Adorned Nails: KOH Dutch

I've been saving this for the London Olympics. I could have done this for Queen's Day or for the Euro 2012 but I deferred. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't for the latter - our football team was an utter national disgrace. There was no team work and certainly no team spirit. Bah! Great footballers they may be but many of them have become selfish individuals with oversized egos.

On the other hand, it's definitely worthwhile to cheer on the Dutch Olympic team. At least, I know the athletes will give their all. Go Holland!!

Anyway, back to the polish. KOH Dutch is an old one from the permanent range. I think it came out in the initial lot of KOH Colours nail polishes a few years ago.

The colour is pretty self-explanatory. Dutch = orange. It has a great consistency, a jelly-crème that went on effortlessly. I have two coats on.

A Dutch-themed manicure needs a Dutch flag, correct? It's a good thing that the Dutch flag is a simple one to re-create: colour-blocking with three polishes.

I used:
KOH Brilliant Red
KOH Cloudy
KOH Rock Chick
The links will lead you to my old posts featuring the individual polishes.

Polishes were provided by KOH over the course of the year.

On a different note, KOH's next Limited Edition collection is due to be released in September. The collection is called KOH Sound and from the picture I've seen in the press release I received, it's a fairly broody collection. At a glance, the collection looks almost monochromatic but I'm sure there's more to it. Well, I can't do much with a piece of paper for now. We'll have to wait and see.


Jenni said...

Gorgeous orange!!

Unknown said...

Love the colour ^^

I would just ue the cloudy and the rock chick together as they compliment each other.

Unknown said...

Keep up the spirit!

Anonymous said...

Great mani with a Dutch twist and such a cool name for this orange shade. Have a great weekend, Nicole x

Nikki said...

Leuk gedaan hoor en mooie foto's ook! Hopelijk winnen we een aantal medailles.

Je hebt trouwens helemaal gelijk met die voetballers, het zijn OVERBETAALDE en over het paard getilde verwende nesten. Zet er maar een paar amateurs neer, die nog wel willen werken, omdat het een eer is als je geselecteerd wordt. En die voetbalvrouwen krijgen ook te veel aandacht. Ik word kotsmisselijk van AL die gasten. Groetjes!

Witoxicity said...

Perfect for summer! :)

That's true. The white and the blue would go well together but then, I would be re-creating the flag of say, Finland or Scotland. :)

Gotta root for our athletes! :)

Thank you, my dear. Hey, you too, enjoy your weekend! :)

Witoxicity said...

Dank je, Nikki! Je verhaal over de voetballers en hun vrouwen klopt helemaal. Ik heb het ook met ze gehad! Fijn weekend! :)

esther said...

Leuke manicure, erg feestelijk. Koh Dutch heb ik zelf ook. <3

Jammer dat het EK niet zo feestelijk was, maar hopelijk winnen we wat plakken in Londen.

Anonymous said...

Great mani. The Dutch female athletes should polish their nails like this. "KTee"xx

Nail Art Designs said...

Love the Dutch manicure. :-) That orange is seriously bright, but gorgeous!

Witoxicity said...

Bedankt hoor! Leuk dat je ook Dutch hebt. Je kan zeker de lak vaak genoeg voor een gelegenheid gebruiken! :D

Haha, maybe they are already wearing some kind of patriotic-coloured nails. I haven't been able to spot them on TV though. ;)

@Nail Art Designs
Thank you! A true orange it is! :)