Un-Adorned Nails

Something different for a change. I just wanted to show you my bare nails, just this once, probably.

Allow me to ramble.

If you’ve been following my writings, you would know enough to realise that nail polishing has been the furthest thing on my mind lately. In fact, I’ve been neglecting my nails. The cuticles are a bit on the dry side, but what I mean to show here is the length of my nails, ‘neglected’ as they are.

In the old days, pre-nail polish addiction, I used to have strong, healthy nails. Ever since I started my craze for nail polishing, my nails have been suffering to a certain degree. I tried to give my nails a breather of a few days between nail colours, but still, I’ve had problems with nails splitting, peeling and some yellowing.

Look at them today. Totally bare. I haven’t succeeded in growing my nails to this length for almost a year (I know, I know, this may not be considered long for some of you, but it is to me). Anyway, I think this is the longest they can grow before one of them starts to break (I just know it!). So, I just felt like capturing them on camera before the inevitable happens.

Oh, one more thing. I love to eat spinach and I’ve been taking quite a lot of this vegetable this past month, a lot more than usual. I suspect that it’s also got something to do with my presently healthy nails.

Alas, you know that I know that it will only be a matter of time before I succumb to my colourful addiction again.

[eyes light up]

Hurray!! That simply means we’ll get to see nail polishes here again!


Sarah B. said...

did you use a lot of nail hardeners?
I have very strong nails and I simply cannot wear hardeners...they will make my nails peel and consequently break off...

Spinach has a lot of Iron, Calcium and also Folic Acid. These 3 substances really help in the streghtening of bones, nails, hair and skin :)

Mz. More said...

Your nails look extremely healthy. Sometimes it's best to give them a break and let them get some air. Spinach is definitely good for you, I love spinach and so does my little man! :)

Unknown said...

I've got to say your nails are so much much [a million times] healthier than mine :PPP even though i don't use a lot of nail polishes. I may need to consider eating spiniches like you.

Anonymous said...

has an ex-junkie on bitting nails, i must say your nails are beautifull. cant look forward to have mine like yours. but ill get there.

Unknown said...

I know how you feel. Last month, I went on a nail polish binge and wore nps 3 weeks in a row with colors changed every week. That is really something for me. However, as I removed the np, I noticed how ragged my nails looked and I had to go bare again. It was painful but it's something I need to do. I'm glad you took a break and it's ok. Health is above vanity.

DinaXYYan said...

I have very weak nails too, even since before I started wearing nail polish so often.

Golden said...

I feel for you dearie. For the first time in 3 months, I am currently sporting unpolished nails. My nails are yellowing and peeling so I thought I give my nails a break. Good luck to our nails!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

It's funny isn't it. My nails are hopeless without polish. I have to have some form of polish even a plain old clear coat for them to take shape and look like real nails. Yours look lovely and healthy and strong bare! Danielle x

Witoxicity said...

@Sarah B.
Hi Sarah! Actually, I haven't been using much nail care products, just base coats, top coats and, ocassionally, a bamboo-based nail hardener. I avoid nail hardeners that contain formaldehyde.

You're so right about spinach. There's just so much goodness in it! :)

@Mz. More
I totally agree with what you said about giving the nails a break once in a while. We do get carried away sometimes with all those nail colours. Heh heh! Oh, and it's fantastic that your son loves spinach too! A big strong man he'll become!

Ha ha, yes, perhaps you should, but only if you like spinach. :D

Thanks! Have faith, Helena. It's achievable. At least, you've stopped biting your nails. The rest will come through good practices and good diet. :)

You're so right there, Dao. The temptation to keep polishing our nails is always strong (Hmph, I mean, we just love to look at beautifully polished coloured nails, don't we?) but yes, vanity certainly can't be anywhere as important as good health. :)

Give your nails a break from nail polishes and you'll see improvements, Dina. :)

Oh, I think it's great that you've made the decision to give your nails some fresh air. I hope they'll recover soon! :)

@The Diva's Polish
Thanks, Danielle. Yes, it is interesting, what you said. I think your practice is a habit borne out of so many years of wearing nail polish. Not only you but also your nails have gotten used to having a layer of polish over them. It's like a vicious circle, isn't it? Now, if only nail polishes weren't so enticing.....

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean by weak splitting nails *sigh* I suffer from this too... and I don't even wear nail polish! *cries*
I can never grow my nails and shake my fist at my younger sister all the time because she has the strongest nails ever lol!

o said...

For me was just the opposite. My nails used to break, peel, chip(you name it) and they were extremelly fragile BEFORE I started using nail polish... since I started doing my nails frequently, they have grown & are as strong as they can be. It's interesting that the opposite happened to you!

Witoxicity said...

Having weak nails is certainly no party. Your problem could be due to anything ranging from the detergents that you use to nutrition. Perhaps you can find out what it is that your sister is doing/using differently. It might help. :)

@Beauty Addict
How interesting, having strong nails AND enjoying guilt-free nail polishing! I do wish it was so in my case! Hmph!

Unknown said...

They are beautiful! :)

KONADomania said...

your nails look really healthy! and no stains whatsoever, great!

Witoxicity said...

@Jackie S.
Thanks! :)

Thank you. Well, I had some staining but they've all grown out. :)

Karen said...

I think your nails look nice, both in shape and complexion. Do you know what I can do about yellowing nails? :( I use a base coat but after a while my nails change color anyways!

Witoxicity said...

Thank you. My nails yellow a bit too even if I use base coats. I've yet to try it myself, but I've heard that lemon essential oil works great against yellow nails. Do give it a try. :)

Mina said...

You have beautiful nails!! Do people tell you that all the time? Or ask you if they are fake? My nails are similar (where the white's of the nails are pretty white, like yours), and often times people ask me if they are my real nails or compliment them. I really like your blog and I'm glad I found it!

Witoxicity said...

Hi Mina! Thank you for dropping by. I'm glad you enjoy my articles. :)

Actually, no. People don't tell me that about my nails. :) At the time of writing this article, my nails were in pretty good state because I hadn't used any nail polish for many weeks. (I'm only now getting back into it!)

These are my real nails, btw. I've never used fake nails before. As for yours, I'm sure your nails must look very gorgeous and healthy. Lovely!