ELLIS FAAS: Eye Look With Light XII

Most of the eyeshadow shades that I have from ELLIS FAAS lean on the neutral side, so I try to give it a little twist sometimes with the eyelining.

The ELLIS FAAS products used:

Milky Eyes E205 (khaki brown)
Creamy Eyes E104 (matte dark brown)
Light E301 (metallic light beige)
Eyeliner E501 (black)

L-R: Milky Eyes E205, Creamy Eyes E104, Light E301, Eyeliner E501

For mascara, I used Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara (which I got from Jeanie of Makeup Merriment).

A quick note for those who are not too familiar with ELLIS FAAS liquid eyeshadows:

• There is no need to apply an eyeshadow primer. The Creamy Eyes and the Milky Eyes eyeshadows are notoriously longlasting on their own.

• I personally prefer using the fingers to apply these liquid eyeshadows as it allows better control and it's easier to smudge out the edges with the finger. I use a brush only for eyelining and when precision is required.

What I did for this look:

1. Applied with finger a thin coat of the khaki brown of E205 on the entire moving lid.

2. Did the same with the dark brown of E104 on the lid fold, ie. over the lower half of the khaki brown.

3. With the remaining E104 on the applicator, used an eyeliner brush to line the outer two-thirds of the lower lash line.

Three coats of eyelining
4. Used an angled eyeliner brush to line the upper lash line with the black Eyeliner E501. Gave it a stubby wing.

5. Used another eyeliner brush to apply a thin coat of Light E301 on the black eyelining.

6. Went over that again with a thin coat of the black Eyeliner E501, so that the eyelining is a mix of black and metallic beige.

7. Lined the inner one third of the lower lash line with Light E301.

8. Curled lashes and applied 2 coats of mascara.

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Shivani said...

Really lovely look. Understated but really beautiful.

makeup merriment said...

What a beautiful eye of the day! Very sexy indeed! xx

Me said...

That looks really gorgeous, and you are very talented at blending the colors together. My favorite base lid shade is E107, but I sometimes have a hard time sheering it out enough, and boy does that stuff dry fast!

I love reading your Ellis Faas posts and I am sure you know by now that you are partly responsible for my somewhat large EF collection. I think I have 8 eyeshadow pens and over a dozen lips by now, and all of the blushes but the darkest. I have yet to try that eyeliner, though I would like to. Thanks for the closeup of the brush--I was afraid it would be too thick, but it looks to be just right.

I wish EF would come out with a more grey-leaning eyeshadow and some clear pink lips.

Witoxicity said...

@Adorable On Your Vanity
Thank you, Shivani! Yes, it's neutral and very understated indeed, so I tried to 'spice' it up a bit with the black+metallic beige eyelining. I'm pleased you like the end result! :)

@makeup merriment
Thank you for your kind words, my dear! :)

@Zuzu's Petals
You're very kind to say that, Zuzu. Thanks so much! The blending does take some practice. I've found that it's easier to work with several thin coats, as opposed to one thick coat which would be harder to manage given the relatively fast drying time. Also, as mentioned in the post, applying with the fingers works better for me. Direct application on the lid with the pen applicators has seldom delivered good results in my experience, as it's more difficult to control the amount of liquid shadow on the lid.

I can totally see why E107 is your favourite base shade. It's such a lovely 'skin-friendly' shade! :)

Eek! I plead ignorance and innocence! I didn't know that my ELLIS FAAS posts have had such an effect on the composition of the array of beauty products that grace your vanity table. :D Well, they are in general great products (especially the ridiculously crease-resistant eyeshadows!), so you certainly haven't spent money on something worthless, Zuzu. :)

I'm not sure if you have read my post on the eyeliner before, but in case you missed it, here is the link to my ELLIS FAAS Eyeliner Review. There are a couple more photos of the brush in that post. After a while, the brush does splay and in my case, I went back to applying it with a separate eyeliner brush. I don't know what you look for in an eyeliner, but in a nutshell, this one is not waterproof and smudge-proof.

I hope this bit of information helps, Zuzu. :)

Me said...

Wit, thanks for the comments! I have a friend who loves the eyeliner, but I do like a really thin point and will probably stick with Chantecaille Le Stylo, which does not run or smudge. I have enough black eyeliners, and I fear the EF brown will be too warm for me. I don't buy things called "chocolate," I need ASH! :) Your review almost convinced me, though.

As far as your responsibility for my not having any retirement money left (hee), your reviews just made it easy by giving lots of lovely swatches and commentary. The brand really sells itself, doesn't it? At least for those of us who love a more muted and/or natural look. I always feel sad when I read about people who have given up because of the brushes and hope the earlier dispensing problems don't hurt the brand.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous eye look and great blending. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

@Zuzu's Petals
I like my eyeliner applicators fine, thin and stiff-ish too and well, splayed ones are of little use to me. Anyway, it's good that you're making an informed decision on this one. Everyone has different needs and experiences, and Zuzu needs her greys and ashes!! :)

I'm glad that my many posts on ELLIS FAAS have helped in some way. The problem with the applicators/dispensing is/was no small issue (it does test one's patience - the pens that haven't been used for a while) but then again, just think of the amazingly longlasting eyeshadows! :)

Thank you very much, Nicole! Have a lovely week! :)

Anonymous said...

This look rocks.....love how you blended these gorgeous colors and applied the light. :) "KTee" xx

Witoxicity said...

Thanks so much, my dear! I'm pleased you like this look. :)