My Beauty Diary: Vanilla Soufflé Face Scrub Review

You'd want to squirt this on your scrumptious cupcakes if you didn't read the full name on the bottle.

Finally, my first feature on My Beauty Diary! If you've never heard of this brand before, My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand and is today still synonymous with facial sheet masks, despite countless other Asian brands offering similar masks on the market currently. The brand has a cult following, especially in the Far East.

But okay, we'll talk about their sheet masks some other time. Let's take a look at the My Beauty Diary Vanilla Soufflé Face Scrub.

This is what the brand says (excerpts):

This fun formulation of foaming facial scrub with moisturizing Vanilla Mousse contains natural papaya enzyme synergized with multiple plant ingredients to moisturize and condition dull and tired skin.......The accummulated dull and old skin cells will disappear and new cells will restore the delicate and smooth surface of the absorbs excessive oil........


There appears to be at least one printing error on the list. There is one item that says just "seed extract" and as the crucial name "Carica papaya" is nowhere to be found on the rest of the list, I think that that is the papaya enzyme that got missed out in the blurp.

The product does contain alcohol and parabens but I am quite impressed that it contains many plant extracts, some of which are native to Asia:

• Japanese elm root extract
• centella extract
• fig fruit extract
• cnidium root extract
• licorice root extract
• Chinese peony root extract
• purslane extract
• kudzu root extract
• aloe vera leaf juice

These plant extracts have been used for generations in one way or another in traditional medicine to treat various ailments. Many of them have anti-inflammatory properties, a couple have antioxidant capacities and one, the Japanese elm root, is said to be as moisturising as hyaluronic acid and is good for cell regeneration.

Those are not the words of My Beauty Diary. I've been doing my own little research and I thought I'd share it here. It all sounds good but the thing is, we wouldn't know how much of these plant extracts actually is in this product to be beneficial enough to the skin, would we?

How To Use
• Wash your face with your usual facial cleanser, lightly dab dry.
• Shake the Vanilla Soufflé bottle really well, squirt the product onto your palm with the bottle turned diagonally upside down.
• About the size of a golf ball would do.
• Massage onto face in circular motions for about one minute. Don't forget the neck area.
• Rinse off with water.

Before I get on with what I think, I should let you know that there have been complaints by other ladies about this face scrub, such as:

• It smells strongly of alcohol, which was enough to put some ladies off already.
• It stings.
• It's too drying for the skin.
• It can cause breakouts.

For some reason, my experience with this face scrub has been very different, which goes to show that everyone's skin is different.

My Thoughts
To me, the Vanilla Soufflé Face Scrub smells quite like a sweet cookie/dessert. Whatever alcohol smell there is (my nose can't detect it) must be dominated by the sweet coconut-ty scent. Gah, where's the vanilla, really?!

The words soufflé and mousse are used interchangeably here. The face scrub is like your everyday hair mousse. It comes out white and the mousse is light, fluffy, foamy and super velvety smooth.

Scrub. Hmmm, that's another inaccuracy in the name. It contains no granules, so you won't really be doing any scrubbing. If anything, it offers chemical exfoliation, as in an enzyme peel, supposedly with the papaya enzyme.

As you massage the mousse on your face, it begins to dry and you'll end up with white bits and rolled-up slivers on your skin. Keep massaging it on the face for one minute. Add a few drops of water if it gets too dry or if your fingers encounter resistance.

At first sight, one would be inclined to think that the white bits are dead skin cells. Wow, right?

However, the lowdown: Nope, it's not necessarily dead skin. For the most part, they are really dried up, rubbery, stretchy bits of the mousse itself. I've inspected some of the bigger pieces and you can pull these bits apart like pulling apart stretchy bread dough.

I've also noticed that some of the mousse that is still on the nozzle of the bottle does dry up after a while and turn, again, into the same kind of white stretchy bits. That's why I say that what I end up with on my skin is mostly the mousse and not necessarily dead skin cells. However, maybe some of the dead skin cells have been incorporated into these white bits. I can't say for sure.

