ELLIS FAAS: ELLIS EYES Lights - A First Look

Liquid metal and holographic eyeshadows. Very intriguing.

As you know, ELLIS FAAS launched a range of liquid eyeshadows end of last year. All the eye products are collectively called ELLIS EYES. For eyeshadows, there are two categories:

Creamy Eyes (numbered E103 to E109) are mattes and mainly neutral shades.
Milky Eyes (numbered E203 to E209) are essentially mattes but with the slightest hint of shimmer, and has a more colourful shade range than Creamy Eyes.

To say that they are all amazingly longlasting eyeshadows is like giving you old news now.

Anyway, there is this sentence on the ELLIS FAAS website that has always caught my eye:

In the near future, ELLIS FAAS will also provide you with shimmery powders, holographic and metal shimmers, plus various glosses to give your look a more festive appearance.

Well, ladies (and gentlemen), part of that future has arrived.

These are the new ELLIS EYES Lights (image courtesy of ELLIS FAAS). Dutch makeup artist extraordinaire, Ellis Faas, has created the Lights to go hand-in-hand with the existing eyeshadow collection, to create "infinite possibilities to play with shadow and light - which is exactly what applying makeup is all about". Ahh, even the great Rembrandt would nod with approval.

But that word 'holographic' still baffled me. On the web, I've seen the word 'holographic' used on eyeshadows before, but most times, they just fell short of expectations.

I received two sample pens of the Lights from the good folks at ELLIS FAAS yesterday. Given my curiousity, I eagerly swatched them on my arm and what followed was a moment of suspended animation. Almost. Have a look at these dried swatches:

The one on the left is E301. It looks like having a metallic sheet on skin. I tried a bit on the eyes and it felt lightweight.

The one on the right is E305. This was the one that knocked me off my feet. It's holographic! Holy moly! I mean, watch how the colour changes as I rotate my arm towards the camera.


I shan't say more for now. I will, of course, need time to properly test them out. A review on these eye-popping Lights will follow soon.

Here's a closer look at the five gorgeous shades, again using ELLIS FAAS' image of the pens above:

E301 (warm silver)
E302 (greenish gold)
E303 (bronze)
E304 (lilac)
E305 (holographic Bordeaux)

Unit retail price:
Europe €32
UK £25
US $42

Apologies to my Australian readers. I haven't got the official retail price in AUD yet.

The ELLIS EYES Lights range launches today in Liberty, London. In Edinburgh and Europe (including the Netherlands), it will be available starting 21st June. For ladies living outside Europe, the launch dates in the rest of the world are yet to be confirmed, but it will be sometime after 21st June.

To find out where ELLIS FAAS products are available, please check the list of stores on theirwebsite.

For more specific and up-todate information, especially about the launch dates of the Lights outside Europe, ELLIS FAAS advises joining them on Facebook (there, you'll see fabulous pictures of E301 - E305 applied on the eye, by the way) and/or subscribing to their e-newsletter. These are the most convenient means of receiving accurate updates from them.

Stay tuned for more!


- said...

Seen like this, E305 reminds me of MAC pigment "Blue Brown" (a warm chocolate brown with strong aqua duochrome - going from brown to blue depending the angle). So E305, holo or duochrome?

Rebecca said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe these swatches.

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

OMG - amazing! I want these!!

Gail said...

I nearly went to the Eliis Faas event today at Liberty but couldn't as I had so much on, nevertheless your posts have now finally and completely pushed me over the edge. I must get some of these eye pens at once, I have already waited too long!!! Looks fantastic! Thanks for this xx

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg, that pigmentation! Wow =D

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Such pretty colors, especially the lilac!

Anonymous said...

I do like the holographic one. I have a pigment just like it. It reminds me of shot silk. My jaw just dropped when I saw the price for just one. Is it really worth it? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

DinaXYYan said...

Wow, it's so cool that it's holographic! I've never seen anything like this :D

lelo said...

i wish we had these in canada

p chan said...

warm silver look sooo pretty!

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

I love those eyes shadow. Very pretty!
Visit my blog @ PetiteLittleGirl.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Gosh, they look beautiful! I can't wait to see your future review once you've had time to test and try for yourself! How lucky are you ;). Jealousy is a curse, I know it ;) Danielle x

Witoxicity said...

Can it be both? :D And I'm afraid I can't personally compare E305 with the pigment of MAC's that you mentioned. I haven't got it myself.

And I think the bronze one is awesome too (just from looking at the colour on the brush applicator in the photo). :)

@Lipstick Rules
...Just whetting your appetite there, Michelle. ;)

Oh Gail, I thought that you would have gotten yourself some Ellis Faas pens (or at least one) by now! Yes, I think too that you've waited too long. I can't wait to see what you'll get! :)

@Shop N' Chomp
@p chan
I don't know about you, but I'm quite star-struck. :D

I'll certainly be writing more about it soon! :)

Ellis Faas is working on remedying that!

Yes, do stay tuned for my write-up on them. Psst, jealousy ages you. ;D

Vonvon said...


Have not seen such gorgeous eyeshadows before. I am such an eyeshadow freak, have so many types and shades of eyeshadows, but really, never saw anything like that!

I don't think I will be able to sit tight nor sleep well till I could get my hands on this...err....may be on all of them. But the price....oppsss.... But I just can't choose 1 or 2, because I like all the 5 shades.

Please pardon my 'outburst'. I am an eyeshadow collector, freak, fanatic. Call me whatever..... ;)

Witoxicity said...

Heh heh, that's OK. I know the feeling. I'm an eyeshadow freak too, but I doubt I'm as big a collector as you are! :D

Cynthia Z said...

WOW! Gorgeous shades! They look like YSL Touche Eclat :)
The holographic one is amazing :O


Witoxicity said...

Well, the pens are pretty much the same as the other Ellis Faas pens. :)

Mademoiselle C. said...

Seems to be a great product, the colors are stunning !!
I appreciate the fact that the different prices are accurate to the exchange rate !

Witoxicity said...

@Mademoiselle C.
I haven't seen the other three colours in person yet, but they do look beautiful in the photo. As for the price, well, this information is current. That's why! :)

The Beautifier said...

Great swatches! Stunning shades :) Ohhh I'm loving these pretty pens! xoxo

Witoxicity said...

@The Beautifier
I hope you'll give ELLIS FAAS products a try one day soon. I'm sure you'll love them! :)