Adorned Nails: KOH Seduce

KOH launched another special collection recently. The KOH Sexy collection consists of six new polishes and the first one I've tried out is KOH Seduce.

Seduce is a gorgeous satin polish. There's a certain edginess about this polish that I love. Some might call it a blurple. I'll call it a blue violet and it's a very tricky one. One second, I'm sure it's a rich, deep sapphire blue and the next, I'm convinced it's a violet. Well, look closely and you'll realise that it's not because you can't decide which colour it is, it's because Seduce is both - it's a duochrome. It's easier to make that out in the bottle.

I had to apply three coats as it wasn't opaque in two but the formula was first class. Seduce applied without a hitch.

This polish was kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.

Anyway, here are the six KOH Sexy polishes. I'd admit that I'm quite taken by this collection. It's so chirpy and multifaceted, very appropriate for the coming warmer months. There is definitely something for everyone here.

The KOH Sexy collection is already available in the KOH Experience Shops. Retail price per bottle: €14.95 (10ml).

By the way, KOH announced earlier this year that it will be releasing six new Limited Edition collections in 2012, which works out to one new collection every two months. So, there's a lot to look forward to! The first was KOH Vintage Jeans, which you've seen. After KOH Sexy, the next Limited Edition collection is called KOH Elements. From the one photo that I've seen, KOH Elements is on the earthy side, definitely a less colourful collection after seeing the vivid shades of KOH Sexy.

Next Sexy polish: KOH Flirt


Jossie said...

Super lovely on you! And the rest of the collec as well, can't wait to see them all!! :-D

Unknown said...

This one is so beautiful!!

Nikki said...

Waanzinnig mooie foto's!! Heel mooi. Deze kleur hou ik even in mijn achterhoofd. Groetjes

Anonymous said...

Stunning collection! This violet/blue looks fab on your nails. Love your awesome pics hun "KTee"xx

esther said...

Weer zo'n mooie collectie. <3

Koh seduce is echt super mooi. Ben ook benieuwd naar de rest, ik hou het in de gaten. <3

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful warm shade and it looks gorgeous on you. My kind of color. Beautiful photos too my dear, especially the first 2 are stunning. Take care, Nicole x

Julye said...

love your nail polish ;) !!

Witoxicity said...

You're very kind. I'm sure this shade would look gggreat on you, Jossie! :)

I'm so pleased this is to your taste too. :)

Bedankt, Nikki! Ik vind Seduce zelf ook ontzettend mooi en dat helpt veel met het maken van leuke foto's hoor. Deze lak is echt een aanrader! Groetjes! :)

Thank you so much, KTee. I'm absolutely pleased you like the photos! :D

Ik ben het helemaal met jou eens. Als een geheel, trekt deze collectie mij heel erg aan. :)

Thanks so much, Nicole! Oh yes, I'm with you here. This is my kind of colour too. :)

I'm glad you like this one, Julye! :D