Giveaway: Arcancil Nail Polishes

This giveaway is closed. Thank you.

"Wot?!? Another giveaway?! Has she gone mad?"

I think so.

This one’s for you, nail polish lovers. Just for you, I bought two sets of nail polishes from the French brand, Arcancil. The colours that I have here are what I think are the most noteworthy from its range. Bronze Caprice is quite unusual in my eyes and so, it has been included in each set.

This is what you stand to win:

Set 1 – Bronze Caprice and Addicted Fuchsia

Set 2 – Bronze Caprice and Crazy Plum

Giveaway information in a nutshell:

• Open to all who follow Witoxicity from anywhere in the world.
• Choose between Set 1 and Set 2.
• Fill in the form below once – one basic entry.
• Optional: Blog about the giveaway – three extra entries.
• One extra entry for your comments already left (prior to the announcement of this giveaway) on each of the posts featuring the three Arcancil polishes.
• Closing date: 6th January 2011.

Note to those who are taking part in both giveaways I'm currently holding (the other being the Rituals Cosmetics Makeup Giveaway) and who wish to blog about them:

(a) You may feature the two giveaways separately, using the first image above, or

(b) For your convenience, you may do the following:

• just mention it once on your blog, using the composite photo below.
• call it "Witoxicity's Giveaways: Rituals Cosmetics Makeup and Arcancil Nail Polishes" (or something to that effect).
• link back only once, to this giveaway post.
• the number of extra entries will correspond with what is stated for the respective giveaways.

Giveaway information in finer detail (which nobody reads):

1. Open worldwide.

2. Open to all who follow Witoxicity’s writings.
You may follow through RSS feeds, Bloglovin, through your Google/Twitter accounts (on Google Friend Connect) or you could be a regular visitor to this site. I trust that you will be honest.

3. Please fill in the simple form found at the bottom of this post (now removed). That would be your one basic entry.

4. Optional: Tell others about this giveaway on your blog – three extra entries.

5. One extra entry for your comments left prior to the announcement of this giveaway on each of the posts featuring the three Arcancil polishes (I had given very big hints before). These extra entries will only be taken into account once you have filled in the form for your basic entry. To see if you have extra entries through this, please check here: Bronze Caprice, Addicted Fuchsia, Crazy Plum.

6. Please submit your entries through the form by latest Thursday 6th January 2011 at 11.59pm (Central European Time).

Kindly fill in the form only once.

7. Participants will be divided into two groups according to their choice (Set 1 or Set 2). One winner will be randomly picked from each group using the Mummy Number Generator (that’s my Mum).

8. The results will be announced on Sunday, 9th January 2011, together with the results of the Rituals Cosmetics Makeup Giveaway. The two winners of this giveaway will be contacted via email. If there is no reply from a particular winner within 72 hours, an alternative winner will be chosen.

9. Every care will be taken in sending out the prizes but I will not be held responsible in the event that a package goes missing in transit or arrives damaged.

10. All the prizes are brand new items and were purchased by yours truly.

Here’s a reminder of how the three polishes look on the nails:

Arcancil Bronze Caprice
Arcancil Addicted Fuchsia
Arcancil Crazy Plum

Again, good luck, everyone!


Colleen said...

You're really going to make me choose between fuchsia and plum??
I love them both!

Thanks for the giveaways. Very awesome of you.

Witoxicity said...

Oh, I am mean, aren't I? ;D Well, take your time with this. You still have lots of time to decide. And the pleasure's all mine, Colleen. It's my little way of thanking all my readers. :)

albastrikmik said...

thank you for this greats giveaway,you are so sweet,xoxo.
i have already did my nails with the polishes i won the prev. giveaway ,thank you

Witoxicity said...

You're most welcome! I hope you're enjoying those polishes you won. :)

PringlesPalo said...

Another fab giveaway from :) good luck on the participants :) I'm grateful to have been picked out before, I'll just join the next polish giveaway :) have a great new year everyone :)

Witoxicity said...

I sure hope you're having fun with the polishes that you won in my previous giveaway. Thank you so much for your moral support, Pringles! :)