KOH Experience Shop: The Nail Polish Heaven

For all my KOH nail polish swatches: Brand: KOH

Nail polish aficionados, if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, do yourself a favour and pay a visit to this nail polish heaven.

Welcome to the KOH Experience Shop! Actually, I lied. It’s not nail polish heaven. It’s really a nail polish and manicure heaven. It’s a treasure trove filled with bottles of nail polish in a multitude of colours, a myriad of nail care products for women and men, classy colourful cases for the nail polish bottles and, as an extension of the nail care line, a line of body care products.

In my previous post, I had shared with you my visit to the KOH Experience Shop during which I received a free nail care consultation (it wasn't a manicure per se) and a free bottle of nail polish (retails for €14.95 per bottle) as part of a month-long promotion KOH was having in November. I wanted so much to show you this heaven and so, I had asked for permission to take photos of the shop. The friendly staff happily obliged. It was fortunate I went there early when it was still quiet. The shop did get much busier afterward due to the overwhelming response to the promotion. Note: This visit was made on my own initiative and at my own cost.

The KOH Experience Shop is situated on the second floor of the Dutch upmarket department store, de Bijenkorf (pronounced by-en-ko-rof). The shop itself doesn’t cover much floor area but the space is enough to display all the products under the KOH brand name. The interior is simple and Zen with lots of dark wooden furnishings.

The big eyecatcher is of course the Wall of Joyful Colours (say I). The wall itself isn't super huge but it is the biggest wall of nail polishes that I've ever set my eyes on! Multiply that by two because there are actually two such walls that greet you on either side as you enter the shop. Walls of joyful colours filled with nail polishes! Do you hear the angels singing?

In the middle between these two walls, there is seating (above) for waiting customers and possibly bored husbands or boyfriends. Further in on the left, there is the consultation and manicure table with velvet cushy high chairs (below).

I will now let the photos do most of the talking.

KOH nail polish galore:

KOH nail polish cases for single bottles or multiples:

KOH nail care products:

KOH for Men (the grey packaging):

KOH Body Sensations (just a selection):

I’ve been informed that this is the only KOH Experience Shop in existence. Here are the details:

KOH Experience Shop
2nd Floor, Bijenkorf Amsterdam
Dam 1
1012 Amsterdam

Opening hours:
Mon 11.00am – 7.00pm
Tues, Wed 10.00am – 7.00pm
Thurs, Fri 10.00am – 9.00pm
Sat 10.00am – 7.00pm
Sun 12.00pm – 7.00pm

I'd certainly recommend a visit to the KOH Experience Shop if you ever swing by Amsterdam. It isn't Rembrandt, it isn't van Gogh, but it is nail polish heaven!

Have you never heard of KOH before this? Do take a look at my post on KOH's background and my review of my very first KOH polish, KOH Rain Forest.

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More pictures of the KOH Experience Shop from my subsequent visits:
January 2010
November 2010
October 2011

All images belong to Witoxicity.


Anonymous said...

"I'll let the pictures speak for themselves".

They certainly do.

When does the next flight to Amsterdam leave from Australia?

So refreshing to read and see something unique (and new to me). I can understand why people would be obsessed with this. What a perfect idea!! <3 Thank you for another fantastic post. I just love your blog xxx

immarafrancesca said...

I wish I was in Holland. Sigh.

+ S T A R + said...

heaven for all nail polish lovers =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a beautiful store! Thank you for taking and sharing these pics with us. :D

Himi said...

oooh, i am so jealous right now > <

DinaXYYan said...

it really is a nail polishes heaven! i wouldn't take my eyes off them if i were there :D

Sheefa F said...

omg! it is nail paint paradise :D

The Beautifier said...

A fantastic post, girlie!
I'm in love with the interior deco of this place, not to forget the wall of joyful colours!
If ever I gotta chance to visit Amsterdam, this KOH polish heaven would be my top place to hang around! xoxo

twinsouls888 said...

WOW !!. Everything looks sooo pretty and elegant. I think they have all the colors imaginable :)

By the way girl, I tagged you, it's a photo tag. Hope you'll do it, I'm crossin' my fingers, it's an FOTD pic ahaha :)

freshelle said...

oh my...nail polish heaven!!!! i wish i was in amsterdam right now!!

great blog! i'm a follower now =)

mskyou said...

