Adorned Nails: Saffron Magnetic Varnish 03

The truth: I got this in a moment of stupor. I had never heard of this brand before and yet, I bought five of these magnetic polishes.

Saffron London is the brand and the magnetic polish range is just one of the collections that it carries. It seems to be a UK-based brand but the man at the store where I got my bottles from told me with stolid indifference that the polishes were made in China, which wasn't indicated on the box packaging. Nice, he told me that after I had paid for them.

Well, okay, this is Saffron Magnetic Varnish No. 03, an emerald green metallic shimmer. The colour itself is fantastic but alas, its magnetic powers aren't. The bottle comes with its own magnet but it's a useless one. Trash it and forget that promising picture on the box! It literally did nothing to the polish, so I had to use the Essence magnet (which you can read more about here).

This was a true test of one's patience. What you see here is the result after many attempts on each nail (and try doing that on ten nails!). To get this result, you'd have to hold the magnet just 1mm away from the nails and I can tell you, there were many 'touching' accidents.

That's the long story anyway. You wouldn't know about the fandango that went on just from looking at the photos, would you? Okay, the colour is gorgeous but I can't believe I paid €4.50 for this 9ml bottle of semi-crap. And, hey, I've got four more to show you too!

My first magnetic polish:
Essence Spell Bound


Unknown said...

Some magnetic polishes are more sensitive to the magnets than ohers ^^"
I love the color!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you also have the same issues I experienced with these magnetic varnishes. I also bought 2 of them. O my I regret it. But hey the colors are stunning and great for stamping. Your results are even way much better than mine.

Anonymous said...

The color is gorgeous, pity it didn't work out to well with the magnet. "KTee" xx

Jenni said...

Oh that totally sucks! (paying 4.50euros for semi-crap). Hopefully all the colors are nice by themselves.

Witoxicity said...

Indeed. I switched polishes and magnets around and this magnet totally didn't work.

Hi, Vi! Ah, at least you bought only two. I don't know what possessed me to buy five. Haha! But yes, the colours are beautiful though and I must try some stamping with them. Thanks! :)

Well, I guess the colour is the only redeeming feature. :)

Hello, Jenni! The colours are indeed lovely. It's not expensive but if it doesn't deliver on its promise, then it's quite a waste of money. Compare this to the Essence magnetic polish that costs just €1.99. :)

Anonymous said...

You couldn't resist. LOL

Well sometimes it happens in a weak moment, but sometimes you have to, because you never know when you come across a brand again.

At least the color is beautiful, I hope the others are as pretty as this green one. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

The colours got me and the promise of some cool magnetic stripes proved to be too irresistible! Sigh! In time, you'll see the other colours. They pretty much have the same finish. Very attractive shades, in my opinion. :)

Shivani said...

That's a super pretty green :)
How are you Anne?? Long time - hope you are doing well. x

Witoxicity said...

Hi Shivani! It's lovely to hear from you, my dear. I'm going okay, thank you. I hope you've been well and are enjoying summer. :)