Winners of ELLIS FAAS: ELLIS EYES Light Giveaway

It is time to announce the results of the ELLIS EYES Light Giveaway. I must say a big thank you to all who took part!

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention two other things. Firstly, I'd like to say welcome to all my new readers. Secondly, to my fellow bloggers, I've not been very good at catching up with all your blogs lately, partly due to this, so please accept my apologies.

Anyway, the response to the giveaway was amazing. However, I have had to disqualify a few entries as some participants had filled up the form twice. I had stated in the rules that the form need only be filled up once. So, for these participants, I disqualified their second entries.

I received more than three hundred qualifying entries (not counting the additional entries earned). Each winner wins an ELLIS EYES Light pen in the shade of their choice from ELLIS FAAS.

Congratulations to the following five winners:

Samantha Lee
Lindsey Townend

I'm sure you will have fun creating looks with your Light! An email will be sent to you shortly. Please respond within 72 hours with your postal details as otherwise, another winner will be chosen.

To all participants with qualifying entries, ELLIS FAAS will be sending an email containing the 15% discount coupon code to each of you in the next couple of weeks. You may use this code for your next purchase from the ELLIS FAAS online shop (discount does not apply to shipping charges).

Last but not least, many thanks to ELLIS FAAS for making it possible for me to hold this giveaway.


Unknown said...

congrats to the lucky winners! wow so many participents! Must have took you a while to count all the winners :)

Astrid Seijas said...

I Wonnnnnnnnn

Thank you so much for organize this give away! :)

I'm so happy! :D

Bheii said...

congratulations to the winnners! :)

Mademoiselle C. said...

Congrats to the winners !!!

Cynthia Z said...

Congrats to the winners!