L'Occitane: Wild Cherry Tree Solid Perfume Stick

Some of you might remember L'Occitane's Wild Cherry Tree collection from last year. That collection included an eau de toilette, a solid perfume stick, a scented candle and a home perfume.

I remember how my face lit up when I first saw the collection. The packaging seemed even prettier than the average L'Occitane fare: the lovely peach-pink colour and the adorable graphic of the birds perched on a cherry tree. And then, the scent - heavy sweet, floral with a touch of woodiness. I like how it settles into a bittersweet musky scent.

L'Occitane says (excerpts):
This luxurious solid perfume concentrates the flowery and fruity scent of wild cherry trees, whose tender sweetness is so enjoyed by the birds of Provence. Contains wild cherry tree extract.

I won't go overboard describing the scent as this isn't a review. I just thought I'd dedicate a short post to this perfume stick which I've started using again now that it's spring. Besides, the Wild Cherry Tree range was a limited edition collection from last spring. Sigh, I do wish I had bought some backups.

I use it sparingly and mostly in spring and summer. This stick is so pretty that I don't have the heart to throw it around in my bag. It stays in my vanity drawer like a little treasure. When I put the cover back on after use, I always make sure that the graphic of the birds and cherry tree branches are properly aligned. Uh, OCD?!

Well, since this isn't available anymore (unless you scour the internet for resellers), you might want to try L'Occitane's next closest thing to the Wild Cherry Tree collection: the Cherry Blossom range. It's perhaps a tad less intense, but it's a gorgeous scent nevertheless!

More information:
L'Occitane website.


Michelle said...

LOL @ the aligning thing!! I do that too! LOL

Unknown said...

looks niceee...

Witoxicity said...

Haha, if it's not aligned, the picture wouldn't look right and that's......unsettling. ;D

Yes, it looks and smells great. :)

sugar sugar said...

i think i saw this the last time i visited l'occitane's shop in my country. now i want to try it! LOL! xD

Raey said...

That is such a pretty stick! & talking about cherry trees,isn't it the tulip season in amsterdam,right?? Love those pretty things!!

Witoxicity said...

@sugar sugar
I don't know if you meant that you saw the Wild Cherry Tree products there, but if they are still available, I'd recoemmend getting some! :D

Keukenhof (that's that huge tourist attraction - flowers, flowers, everywhere!) has opened its doors just a couple of days ago for this season. I doubt the tulips are in full bloom yet, but when they are, it's a feast for the eyes! You just can't stop taking photos when you're there! Haha! :D

Anonymous said...

Yay cherry blossom again! The packaging looks very nice, I can understand why you don't want it to be damaged. "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Hi, KTee! Yes, it's my preciousssssssss. ;)

Anonymous said...

The scent must be delightful. I am in love with the packaging. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

It is! Aah, if only they had smelloblog, then you'd know exactly what the scent is like. Do have a lovely week ahead, Nicole! :)

Anonymous said...

The packaging is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I am lovin' the pink.
Solid perfumes are so interesting, I should get one myself =)

Witoxicity said...

Yeah, I think we're all just cooing over the packaging. It's just so lovely! You could try checking out L'Occitane's solid perfume range. They have a few to choose from. I love them! :)