Catrice: Colour Show Lip Gloss Review

Here're some quick bites for those who aren't familiar with this German brand: it's a sister brand of Essence and just like Essence, it's a drugstore budget brand. The difference between the two is that Essence is perhaps targeted at the much younger set (but really, who cares? The lines are becoming blurred these days).

In June last year, I had written about my much earlier impressions of this brand - old, nonprogressive and staid. At that time, they were on their first phase of transformation, having launched a revamped range of nail polish. Then, in autumn, Catrice went on a major but budget-friendly PR offensive to promote the revamp of almost its whole collection (I believe they didn't change their lipstick collection though - the Absolut Moisture lipstick is still available).

Catrice Colour Show Colour & Stay Lip Gloss
This lipgloss is one of the items that came with this revamp, along with many funky new eyeshadows, makeup brushes, etc. The lipgloss is very reasonably priced at €3.79 for a tube of 0.16fl oz / 5ml and is available in ten shades.

On the packaging, Catrice says:

Infinite colour lip gloss, lasts up to 4 hours.

The one that I bought is 030 Pink Me Up, a fuchsia pink shade. At time of writing, the ingredients list is not available. To save cost, Catrice (and Essence) don't print their lists of ingredients on the product packaging. They're instead available on their websites. Lo and behold, all product information is not available on the Catrice website at the moment. It appears that they are doing a major revamp of the site (with no back-up site to keep us entertained in the meantime!).

The Packaging
The tube is elegant-looking and sturdy. I'm not too crazy about the long wand but not to the point of annoyance. The applicator is oddly shaped: long, slightly curved and rounded at the tip. I don't know if there is a name for this shape but it sure ain't a doe-foot or a paddle foot. Applying the lipgloss with it is a bit awkward, I find.

The Lipgloss
Aiii! It's terribly fruity sweet!

Typical lipgloss texture: thick, very smooth and quite sticky. I actually find Colour Show very hydrating on the lips. If I wear it for a whole day, I would always notice that my lips are very smooth and moisturised that night.

Very pigmented.

Catrice claims that it lasts up to 4 hours. In my experience, at the three-hour mark, it is probably 40% faded: less intense colour and gloss. At the four-hour mark, 70% faded. Had a drink or something to eat during this time? Just like with other lipglosses, you can forget that claim.

Overall, Colour Show is a good lipgloss. It has an awkwardly long wand and a funny-looking applicator, but that's tolerable. I mean, for that price of €3.79, how can I complain?

More information:
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Catrice website (when it's fully functional again)


Anonymous said...

I love this color and it looks great on your lips. "KTee" xx

Very pretty!

Paulina said...

i don't like such long wands too,

it looks pretty on you!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, KTee! :)

Haha, the long wand does feel a bit strange in the hand! Thanks, Paulina. :)

Michelle said...

The color looks sooo great on you!! :D

Cynthia Z said...

That long wand looks so interesting hehe...
I really like that shade!


Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Michelle! :)

Haha, the wand's interesting in a weird way, I guess. :D

DinaXYYan said...

I've never seen any lipgloss wand like that, that's very unique. I love how it shows on your lips, gorgeous shade! :D

ryc: thank you! <3

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Dina! I know, it's a weird wand, right? Well, I'm glad you like the colour choice. And you're welcome! :)