretty on your nails too! I got myself a black polish a year back but hardly find myself to be reaching for it, guess I need to show some love to the poor thing :D

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Dewi. :)

@The Beautifier
...and I think you should! I think such shades would look fabulous on you. :)