Adorned Nails: Etos Effect Nails No. 24

I wasn’t feeling well the other day and I couldn’t sleep. I tried reading a book but it couldn’t hold my attention. So, for the first time in many weeks, I whipped out a bottle of nail polish and proceeded to paint my nails. With this, I managed to concentrate. Yeah...that’s weird.

I eventually fell asleep after putting on three coats (and didn’t do any cuticle clean-up). I didn’t take pictures of my nails till more than twelve hours later and these were the results.

Etos is a Dutch drugstore chain. I wrote a bit about Etos a while back, if you’re curious. Etos has its house-brand of makeup products, including nail polishes, offered at affordable prices. This little bottle of probably 7ml (it’s not stated on the bottle) cost €2.49, if I recall correctly.

Effect Nails No. 24 held so much promise in the bottle. It was lilac, dense with fine shimmer particles and I thought it was a duochrome as I noted hues of grey too.

Well, it was a rather different story on the nails. It looks pink. Granted, it does have an overload of fine shimmer particles, so much so that the finish looks gritty. Thankfully, it doesn’t feel gritty to the touch. But aaaiii, where’s the duochrome?!

The following photos were taken on the third day after I suddenly had the urge to do some stamping. I’ve used a simple obscure flowery design from the Essence Nail Art Stampy Design Plate 02: Style It Up! and KONAD’s black stamping polish. No top coat was used.

I like the stark contrast of black on li...I mean pink shimmer. At a glance, they look like black velvet flowers pasted on a bed of pink grainy metal.

Hmm, nope, I still can’t see the duochrome.


- said...

Oooooh!!! I recognize the lovely tiny bottle! :) Duochrome or not it's so pretty! Those lilac polish often look pink on nails. But I love it!

I'm glad to see a post of yours. :)

Karen said...

Hey girl, sorry to hear you weren't feeling well! I just recovered from a case of bronchitis myself =\ Your nails are a very pretty shimmery pink.. Maybe the duochrome is pink and... silver (shimmer)? hehe I like Konad's stamping kits very much but I'm going to check out Essence as well now!

Susie said...

SO very pretty.
Hope you are feeling better and getting some sleep.

Anonymous said...

:) Welcome back. No, I may not be able to see the duochrome either but I can see the flowery design and that is stunning. Simple and so dainty and pretty on the pink. Your nails are such a lovely length at the moment! xx

DinaXYYan said...

Love the purple shade! :)

Unknown said...

your nails look great even taking a pic after 12 hrs. :) awwww design plates!! i still need to get them, but too lazy to choose. They're so many different designs :)

Vonvon said...

Such a sweet shade....shade that that I would wear but you know I am not a nail polish person. :)

Hope you are feeling better now. *Hugs

Cynthia Z said...

Pretty pretty shade...Love it! You have such nice nails :)

Hope ur feeling better now. Take care....


Witoxicity said...

Hi! Ha ha, I knew you would get excited seeing this bottle. I'm so glad you love your blue one. :D

Thanks, Karen. Gosh, bronchitis? It's good that you've recovered from it. Yes, if you have access to Essence products, do have a look at their design plates as well. :)

Thank you, Susie. I'm feeling much better now. :)

@The Diva's Polish
Thanks, Danielle. I do tend to go for dainty designs, so this one fits right in. I'm glad you find this pleasing. :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks, my dear. I do know how overwhelming it can be when choosing plates, so take your time in making your choice. :)

Thank you. I'm feeling much better now. You're very kind. Psst, this could be a shade for your daughter. :D

Thanks, Cynthia. Oh, I think you are the one with lovely nails. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that colour is so pretty. You've really nailed down the Konad stamping Witoxicity! It looks so much prettier with the little design on the side :)

Tomi // mytigerlily Makeup Blog said...

I adore the stamping you did!! So very pretty.. too bad you can't see the duochrome :( Your nails are gorgeous

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Natalie. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you like this. :)

Eli (Beauty Blog) said...

I can't see the duochrome either! Plus it looks very sheer, isn't it?

Witoxicity said...

Yes, you're right! It's very sheer. Even with three coats (as shown here), I could still see traces of my nail tips. :)