ELLIS FAAS: Milky Lips L207

This is a little feature on the ELLIS FAAS Milky Lips L207, which is one of the three pens packaged in the brand's latest Spring Set 2012.

I've loved the ELLIS FAAS lip products since Day One (come to think of it, it's been a good two-and-a-half years). I have a certain weakness for the Creamy Lips and the Milky Lips range (for those new to this brand: there is a third lip range called Glazed Lips). The velvety smooth texture always makes 'painting' colour on the lips an enjoyable and.....almost therapeutic experience. No, no, not exaggerating. Just stating the truth. And what's even better about them is that they are very moisturising.

The Milky Lips L207 is described by ELLIS FAAS as a juicy nude pink. Since receiving the Spring Set from the good folks at ELLIS FAAS last week, I've been pondering on the shade. Yes, it's a nudish shade. I've decided that it's a curious cross between a dusty rose and a light coral brown.

It's quite close to my natural lip colour, L207 is just a tinge more coral brown. I suppose I could call it my-lips-but-better. Hmmm, if Milky Lips L201 were a social butterfly, then L207 would be a wallflower, I think.

The ELLIS FAAS Milky Lips L207 retails for €25 / £22 / USD35 each.

The brand is now offering the Spring Set 2012 which contains Milky Lips L207, Light E304 and Creamy Eyes E106. This set retails for €65 / £55 / USD85.

A feature on the Spring Set 2012 is in the works.

Update 21 April
Latest ELLIS FAAS newsletter:
Get 10% off your whole order which includes a Milky Lips! Coupon code: SNOWL200

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Anonymous said...

A new spring set, I'm very curious. I always love your EF posts, your eye looks in particular. Take care, Niole x

rachlovespenguins said...

That set is so very tempting, I'm going to have to try harder than usual to resist! Maybe I should hide my credit card... :D

Me said...

Interesting color. I have the glazed version of 207, and it's almost orange on me! I adore this brand, intensely, but sadly most of her colors are just too warm for me to wear. I'd die for a grey eyeshadow, rose lip, and clear rose or red cheek.

Witoxicity said...

You're very kind to say that, Nicole. The feature on the set will be coming up real soon. Have a good weekend! :)

Haha! I think it's best to ask someone else to hide your card! :D

@Zuzu's Petals
Oh, Zuzu, I hope EF has heard you. I know you've been yearning for that grey eyeshadow for a long time. Keep a lookout for their updates in coming months. You never know, maybe they'll eventually come up with just what you've been wishing for. :)

rachlovespenguins said...

yes, maybe someone else holding it for me would be better. hahaha

Anonymous said...

The moisturising part sounds great.

Those sets are always great if one likes all three items. "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

True, there will be those who like all three shades and there will be those who don't. :)

Bear Woods said...

This color looks amazing on you :)