Adorned Nails: SpaRitual Fall In Love

I know that you know that I’m smitten with SpaRitual nail lacquers. I don’t have many, but I have been slowly and steadily adding more of them to my little collection. I think it’s a combination of different things about SpaRitual that has attracted me to this brand.

• The visually pleasing bottle design. Let’s face it. It looks different and it stands out. I found out that it was specially designed for SpaRitual by the designers of Ferrari!

• The bottles are made from up to 50% recycled glass and they are fully recyclable.

• The nail lacquers are 3-Free (ie. free of DBP, touluene and formaldehyde).

• The brand is vegan. Well, you must first know that SpaRitual’s range of products extends beyond nail lacquers and nail care products. It has a range of body care products as well (which I have yet to purchase and try). So, if you’re wondering what being vegan has to do with nail lacquers per se, it’s really referring to lacquers with shimmers. For the beautiful shiny particles floating playfully in nail lacquers, many brands use guanine that is acquired from fish scales. I'm not a vegan, but if you are one, then that would matter to you. SpaRitual, on its part, uses mica for its shimmers as mica pigments are essentially tiny reflective minerals.

• Its nail lacquers are pretty hardy, in my opinion. I mentioned before that I don’t usually leave nail polish on for many days (as I like to give my nails a rest sometimes) but I have noticed that its lacquers can withstand knocks and scratches quite well.

Right, let’s move on to what I really want to show you today. This is SpaRitual Fall In Love. SpaRitual describes it as “shimmer flip”. O-kay, ladies. I know what shimmer is but what in the world is flip?!

Fall In Love is what I would describe as a dark copper shade with tiny flecks of gold shimmer. In the bottle, I see a dark copper colour with rolling golden hues.

This is what it looks like indoors (I know, the photo looks rather dull here, but I promise, it gets better!). It’s like brown with a tinge of red. I checked the SpaRitual website for this colour and I have to say that what I saw there didn’t look like what I have on my nails at all. All the pictures shown here are with two coats of Fall In Love, without top coat.

Anyway, I’m going to show you my photos in reverse order this time – first with stamping. Frankly, I hit a dead-end when I was trying to decide on a design to use on my nails. Sometimes, it is easy to feel what design I should have on, but for some reason, this one got me stumped.

In the end, I looked at my Fauxnad plate T25 (the one with Chinese characters) from Chez Delaney and it suddenly struck me. Love. I will use the character for ‘love’! It probably comes across cheesy, considering the name of this lacquer, but I went for it anyway. Image left was taken outdoors, in the shade.

The rest of the photos you see here were taken in sunlight. It would have been a waste not to capture this lacquer in the glorious sunlight. Almost red, it looks.

This is how it looks when it doesn't catch the direct sun rays

.....and when it does.

If you’d like to read further about SpaRitual, do have a look at my post featuring the first SpaRitual nail lacquer I bought, I Feel The Earth Move.


Unknown said...

I really like your fauxnad plate. the love word looks very pretty. ahh and I really need a high quality camera like yours if I want to take good pictures.

Rebecca said...

I like brands that you can feel good about yourself for buying them!

Yuvna said...

Your hands look beautiful in this color....this color really looks hot and it isn't that overpowering as other reds and maroons

Vonvon said...

This is a very nice classy shade. I think it's rather original to write the word 'ai' (love) on it. Gives a touch of class to the already classy shade.

Witoxicity said...

Yeah, this plate in particular has some nice letters in Chinese. It's pretty cool. :)

I totally agree!

Thanks, Yuvna. You're right. This dark copper shade has enough oomph without being too loud.

Thank you! I've been wondering for a long time how I would use this plate with the characters. I finally could put it to some use with this polish. :D

Inge (PolishSis) said...

Hey girl, I don't leave comments often, but I really like your blog and every single post on it. So I nominated you for the stylish blogger award (=tag). If you don't participate in Tags I totally understand, it's just a sign of me loving your blog.

Witoxicity said...

Oh my, thank you so much and also for your very kind words! I appreciate it a lot. The truth is, I'm terribly behind with tags/awards. I really do wish there were more hours in a day! :D

Sweet Glow Beauty said...

That is an awesome color! Would be great in the fall :)

StuddedLilly said...

this is absolutely beautiful! i love how you added that chinese character there, and its done so nice and neat!

noone said...

the nail color is really pretty, and if the packaging helps the environment that's a bonus!!

Witoxicity said...

@Sweet Glow Beauty
Yes, I suppose it's more of a fall colour but I just couldn't wait till fall to wear this. :D Besides, I don't really care much about matching nail colours to seasons. Heh heh!

Thanks, Jess! I'm so glad you found this mani pleasing. :)

@Pop Champagne
I totally agree! :)

DinaXYYan said...

Love the shade, esp. when it catches the sun rays, very pretty :)

Righinn said...

I'm not a person to post comments on the blogs I read, but I just have to post a comment here.
I love what you do with your make-up and nailpolish! This colour looks so nice, and I love what you do with the stamping. It makes me want to grow long nails so much (I'm a nailbiter). I can't really describe it, but it looks different to me than a lot of other things I've already seen. I've also discovered brands on your blog I didn't know yet I'd love to try out. I'm a follower from now on.

(Oops, this turned out a bit longer than expected.)

Witoxicity said...

Well, thank goodness it was super sunny that day when I had this nail polish on! :D

Hello! Thank you for coming by and leaving me such encouraging words! It means a lot to me that you appreciate what I put on my blog. This is indeed a journey of beauty awakening for me, so it's great that I can share my discoveries with all of you. :D

Oh hey, I've come across ladies who, after getting into nail polishes, stopped biting their nails. So, there is certainly hope for you! :)

Recalcitrant Nails said...

I own and LOVE this color as I do SpaRitual in general. Its fabulous and does beautiful things in the sunlight.

I'm lucky enough to be going to a spa appreciation night tonight at a Spa that sells this product. I'm bringing extra $ so I can pick up a couple. ;)

Witoxicity said...

@Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes
Yay to SpaRitual! That spa appreciation night event sounds so wonderful! I do hope you will have a great time there and that you will pick up some more of their awesome polishes. :D

Thifa said...

That's so classy! I really like colors that go beyond trends. Thanks for bringing this brand up. I didn't know its details. Beautiful!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Thifa. I'm glad that you find SpaRitual's ethos as appealing as I do. :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a beautiful coppery shade! =D

Witoxicity said...

@Shop N' Chomp
A reddish copper colour is just lovely! :)

Cynthia Z said...

"love" is cheesy, but suits this lovely shade perfectly :).It looks so striking in the sunlight!

The bottle is indeed very cute.


The Beautifier said...

Ah!! its such a gorgeous shimmery bronzy brown colour! a perfect winter/fall shade :)oh girl, you have beautiful nails!

Witoxicity said...

So, it's a suitably cheesy stamping image. ;D Never mind, the end result seems agreeable to most. :)

@The Beautifier
Thank you, Sonali. This nail polish does wonders to how my nails look, actually. Heh heh!