I Love Thee: Jane Iredale Daytime Eye Shadow Kit

It’s been a while since I last wrote about a Jane Iredale product. I seem to have strayed again, seduced by the glitzy lights of other brands. However, the truth is that Jane Iredale has never been far from my mind. Today, I’d like to take you back to the mineral makeup brand that got me started on my journey of beauty awakening.

About Thee
The Jane Iredale Daytime Eye Shadow Kit is one of two neutral palettes that I have, the other being the all-too-famous 28-Piece Eye Shadow Neutral Palette from Coastal Scents. I do tend to use the Jane Iredale one more often. Having 28 shades is fun but these 5 are really all that I need.

Jane Iredale has four eyeshadow kits in its collection. The other three are called Nighttime Eye Shadow Kit, Bling Eye Shadow Kit and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Eye Shadow Kit. Sigh, all are my perpetual lemmings!

The palette of this Daytime Eye Shadow Kit looks luxurious in gold but it has a pretty standard design as it looks quite like some five-pan palettes of some other brands. It has a mirror and comes with a simple brush.

The five colours are named (L-R) Oyster, Almond, Cappuccino, Dark Suede and Charcoal.

Swatches in three swipes
Top row: On bare skin; Bottom row: With eyeshadow primer

It’s got a simple list of ingredients:
Mica, Boron Nitride, Dimethicone, Pine Bark Extract, Pomegranate Extract. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.

How I Use Thee
I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about this but these are other suggestions offered by Jane Iredale: Oyster is not only for the eyes. It can also be used to highlight the top of the cheeks. These eyeshadows can be used wet for eyelining too. I’ve never tried out any of these suggestions but on the eyes, Oyster is indeed a perfect highlight shade.

Why I Love Thee
I hate eyeshadow fallout on the cheeks. Firstly, it’s annoying. Secondly, those tiny bits not brushed off and left on my cheeks can clog my pores. Talc is the culprit, I believe, and I’m very particular about this. I don’t exactly have the problem-free skin that you fortunate ladies have, you see. So, I always apply powder eyeshadow with a piece of tissue held under my eyes to catch the fallout. Yeah, I know it’s not the most convenient and elegant-looking.

With this Jane Iredale Daytime Eye Shadow Kit, there isn't much fallout to start with and the little that there is, I can tolerate because it has no talc. Be gone, you clumsy piece of tissue!

The shadows apply smoothly and they have good pigmentation, especially with an eyeshadow primer. The colours on this palette are so easy to work with. You can’t go wrong with these neutral shades in any combination. This kit is ideal to get you from a natural look (images right, top pair) to a smokey eye look (images right, bottom pair). Jane Iredale Eye Pencil in Basic Black is the other product used from this brand.

Why I May Not Love Thee
Oh-o, this seems to be a recurring theme when I write about Jane Iredale: it ain’t cheap. Compared to other similar-looking palettes, US$46 is on the high side. But compared to other palettes, this one has simple ingredients with some botanical extracts thrown in. It’s a consolation for this spending, I suppose.

The brush is basic and quite scratchy. For this price, I would expect a better quality brush. Having said that, I do use it occasionally though for the sake of convenience if I’m short of time.

Final Words To Thee
Neutral, simple and talc-free. I can almost forgive the unpalatable price tag. When I hit pan on my current palette, I would love to buy another piece of this Daytime Eye Shadow Kit. That would be ideal, but I’m making no promises, Ms Iredale!

If you're curious about my love affair with this brand, you might want to read my Letter to Jane Iredale and my other declarations of love for Jane Iredale's products. Alternatively, do check out the Jane Iredale website.


Anonymous said...

i love this look on you! i so want to try this palette! X

Babybubblz said...

It's a beautiful palette. The shadows definitely look silky smooth, but yes...the price deters me a bit. Hope to explore high end brands like this one soon

Shop N' Chomp said...

Gorgeous EOTD, sweetie. =) What a lovely eyeshadow kit! I have only tried JI's pressed powder.

Michèle said...

I hate fallout too, ugh! Going to try the charming tissue tip next time, lol.

Very pretty eyes, or should I say eye :-P, btw.

Naomi said...

Those colours look fantastic on you. Great job with the application.
I've been wanting to try out that range but the price tag is a bit too rich for me.

Marisa Álvarez said...

Hi! I didn't know that brand and the palette is just gorgeous, I love neutrals! Also I have to say that I love the way you did your eye makeup, so simple and pretty :-)

CHARRY said...

Nice palette! :)

Anonymous said...

That pallet looks gorgeous. Your eyes are stunning in these pics and you have applied your make-up beautifully. I've done a bit more research on Jane Iredale. It is quite expensive to purchase in Australia, her PurePressed Pressed Minerals retail at $83AUD. I assume you would be buying perfection at this price though ;) xx

Mz. More said...

Your eyes are beautiful! I am loving the colors in that palette. You can create an abundance of looks for night time and day with those shades... and the pigmentation looks great! :)

Golden said...

Hi there dearie! How are you?

Wow, the eyeshadow looks pretty on you. I love how you blended and mixed the colors to create a beaufitul EOTD. I love your eyes, they're so beautiful.

Lots of love,

bowsnhearts said...

The palette looks so good! I have this salon near me that does Jane Ireland and I have always wondered how good the quality is!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Thanks, sweets! =) I was living vicariously through you during your KOH nail polish heaven post!

JINX said...

i really enjoy what you have going on here...


Witoxicity said...

If you're looking for a neutral palette, I think you should try this one. :)

I hope so too. It's a great palette. Jane Iredale products are pricey but you pay for the great quality. :)

@Shop N' Chomp
Why, thank you, my dear! Oh, you've used the pressed powder before! I love that foundation!

On your other comment, I guess we all live vicariously through one another through these beauty blogs. Ha ha!

Thank you! You know, I was even thinking of using a Post-It Note instead of a piece of tissue! ;D

Gosh, thanks! My application skills are fair. There's still room for improvement, I'm sure. :) As for the price, yeah, it's a deterrent for many.

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you like the looks. The five colours on this palette are just perfect for a neutral look. :)

Yes, I love this palette too. :)

Thanks so much, my dear. My gosh, $83AUD for the PurePressed Base?! Yikes, not only would it have to be THE perfect foundation, it should be kept under lock and key too! :D

@Mz. More
Thank you. This is a great neutral palette. Only five colours but you can do so much with them! :)

I'm fine, thanks! I hope all is well with you. Thank you for your very kind words! The eyeshadows on this palette would look great on anyone, really. :)

Oh, so you have easy access to Jane Iredale! Do check out the products one day. :)

The Beautifier said...

Oooo I am such a sucker for palettes! I would have to agree that price is a bit steep but quality & pigmentation wise, it defo looks good!
p.s gorgeous EOTD!!! zozo

twinsouls888 said...

I think we have Jane Iredale here in Manila I think hehe. The palette is so pretty, the colors gorgeous on your eyes tsk tsk :)

Witoxicity said...

I appreciate your dropping by my blog and thanks for the numerous reminders of your cute blogname. :)

@The Beautifier
Thanks, my dear! It's an excellent quality palette but even then, I still think the price could be a bit lower. :)

Oh, it's great that you may have access to Jane Iredale there! I'd recommend the PurePressed mineral foundation. I absolutelely love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh sounds like a great palette! Though I don't particularly wear eyeshadow.. (I know I buy so many..) neutrals would definitely be my go-to!

Witoxicity said...

Oh my, it would be a waste to have those eyeshadow palettes and not use them! Gasp! :D I think neutrals are the most loved colours - they are easy to put together and they match every outfit! :)