I envy those of you with naturally long, thick and curly lashes. Yes, you, you and you. With a mascara, you can easily get it just a bit thicker, longer and, if it’s anymore possible, curlier, and you’re done.

I, on the other hand, need help in every department possible. My lashes are not thick, not very long and certainly not curly. That last one of the three is a real thorn in my side. Plus they sometimes point in weird directions (like a couple would point south when they really should be pointing east). I don’t love my lashes. Heck, even my camera hates them!

I’ve been curious about the Ellis Faas Mascara for a long time (as you know, I totally love the eyeshadows and the lipcolours!), so it was great when the folks at Ellis Faas kindly sent me their mascara to review a few weeks ago. Now, let’s see how the Ellis Faas Mascara measures up to my three-prong demand.

Name: Ellis Faas Mascara
Colours: Black (E401) and Chocolate Brown (E402)
Net weight and Price: 8.2ml / 0.277 US fl oz for €23

According to Ellis Faas
ELLIS FAAS mascara features a creamy texture that perfectly coats, lengthens and separates each individual lash and is well-suited for customising different looks. Use the elegant, long wand of the brush to stroke on one coat to accentuate your lashes with subtlety, or to frame your eyes with a more dramatic effect, build up the lashes with additional coats.

As before, the list of ingredients for all the products can be found on the Ellis Faas website.

The mascara is housed in the same silver pens as the other Ellis Faas products. However, instead of the usual pull-out cap, this one has a screw-on cap, just like the mascaras of other brands.

The mascara I’m featuring here is the black one, E401.

My Thoughts

The one thing that felt different to me is the length of the wand. I’d estimate that to be anywhere between 1 to 2 inches longer than your average mascara wand. Fortunately, it isn’t bendy (but flexible enough), so the length wasn’t such an issue for me. I did however need to get accustomed to that “grip distance”.

Just a comparison of the applicators with Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara

The straight and tapered brush looks pretty standard to me. It is of an average size and performed all right with application. I thought the bristles were nice and soft.

The formula is of a thick consistency. It has a scent, but nothing out of the ordinary for a mascara.

I must confess that my first two attempts using this mascara didn’t turn out too well. The lashes were thicker but for some reason, they looked wirey. I suspect it had something to do with how I was handling the long wand.

Fortunately, things got better with more practice. This mascara does a great job of thickening and lengthening the lashes for sure. I can probably say all I want, but there’s nothing like seeing that in pictures.

Sad lashes

Curled but still sad lashes

With one coat of Ellis Faas Mascara

Here it is again from another angle:

Curled bare lashes

One coat of mascara

Two coats of mascara

[Edit: I've removed the photo with three coats of mascara due to the poor picture quality.]
I only wish though that the lashes would stay curled. What’s happened in my case is that the curls almost disappear after I apply this mascara. I have to keep using the back of my index finger to push up the lashes.

My lashes don’t feel stiff at all with this mascara on. It just feels like my normal bare lashes, only lusher.

After an eight-hour wear, the lashes still looked fine with the mascara. There were no smudges, but it did flake a tiny bit. Notice also how straight my lashes were.

Photos taken about eight hours apart

The mascara does start to clump a bit after a few weeks. Lately, combing through my lashes with a spoolie has been necessary.

This mascara isn’t waterproof. It won’t hold in heavy rain, but it would be fine if it’s just a drizzle. Washing off is therefore easy with any normal makeup remover.

Let’s go back to my three-prong demand for my impossible lashes. Thickening, definitely. Lengthening, yes. Curling, not in my case. But to be fair, Ellis Faas never promised that this would be a curling mascara and I did say I have impossible lashes. And this brings me back to the beginning. If you’ve got naturally curly lashes, this mascara would work great for you! Oh, I envy you. Yes, you, you and you.

More information can be found in my previous ELLIS FAAS posts and on the ELLIS FAAS website.


Unknown said...

I have short eyelashes too >< I really do want naturally long, curled and thick eyelashes.
I envy people with lashes like that.
It actually made your eyelashes longer. Unfortunately, the curl didn't stay.

Anonymous said...