I missed out on this on my visit to Amsterdam a few years ago.. I would have gone crazy if I saw that wall of polishes! I would love to sit in one of those chairs and get a mani.. dream*

bowsnhearts said...

Wow...that's what a nail bar should be like!

Witoxicity said...

@The Diva's Polish
Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! The pleasure's really all mine, especially when I know that there are readers out there who enjoy my posts. :)

KOH has certainly come up with a brilliant idea in setting up this shop, hasn't it? It's a lovely little place but it's a pity there is only one such shop! :)

Hey, just book yourself some gigs here in Holland! :D

@GirL With GLasSes
Yes indeed!! :D

@Shop N' Chomp
You're welcome, my dear! I hope the pictures give a good enough impression of what the shop is like. :)

Please don't be. I'm sure there are cool shops that you have there that we don't have here! Just add the KOH Experience Shop to your to-do list for when you come to Amsterdam. :)

I hear you! It was really hard to tear myself away from the shop that day! Ha ha!

Yeah, it's incredibly so! :D

@The Beautifier
I'm glad you enjoyed this post, Sonali! I love how they've designed the place too. Oh yes, do keep this shop on your list when you visit Amsterdam! :)

Ha ha! It's a cool shop, huh? I believe KOH has around 120 nail polish colours to choose from at the moment.

Thanks so much for the tag!! I haven't looked at my photo folders yet....can't guarantee it will be an FOTD. Ha ha!!

What are you waiting for you? Go book your flight now! ;D Seriously, do keep this shop in mind when you ever drop by Amsterdam.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really appreciate it! :)

Look at you! Already seeing yourself sitting on the high chair having a manicure! You're so cute. :D Well, now you know where to go the next time you swing by Amsterdam (besides the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum).

By the way, I think the shop is only about one or two years old, so it may not have been in existence when you were here. :)

Yeah, it's a nail bar and more! :)

Lavender said...

Hi Witoxicity

Thanks for showing us this part of nail art heaven. Hope that they have an outlet here in Malaysia one day.

Trendy with Style "P" said...

hi hun! thanks for ur award!!

this place it's a nail's paradise!! so gorgeous colours!! just incredible!! so nice decoration!! My bf wants to go to Amsterdan..so...I think I'm gonna send him there!! haha
I really need something to take care of my nails, after I apply those falsies they look so bad...and unhealthy...:(
well...never again!!

:) xx

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Whoa! Never been a nail person, but this place looks nice! Definitely some kind of "haven".

Thanks for nominating me for an award, btw! I'm still new to blogging but learning a lot from everyone's great blogs.

Tris1978ton from http://thegirlieblog.blogspot.com

Witoxicity said...

You're welcome! I do hope they will set up more KOH Experience Shops in other places too. One day perhaps...

You're welcome! Keep up the great work with your blog.

I'm sorry to hear about the after-effects of wearing those false nails. It doesn't sound pleasant! Ha ha, yes, you should send a proxy to the KOH Experience Shop to get you some nailcare items. :D

I think seeing this shop would convert any non-nail person into one overnight! Regarding the award, you're welcome! :)

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

OMG! I'm speechless. I NEED to go there. Just amazing :)

I tagged you for an award by the way :)



Caramel Diva said...

Happy New Year to you and your family as well!

Witoxicity said...

Awww, thank you so much, my dear! You know you are the real Doll! :D

@Caramel Diva
Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the New Year celebrations! :)

Jauntygirl said...

Omg, that place looks amazing. I wish they had one in the US. Beautiful photographs by the way...thanks for the great post i really enjoyed it.=0)

Lydia said...

Wow. Just wow. Nail polish heaven!

I tagged you for a tag on my blog by the way - I completely understand if you don't do tags etc, but just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog since I found it. x

Anonymous said...

That place looks amazing!

Beauty Scribbler said...

Wow that shop looks nice! Very opulent.

I've tagged you on my blog by the way!

Witoxicity said...

My pleasure! I'm glad you enjoyed this post! :)

@Grace London
Do put this heaven on your itinerary for your next visit to Amsterdam! :)

Thanks ever so much for the tag! I will do it soon. I'm pleased you find the ramblings of this late bloomer interesting! :D

Yeah, it's really like being in a candy shop! Ha ha!

@Beauty Scribbler
Yeah, it certainly is!

