PUPA: Diva's Rouge Lipstick

Here’s the other half of Italian brand PUPA´s Perfect Match Kit that I showed in my previous post. It’s a lipstick called Diva’s Rouge and, of course, in the shade Euphoria Red. Well, actually, on the lipstick packaging, the shade is just a number: 14. I, for one, would like to call it tomato red, just like for the accompanying Lasting Color nail polish. The silver casing looks chic with the red trimming, don’t you think?

According to PUPA (as per the packaging):
Colour Intense Lipstick.
Absolute Cover.
Instantly perfect colour release for full, sensual lips with just one stroke.
Creamy, extra-rich, feel-good texture.

I’ll cut to the chase and mention that what PUPA says is quite true. It is pigment-rich, delivering fantastic colour intensity. I love how it applies – smooth and creamy. There are not many brands of lipsticks that I can use without a lipbalm base. I tried applying Diva’s Rouge on my bare lips and my lips fared quite well. To a certain degree, it did melt into the lips. My lips felt all right for the first couple of hours but as the moisturising effect wore off, I could feel my lips shriveling a bit. Well, don’t mind me and my chronically dry lips, ladies! I think if your lips can take just about any XYZ lipstick on the market, then Diva’s Rouge would work fine for you.

It lasts for a good few hours – four to five in my case. There is colour transfer on the cup, but that’s usual.

The ingredients:
Please click to enlarge.

Unfortunately, parabens are on the list, for those of you who do mind.

So, is it a ‘perfect match’? I say yes.

Note: This Perfect Match Kit was my own purchase. It was on offer for €14.95.

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More information: PUPA Milano website

Enough tomato reds for now. I promise it will be something else next!


Sheefa F said...

The lip shade is stunning! Love it on you :)

The Preppy Student said...

This is so pretty! I really love this color on you and thats awesome it matches the nail polish!

immarafrancesca said...

That lipstick looks gorgeous! And yes a very perfect with the nail polish indeed. :)

Milz said...

It's such a bright color looks so pretty ,so sad Pupa is not available in my country :(

Raey said...

I was waiting for a feature on red lips..So glad you did that.Looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Love it! It looks soooo pretty on you....I really like the set.

albastrikmik said...

it fits with your nails,kisses

LipGlossGossip said...

That lip color is so beautiful! Love it! :)

DinaXYYan said...

This bright red colour is really pretty and you pull it off really good as well :D

Witoxicity said...

@Get Gawjus!
Thanks, Shifa! :)

Thank you! I find it interesting that PUPA came out with these matching colour sets. It doesn't hurt either that the lipstick and nail polish come with that cute silver pouch. :D

This lipstick colour is gorgeous and I love it that it wasn't overly drying like some from other brands. :)

Haha, bright it is! Hmm, you would be able to find dupes for this colour, I'm sure. :)

Ooh, I'm glad I didn't make you wait too long! Thanks, I'm so pleased you like this, raey. :)

Thanks, KTee! It's a great set, me thinks. A full-size lipstick and a little bottle of nail polish in a matching colour in a very reflective silver pouch. What's not to like, huh? :D

It's a perfect match! :D

I'm so glad this shade of red is to your liking. :)

Thank you, Dina! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Definitely a perfect match! You wear tomato red nicely. =D

Happy New Year!

Witoxicity said...

@Shop N' Chomp
Thanks, my dear. Have a great year ahead! :)

Cynthia Z said...

Perfect than perfect match :). I LOVE that red lippie so much now...I have to go find something similar. It looks amazing on u! I want to see hot pink or a grape lippie on u sometime :)


Witoxicity said...

Thanks. I'm sure you'd have no problems finding a colour like this. Hmmm, I don't know if a shade like hot pink would suit my skin tone, but grape might work on me. :)