Adorned Nails: PUPA Lasting Color Euphoria Red

I've noticed that PUPA Milano loves coming up with makeup kits comprising different makeup items. One such kit is called the Perfect Match Kit - a cute silver makeup pouch containing a lipstick and a bottle of nail polish of the same colour. At the store, there were four Perfect Match Kits to choose from: Deep Violet (purple), Pop Pink (pink), Passion Red (dark red) and Euphoria Red. I settled for Euphoria Red in the end as I have neither a lipstick nor nail polish in this colour. Besides, it's got such a fabulous name. Woot!

Tomato red best describes Euphora Red. It's such a happy colour. And oh, this jelly-like polish went on so beautifully! I have absolutely no complaints about its application. A two-coat application gave about 90% opacity but I thought that was good enough. The nail line wasn't that conspicuous.

Here's the best part: I've had it on for four days and have noticed only some tip wear. There was no chipping at all. Hardy indeed. It certainly lives up to its name - Lasting Color.

The recommended retail price for the Perfect Match Kit is €18.50, but it was on offer at the store and I paid €14.95 instead. The nail polish bottle is cute and small – only 5ml – but I think it's a pretty good deal as the accompanying full-size lipstick alone retails for €18.50.

Coming up tomorrow: PUPA Diva's Rouge Lipstick
More information: PUPA Milano website


The Preppy Student said...

I have never tried this brand but the color looks great on you!

Unknown said...

That looks great ^_^ I love polishes that don't chip easily.
Is it still snowing in your area? The snow cleared up in my area but I can still see my snowman :P

albastrikmik said...

i love this red colour.

Anonymous said...

This is a very beautiful red, it looks really gorgeous on your nails.

Beautiful photos as well in the snow. Hot red in the cold snow.

I hope you had a wonderful christmas.

Raey said...

the color looks fabulous!Red lips & nails always look stunning no matter what your skin tone is..& its suitable for almost all occasions!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks! This is actually my first time ever using PUPA and so far, I'm quite impressed. :)

No, it has stopped snowing here (for now) but it's still pretty much white outside. It has turned slippery icy though. Nasty! :P

I love it too. I haven't got that many reds in my collection. :)

Thanks! I'm surprised the snow didn't immediately melt after coming in contact with the sizzling hot red! ;)

I had a very nice Christmas, thank you. I hope yours was a joyous one with many presents and lots of sumptuous food, KTee. :)

You're absolutely right about reds! I think the only thing holding us back is ourselves. Some of us find reds too bold and we tend to shy away from it. I'm guilty of that sometimes but then, I think, why should I?! I love red! :D

immarafrancesca said...

PUPA! I was supposed to get some of their products from a make up swap but I guess she forgot. Ugh. I envy you. :(

I was actually persuading my husband to visit Europe next year (showed your pictures @ And what he said was, "Is this whole obsession with buying make up around the world ever going to end anytime soon?" My response, "Maybe when we go to Europe." Teehee. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Lovely red shade and what a cute set! Stunning photos! Nicole xx

Witoxicity said...

Haha, yes! What we have is indeed an obsession! Our husbands do have to put up with a lot. :P Btw, if you ever come to the Netherlands, don't forget to visit the art museums too! :D

Thanks, Nicole! A cute set it is. I saw another set at the store (a different variety with, I think, eye products in another cute case). I was tempted to get that one too, but HAD to stop myself! Enough is enough! :)

DinaXYYan said...

Yay for a lasting nail polish! It's a really good deal as well :D

Witoxicity said...

Yeah, I'm very impressed with its durability. :)

DalaLuz said...

It's looking great on you. Nice picture too with the snow, well done! These Pupa sets sure look like a mega-sweet deal in a very cute package, unfortunately none of the colors offered is really me (which does makes my wallet happy) so I'll be waiting for their next beautiful surprises.

Witoxicity said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I say "Well done!" for resisting purchase of any of these sets - you're definitely doing your wallet a favour. I wish I was more strong-willed. :)