Thanks so much for the awards/tag! That's very thoughtful of you. :)

Anonymous said...

The shop looks gorgeous!! Wish I could visit! Their packaging and place is to die for. It really looks elegant and sophisticated!

Unknown said...

Oh, ik kom niet meer in Amsterdam! =O
Waarom moest ik dit lezen!?

Nee, nee, nee, ik wil niet!

(Maar Thess al die mooie kleuren dan..? )

Boehoe... =D

Vind alleen Koh erg pittig geprijsd...
Bijna zelfde prijs als OPI, maar 5 ml minder....
Wat vind jij daarvan?

Witoxicity said...

I know! It's quite difficult to resist falling for this place. :D

Er zit inderdaad meer in een OPI flesje en het prijsverschil is één euro, maar je krijgt er bij KOH wel een mooi doosje bij en die kun je later weer gebruiken om andere dingen in te doen, zoals sieraden. :)

Het concept spreekt mij ook heel erg aan en bovendien heeft KOH veel mooie kleuren in het assortiment. Het is daarom soms moeilijk om te kiezen! :D

Ja, het is jammer dat er slechts één KOH Experience Shop is.

Unknown said...

Ja, dat is het gekke, ik heb dus een Koh lak maar mooi geen doosje.. =P
Wel de volle prijs betaald. ;)

Witoxicity said...

Oh, nu begrijp ik je vergelijking met OPI. Het is heel jammer, dat je er geen doosje bij hebt gekregen! Ik weet ook niet of het doosje er altijd bijgeleverd werd, sinds ik het koop in ieder geval wel.

Latindolll4 said...

Is the Consultation still available now? I just tried the Koh nail polish in mooi and I'm hooked !!!

Witoxicity said...

Hi! Well, the free consultation that I had back then was because of a promotion that KOH was having. Outside of that, they do offer manicure services (from a basic one without nail polish to a full manicure session) for a fee. I believe they still charge anything between €20.00 and €45.00 for it.

Go check out the shop if you have the chance. It'll be a fun experience oggling at the nail colours there. :D

Fleur d'Oranger said...

I am in love with these nails polish
I just have two questions:
You are in partnership with this mark(brand) Koh?
It is your own photos during your visit in this shop?
Is very very beautiful
I am a fan for months / year
Kiss oranges
Bisous orangés

Witoxicity said...

@Fleur d'Oranger
Hi! Thanks for dropping a line. I can't blame you for falling in love with these KOH polishes. :D Its colour range is awesome! In answer to your questions:
- I was recently sent a few products by KOH to try out and review but other than that, no, I'm not in partnership with KOH. I'm just a big fan of KOH polishes and I like to share with others my enthusiasm for the brand through my articles.
- The photos of the KOH Experience Shop that you see here in this article are my own. They were taken during my visit to the KOH Shop. The visit was made on my own initiative and at my own cost.

Thank you for your very kind words. It's great to get feedback from my readers! I must give credit to my lovely husband who assisted me with taking these photos! :)

Fleur d'Oranger said...

Thank you very much for your answers, you are very charming...
It is very pleasant to you to share it... your photos, your visit ^^
I have already commanded(ordered) their varnish (nail polish) and indeed they are sublime!!!<3<3<3
Just damage that they are a bit expensive
You are lucky to live in the Nederland, isn't it? Yes ? No? Smile ;-)
very nice day!
Kiss oranges
Bisous orangés

Witoxicity said...

@Fleur d'Oranger
The pleasure's all mine! :)

Oh, you've ordered the polishes from KOH? That's fantastic! Great colours but yes, they do burn a hole in your pocket. :P I try to buy mine when there are discounts and special offers at the stores.

As with anywhere where one lives, there are always the good things and the not-so-good things. As far as KOH polishes are concerned, well, it is nice to have relatively easy access to these polishes in the Netherlands. :D

Hey, I hope you'll have a lovely day too! :)

Sieraden said...

I've never seen KOH in the Bijenkorf, but I'll take a closer look next time I'm there.

Do you know if they have the KOH shop in other filialen of the Bijenkorf, other than Amsterdam?

Witoxicity said...

Hi! At the moment, there's only one KOH Experience Shop and that's in de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam (2nd floor). They've been talking for a long time about opening more shops in other Bijenkorf stores but nothing's come up so far, unfortunately. :)