MuLondon: Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser

This decadent moisturiser contains:

• Shea Butter
• Coconut Butter
• Jojoba Oil
• Rosemary Extract
• Bourbon Vanilla Extract
• Cocoa Extract

.....and nothing more. Not even water. All, except for the Cocoa Extract, are certified organic ingredients. Shea butter together with jojoba oil form the basis for all five MuLondon moisturisers.

According to Boris (the founder of MuLondon), this cream had taken him a long time to formulate as he had issues sourcing exactly the right ingredients that he wanted to make this particular moisturiser.

Well, well, hasn’t he just done a fabulous job with this moisturiser in the end! It is like dessert for the skin, minus the sugar.

The scent of rosemary must be very subtle here as my olfactories weren't able to pick it up. However, the smell of cocoa and sweet vanilla hits me whenever I hold my nose close to the open jar. It's intoxicating, to say the least. You’ve got to love the scent! It’s no wonder that this moisturiser in particular is a hit, especially among women (says Boris). Don't worry about smelling too much like a candy bar though. On the skin, the overall scent is subtle.

I’ve used this moisturiser on the body, the hands, the face and even on the lips. All the ingredients that are used in MuLondon moisturisers are food-grade ingredients.

Shea butter, besides being a wonder butter for the skin, is edible and has been used and consumed in Africa for centuries. Boris makes reference to Mungo Park, a young eighteenth century Scottish explorer who wrote about shea in his book, Travels In The Interior of Africa: .....the butter produced from it, besides the advantage of its keeping the whole year without salt, is whiter, firmer, and, to my palate, of a richer flavour, than the best butter I ever tasted made from cow’s milk.

In Boris’ own words: I would not put anything on my skin that was not safe enough to eat. And eat he did! Once, he actually tried his White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser on a piece of biscuit and “it was fab!”

WARNING: Decadent contents. Resist temptation to consume orally. For topical application only. Melt well before use.

Skin dessert, anyone?

Note: This moisturiser was my own purchase. The Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser is available in two jar sizes: 60ml (£13) and 30ml (£7).

For detailed information on MuLondon and the various uses of MuLondon's moisturisers, please read my extensive write-ups on the
Organic Hemp Moisturiser and the Organic Rose Moisturiser.

MuLondon is currently having a 20% off offer on all orders. Coupon code: MUXMAS or ORGANZA20 (if you want the 20% discount plus an organza bag with your jar). Fortunately, MuLondon ships worldwide. Offer ends 20th December.


beautyparler said...

That sounds delicious and very tempting to eat.

Witoxicity said...

That's so true! :D

lavender said...

feel like trying this but not keen to order online. Thanks for the review!

Sheefa F said...

I love the rose one from MuLondon, good enough to eat :)

Witoxicity said...

My pleasure! :)

@Get Gawjus!
Oh, that rose moisturiser is another fabulous one. I love the scent! :)

KATHLEEN said...

Over the years I have tried loads of different face creams but I have finally found one that I am happy with and I'm sticking to it. It is lovely to put onto your face and feels just right, not too thick or sticky - white cream that glides on and feels smooth and light on my face. The scent always perks me up even though I am supposed to be winding down for the night and it is not overpowering as the fragrance is very subtle. The only problem is you feel very much tempted to eat it :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Very informative and funny post!
Thanks, Nicole

Witoxicity said...

Hi, Kathleen! So, you're a MuLondon fan! I, for one, am having a hard time deciding which of the five moisturisers I love the most. Perhaps Organic Rose and this Organic White Chocolate Truffle because of the scent.......but I shouldn't take sides as the other three are just as good. Each is special in its own way. :)

Haha! Thanks, Nicole. I thought it would be nice to provide information from a different angle here. I didn't want to write a review per se as I had already done all the explaining in my reviews on the Organic Hemp and Organic Rose moisturisers. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :)

DinaXYYan said...

this sounds like a multi purpose moisturizer! I didn't know any moisturizer that can be used on lips :D

Witoxicity said...

Multi-purpose and safe for consump....oops, nope, you're not supposed to eat it! ;D

Shop N' Chomp said... the warning! I think having the word "truffle" in it does warrant one though. ;)

Witoxicity said...

@Shop N' Chomp
Yeah, I thought it better to caution my readers about it. ;)