Two out of three ain't bad:)
I have a lot frustration over some mascara - it's hard to find the one that hits every mark. I've been using a Mary Kay one, The Ultimate Mascara, I think... it works well enough. It's a bit more dramatic than my mainstay of Maybelline Full & Soft.
Thank you for the post! I was just thinking of this company the other day...I need to get at least one thing from them soon:)

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

I love how thorough your reviews are! I am testing this out as well soon so can't wait to see I fare with it!


DinaXYYan said...

I have the same lashes as you, short and straight. I always find a hard time to curl my lashes properly. Too bad this mascara doesn't curl the lashes..

Witoxicity said...

And that's what happens when one has misbehaving lashes! :D

My pleasure! And you're right. It ticks two out of the three boxes, so that's not bad at all. :)

@Lipstick Rules
Thanks, and I look forward to reading your post on this! :)

Well, that's why I call mine impossible lashes! :D

Unknown said...

Oh no, don't point your finger at me! I have sparse and straight lashes, too. This is such an interesting mascara. I like its sleek design.

Witoxicity said...

Oops, sorry! I was just indulging in a moment of self-absorption there. ;D Having sparse and stick-straight lashes is no party for us for sure.

StuddedLilly said...

i have long lashes but they are all 'sad' and straight lol never heard of this brand before but great review! i love maybelline mascara, i think they do the tricks with the right layering skills!

Witoxicity said...

Oh, at least yours are long! :D Anyway, the Ellis Faas brand has been around for more than a year. I'm sure you'll be hearing more of this name in the future. :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I have typical Asian stick straight lashes too. I highly recommend a mascara base and a electric eye lash curler! I use Kate mascara base (if you can't find this, Shiseido's is good too) and Panasonic's curler. :)

Witoxicity said...

@Shop N' Chomp
Thanks for the tips. I've been considering getting an electric lash curler for quite a while now. :)

Anonymous said...

Aw hey, no worries Witoxicity.. some day (I know it!) you'll be able to find that one mascara that does it all!

My lashes are super straight and point downwards T___T A lot of mascaras I've tried don't hold a curl either, which always leaves me to say "ARGH!!"

Witoxicity said...

So, there are many of us in the same boat. Phew! :D

Vonvon said...

Seemed to be having some problem posting comments, due to bad Internet connection. Hope you get my comments in the other post.

I have short lashes too. Have tried 2 lash serum which supposed to help lash growth. Though miracles didn't happen, but I did notice my lashes to be denser in its distribution. More lashes did grow out. :)

But of course, I am always depending on mascara to 'showcase' my lashes. ;) I checked out Ellie Faas website. They have very interesting products. Would love to try them one day. Better prepare my shopping list for the next time my hubby visits Netherlands.

Witoxicity said...

Hi! I got your comments fine. Thanks. :)

I've seen the difference that lash serums have on other ladies' lashes. Amazing! But I've also heard of side-effects, amongst which is hair growth in unwanted areas near the eyes (due to careless application). That sounded scary! :P

Yes, Ellis Faas does have an interesting range of products in cool sleek pens! I highly recommend the lip products and the longlasting liquid eyeshadows. Do also have a look at my other posts on Ellis Faas to see the photos, if you have the time.

The Beautifier said...

My lashes are pretty long but they lack volume and a lot of mascaras that I've tried make them droop, all thanks to their thick consistency and those without a thick formula don't provide a good volume :(
Lets hope some day we are able find a mascara that measures up to our three-prong demand.hehe

Witoxicity said...

@The Beautifier
I think, of all the makeup items we use, the mascara is the most difficult item to personalise to perfection. There always seems to be trade-offs somewhere, like how you've so accurately described in your case. Hmph! But we trudge on!

Vonvon said...

Did I read long lasting liquid eyeshadows? Definitely gonna check those out when I get the chance. I am crazy over eyeshadows!

I will dig into your Ellis Faas posts for sure. :)

Witoxicity said...

Yes, you read right. The staying power of Ellis Faas eyeshadows are like 'wow'. :)

Cynthia Z said...

LOL @ "Sad lashes" & "Curled but still sad lashes" :D
Wow That want is very long! Actually I kinda like long wands. I find them easier to work with.
Definitely more volume there. Maybe u can curl gently again after applying? When the mascara has dried...sometimes I do that.


Witoxicity said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll try that. I always thought that curling the lashes after applying mascara wouldn't be good for the lashes, but all right, I'll take advice from the expert. :D