Adorned Nails: KOH Champagne Rose

KOH Champagne Rose is the next polish to be featured from the KOH Delicious limited edition collection.

Champagne Rose too has subtle shimmer and the shade is somewhere between a pink and a dusty rose. It's sweet but not overly sugary. As usual, I have two coats on here.

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Next Delicious polish: KOH Oyster


Unknown said...

Such a soft and sweet color!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet and elegant color. I like it.

I hope you've had a relaxing weekend, my dear. Take care, Nicole x

esther said...

Dit is best een aparte kleur, hou ik wel van. <3

Anonymous said...

Different! I love it, I find it quite unique. Great pics hun. "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Yes, it's sweet indeed. :)

Am glad this one's to your taste. Thanks so much, my dear. I had a rather crazy weekend, unfortunately, and the last few days were no different either. :P I hope your week is going well! :)

Goed dat je deze lak leuk vindt, Esther! :)

Witoxicity said...

I'm pleased you like this sweet one. Thank you, KTee! :)

Nikki said...

Joh, deze heb ik overgeslagen. Ik dacht nl. dat ik al een commentaar had geplaatst, maar ik was in de war met koh caviar. Duh!

Deze behoort in ieder geval bij de favorieten van de Delicious collectie. Ontzettend mooi. Groetjes

Witoxicity said...

Geeft niet hoor. Die twee lakken lijken op elkaar, als je vlug kijkt. Haha! Beide zijn zoete kleuren. Groetjes! :)