Adorned Nails: Make Up Store Britta

Ooh, I’m (un)fashionably late to the party, I know, but I finally got myself a holographic nail polish! For the life of me, I don’t know why it has taken me this long to try one.

Here’s Britta, a very Scandinavian name from an equally Scandinavian brand. Make Up Store is a Swedish brand. It has stores all over the world, so chances are, you would have already come across this brand before.

Britta applied fairly well, but I did notice, after two coats, some small bald-ish areas where the grains didn’t cover the nail sufficiently. As this is my first time with a holo, I wouldn’t know if it’s normal. Anyway, that issue wasn’t something that a third coat couldn’t fix. I applied two coats on all nails except for the ring finger here. That one has three.

Britta is a pale pink with micro holographic shimmer. I think for those who are all too familiar with holos, you would be quite apathetic about this pink holo. As for me, I'm simply enraptured by Britta.

It looks gritty on the nails but in fact, the finish is smooth. Holographic nail polishes tend to fascinate many of us because of the micro mirrors (or are they prisms?) that reflect light, thus giving the wonderful iridescent effect. It’s like having rainbows on your nails.

True to tradition, just like so many ladies before me who have ever featured holographic nail polishes on their sites, I will now show polychromatic Britta from different angles. It looks plain without good lighting or when viewed from a disadvantageous angle – like metallic matte – so thank goodness I had rays of sunshine pouring through my window!

Plain Britta in the shade

Holographic Britta in the sun

The shape of the bottle does remind one of GOSH nail polish bottles. I did a quick comparison and found the one from Make Up Store to be a tad taller. Make Up Store nail polishes retail for €14.50 per bottle (8ml). I purchased Britta from its store in Amsterdam.

Note: I’ve also updated my article, Beauty Shopping In The Netherlands: Branded Stores, to include Make Up Store in the list.

More information: Make Up Store website.


makeup merriment said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! That is STUNNING!

Miss Tapia said...

I LOVE it!!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

That is totally fabulous!

Holos are known for having the balding effect. I have better luck when I lay on thick layers, and a water-base basecoat works well with holo polishes.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous :) I like how rainbow colours are seen :^_^

Unknown said...

Wow, totally awesome!

Lolipop said...

That's really absolutely gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful colour! Thanks for the swatches! :)

Jo said...

I am in LOVE with this holo.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yeah, what's taken you so long?! ;P Actually, I haven't tried holo polishes yet either...tee hee. ;) Lurve this!!

Thifa said...

Wow, this is so pretty!! All holos I've tried have the same problem of creating holes while applying. Some brands offer a special base coat that helps to prevent that. If you're in the Netherlands, you can get it from Gosh. It's a milky color base coat (forgot the name).

Otherwise, beautiful polish!!!

Arie said...

O M G, super gourgeous!!
looks so pretty on you :).

Milz said...

Wow so pretty .I haven't tried a holographic nail color after seeing this I am thinking of getting one soon it's so pretty

Shivani said...

what a beautiful color :)

Raey said...

ohhhh its amazing!!!i have always loved holographic nail colours!!

Anonymous said...

This is sooooo beautiful! Fab pics too. "KTee"

Witoxicity said...

Calm down, Jeanie. Don't get knocked out by the rainbows there! ;D

@Miss Tapia
...and I'm glad! :)

Hi, Laura! Thank you very much for the valuable tips! :)

Me too! :)

@Jackie S.
Yeah, I'm pretty impressed with this holo too. :)

I'm pleased to hear that, Lolipop. :D

The pleasure's all mine! :)

So am I! :)

@Shop N' Chomp
Well, it's now your turn to try one out, my dear! :D

Hi, Thifa! Thanks so much for the information and for the tip on GOSH. I'll be sure to go check for the base coat. :)

Thank you, Arie! :)

Yes, I hope you'll get one soon. Holos are certainly mesmerising. :)

@Adorable On Your Vanity
I'm glad you like this! :D

Yay, I'm so pleased to hear that! :D

Thank you, KTee! I'm certainly happy that this is to your liking. :)

BellasUnhaseCia said...

Bom dia minha Querida ...
muito bonito esse esmalte holografico
Ainda não tive a oportunidade de usar um

Good Morning my dear ...
this a beautiful Polish holographic
I have not had the opportunity to use a

The Beautifier said...

GOSH! Loving your holographic nails, girlie! xoxo

DinaXYYan said...

It looks so pretty in every angle!

Witoxicity said...

Oh, you should try to get a holo! I'm sure you will be just as fascinated as I am now with Britta. :)

@The Beautifier
Thanks, my dear! :D

Yes, it does! It's spellbinding, eh? :)

Inge (PolishSis) said...

Love holo's, this one has a great holo-effect, but looks a bit too "Barbie" when the holo doesn't show. I'm not a Barbie. LOL.
Try wearing it without basecoat if you don't have a special base. Yeah I know, that's a big No-No in Polishland and the polish-police can come to arrest you for it, but you don't get the bald spots if you wear it on naked nails.

Anonymous said...

Simply STUNNING!! You know how to pick beautiful and different colors, I have to compliment you on that. It looks so gorgeous on your nails. ;) Nicole

Big thumbs up for your photography as well!

Witoxicity said...

Psst, I'm not a Barbie either! :D I actually have a dark and broody soul.

Hey, thanks for the tip! You're teaching me to be a polish criminal, but it's OK. The polish police won't know if I don't tell. ;)

Hi, Nicole! Thank you, you're way too kind with your compliments. I just follow my instincts, really. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! That nail polish is probably the most coolest thing I have seen! I should get my sister onto hologram polishes haha!

Witoxicity said...

I'm quite fascinated by how they make these holo polishes. Anyway, I was just thinking...since your sister is into nail polishes, maybe she has a holo polish in her collection already! :)

VividSaavY©2010 said...

Wow, so beatiful, looks like you were borned with nails made out of precious stones of opals.

Witoxicity said...

I'm glad you like this polish! Thanks. :)