Adorned Nails: Teeez Fireworks

Well, it looks like Douglas isn't the only one with Fireworks. Teeez has one of its own too. They are very different creatures though.

While the one from Douglas is a duo- (tri-)chrome nail polish, Teeez Fireworks is a multi-glitter polish - warm silver, turqoise/blue and pink/fuchsia - in a clear base, which makes it ideal as a top coat to give other nail polishes a new look.

Here, I will be combining Teeez Fireworks with two different Teeez polishes which the brand sent me a while back along with Teeez Gutsy 05. Perhaps you would recognise from the design on the bottles that these two polishes belong to the Boudoir Secrets collection.

I figured it would be nice to give these two polishes a different look and so, I bought a bottle of Teeez Fireworks a couple of months ago. Fireworks belongs to a later collection called City Trip. The range of nail polishes that was released under City Trip is called Scandalous Nail Lacquer. According to the website, there are eight polishes under this range, one of which is Fireworks. Teeez intended Fireworks to be layered on the other seven polishes (which are bright, intense shades, by the way), but of course, one can layer it on any polish.

Teeez Cool 04
The first is Cool 04, a very cold, sheer icy blue with a hint of mint green and faint shimmers. I have on four coats here.

I wore this the other day and applied Teeez Fireworks on it. You could pile on the glitters but I did just one modest coat.

Teeez Femme Fatale 09
The second one, Femme Fatale 09, is a dark red crème with a tinge of blue. It's a pretty straightforward polish that applied well. You're looking at two coats.

Using Fireworks, I painted on two coats to give it glitter French tips.

Teeez Fireworks retails for €4.90 (8.5ml).

More information:
Teeez Cosmetics website


Jossie said...

Gorgeous and actually the blue one looks a lot like Sinful Colors Cinderella :-D

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You really spiced it up girl! I love it. "KTee" xx

Anonymous said...

I think the glittery french tip on Femme Fatale looks great. Beautiful detailed photos, as always. Hope your weekend is going well my dear. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Thanks for the dupe alert, Jossie! :)

Yay, thanks so much, KTee! I hope you're having a good weekend. :)

You're very kind, Nicole. Thank you! I've got lots of catching up to do, so it's been a pretty hectic weekend. I hope yours is a restful one! :)

esther said...

Heel mooi die glitters van fireworks, ik moet maar eens gaan kijken of deze kan bemachtigen. <3

Nikki said...

Ik heb een paar leuke topcoats met glitters van Essence, die kun je goed combineren. Deze vind ik ook heel apart. Groetjes!

Witoxicity said...

Als je deze City Trip collectie tegenkomt, moet je ook kijken bij de andere lakken in de collectie. Sommige zijn hele felle kleuren, maar ik zag er wel een paar leuke tussen. :)

Ah, zo veel mogelijkheden met al deze topcoats! Hey, ik hoop dat je er een paar van de nieuwe collectie van Catrice in kunt slaan! Groetjes! :)