For the past three months, I've been using this "scrub" once every 7-10 days (My Beauty Diary suggests 1-2 times per week). I do find my skin somewhat smoother, softer and less dull after each use but I won't claim that it's changed my world.

After rinsing off, I dab dry and go right ahead with the next step. That usually involves using a My Beauty Diary sheet mask. It's the perfect next step because, after the so-called peel, the skin should be ready to take in all the nourishment that the mask has to offer.

As a side note, I'll tell you why I bought this Vanilla Soufflé Face Scrub in the first place:

• Curiosity
I don't usually fall for kawaii-cutiepie-koochi-koochi-cute things but I have been curious about My Beauty Diary for a looooong time.

• Convincing sales promoter
I'm very wary of pushy, smooth-talking sales promoters, especially those in Asia, but this young lady, even thoough she was a smooth-talker, she offered me a lot of useful advice on how to make the most of the products.

• Demo
She did a demonstration of this Face Scrub on my arm and lo and behold, when she rinsed it off, I swear I could see a brighter patch of skin compared to the 'unscrubbed' skin! I wish I had taken a photo of that then.

I tried replicating that at home the other day but I couldn't. I then realised that I had a tan back then due to exposure to the fierce tropical sun and so, the difference was very obvious. Now, back in the sun-less low lands, I've lost my tan, hence my failed at-home demo. Sorry!

You could say I'm ambivalent about this face "scrub". I don't hate it, I don't super love it and I won't say it's a must-have. I quite like it in that I haven't had issues with the alcohol content, it doesn't break me out and I think it's a subtle (very subtle!) exfoliator that serves as a good-enough prelude to the My Beauty Diary sheet masks.

I won't be buying another bottle when this one finishes. There are other exfoliators that I would like to try and which I'm sure would also work well with the facial sheet masks. Easy access to this brand is also another issue. I bought this in Kuala Lumpur and paid about €15 for this 120ml bottle. While the brand is Taiwanese, it says on my bottle that the product is made in Korea.

My Beauty Diary website:
Taiwanese Chinese

I looked around on the internet and here are a couple of places where you can buy My Beauty Diary products:
Soy Fashion
CP Cosmetics store on
Amazon UK


Anonymous said...

You do your own research and always give your honest opinion, I love that. I don't know this brand, but it sounds quite interesting. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

As always, many thanks for your kind and supportive words, Nicole. :) Call it plain ol' curiosity. That's the reason I looked up those other intriguing-sounding plant ingredients. Besides, it's good to know what they put in products these days. I never used to bother with ingredients lists until I started having major skin problems years back. Since then, I've been scrutinising the fine prints on food and skincare products. I learn something new everyday! :)

Anonymous said...

This one didn't go through yesterday.

Sweet coconut cookie dessert...Yummy!

Downside for me is the price, it doesn't come cheap.

I loved reading your post, well written. "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Hmmm, no, I never got it, I'm afraid. Thanks for checking back! :)

Yup, this one is on the expensive side. I guess I got caught up. I had been dying to try stuff from My Beauty Diary for a long time and when the opportunity came, I practically just gave them my wallet! ;D Hey, thanks so much, KTee! I'm really pleased you enjoyed this post. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Great review! Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed reading it - you kept it simple, concise, informative & honest :) I was looking for reviews because I tried this product last week (once only, never again) and I think I'm allergic to it - my skin is sensitive but I've never had a product cause so much breakout. The reaction started about 2-3 days after I used the scrub. My skin is now tingly, with lots of little red bumps and feels a bit itchy & warm (probably from inflammation). I wanted to share my experience so that others with sensitive skin will be extra careful with the product. -nadia

Witoxicity said...

Hello, Nadia! Thank you for dropping me a line. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that your skin has reacted badly to this product! That's no fun. The alcohol could be the culprit. I hope your skin will heal very soon. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this note to warn other ladies about this. Take care, Nadia. :)