Adorned Nail: KOH Cloudy

KOH Elements is the third special collection to be released by the brand this year. This first polish that I'm wearing here has been christened KOH Cloudy. To be honest, it doesn't look terribly cloudy to me. If anything, it's pristine white and quietly sparkly.

With its glass flecks, it pretty much belongs in the same family as several polishes from the Sexy collection - KOH Pleasure (yellow), KOH Sensual (mint green) and KOH Tease (coral). This jelly applied effortlessly and I have three coats on here. I did very thin coats on the little finger, which explains for the visible nail line.

As I'm not big on white nail polishes, I desperately felt the need to embellish my nails with some stamping. I used this right-angled leafy design on the B21 plate from Chez Delaney and a cobalt blue KONAD stamping polish.

The result: something like a Delft Blue painting of a vine.

Cloudy was kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.

Here is the whole KOH Elements collection in a row:

KOH Cloudy
KOH Leaf
KOH Fire
KOH Earth
KOH Mediterranean Sea
KOH Heavenly

Next Elements polish: KOH Heavenly


Unknown said...

Great looking collection. I wish it was available in the US. The stamping looks flawless :)

Nikki said...

Cool, weer een nieuwe collectie. Wit met blauw vind ik altijd mooi als er sneeuw ligt. Mooie foto's en ik vind de nail art echt leuk gedaan. Groetjes

esther said...

Onwijs gaaf, lijkt wel Delfts blauw. <3

Echt goed gedaan, je geeft de witte kleur gelijk een opkikker. <3

Jossie said...

I LOVE it!!

Unknown said...

This color is so beautiful and delicate!!
I really love it!

Unknown said...

Ja wow je Delftsblauw mani is geweldig!

Anonymous said...

White and blue makes a "Cool" mani! I love it! Have a great weekend hun, "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Thank you! Well, the KOH online shop does offer international shipping. :)

Hey, bedankt voor je aardige woorden, Nikki! Groetjes! :D

Leuk dat je de stamping op Delfts blauw vindt lijken. Dank je! :D

Thanks! :)

I'm glad it's to your taste. :)

@Nailart Addict
Dank je! :D

Many thanks, KTee! You too, I hope your weekend is going well. :)

Unknown said...

I love this! That white is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mani. I see some nice colors in this new collection. Interesting. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Pure and clean. Thanks, K! :)

Many thanks, my dear. This is a less colourful collection compared to the previous one but some shades are interesting nevertheless. :)

Anutka said...

Beautiful stamping! I'm always crazy about the blue and white combo. The color is so pretty and doesn't look sheer as the pearl ones tend to look :)

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Anutka. I'm with you on the colour combo. Blue + white and blue + silver make great combinations! :)