Copper Lips!

......or at least, that's the promise from the visual impression of this lipstick. I love its rich golden coral shade. It looks metallic, quite copper-like.

Eco Beauty
Ladies living in the Netherlands would have no doubt come across this Eco Beauty lipstick before. It was available at the Etos drugstores for several months last year. What I found interesting back then was the plain, basic display rack. It was a simple rack made of cardboard with an Eco Beauty sign and a few words. A long sticker was stuck to the side with information about its ingredients.

I was immediately drawn to the whole rack for several reasons:

• its incongruously rudimentary appearance
• the cheap-looking bright green lipstick packaging
• its organic ingredients (with ECOCERT certification)
• its very reasonable price

It was only €3.99 for a lipstick that claimed to contain 36.4% organic ingredients. Its list of ingredients (please click to enlarge):

Even though this isn't a review per se, I'd just like to say a few words about this lipstick. I bought two, in shades 03 and 04. 03 didn't do it for me. The colour was just too close to my natural lip colour. This copper one I'm featuring here is the 04 shade. I liked how smoothly it applied but I found it quite drying, thus requiring a lipbalm base. I thought it was only moderately lasting on the lips.

I wanted to know more about the Eco Beauty brand. There was no useful information to be found on the Etos website and very disappointingly, the Etos store staff knew little about the brand. I don't normally do this, but my last resort was to send an email to Etos Customer Service to ask for some basic information about the Eco Beauty brand - to satisfy my own curiousity and for when I wanted to write a post about the lipsticks.

The reply that came back from its Customer Service at the headquarters was one bordering on the ridiculous, albeit polite. It basically said that this was a temporary promotion and that the lipsticks were available while stocks last. "So, it is difficult to be communicating about this product as we would like to avoid disappointing the customers."


I did write back to express my disappointment with their empty reply, but they never got back to me again.

Seriously, I wasn't asking for much. I was just a paying customer asking for some basic information about Eco Beauty. Is that too much to ask?! It wasn't like I was offering to put up a gigantic advertisement banner for them on my website! I suspect the headquarter staff didn't know anything about the brand either and would rather not have to admit it. Talk about a lack of initiative! Etos, I'd always held you in high regard, but that's not quite the case anymore.

Well, I can only guess that Eco Beauty is a product of Etos itself but hey, what do I know, right? That email correspondence took place months ago. Fyi, the lipsticks stayed on the shelves for more than half a year. In the end, Etos was trying to get rid of them at 50% off. I saw hardly anyone touching them by then. I myself sure didn't!

I love the coppery colour though.

If you're curious:
About Etos
Etos website (in Dutch)


Michelle said...

This is beautiful! I love the tone of red it has!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I like the color on you as well. But it sounds like you can find a better lipstick.

Anonymous said...

The color looks really nice on you.

What can I say about good customer service is so important, but really hard to find.

Paulina said...


- said...

Information hardly circulate within some companies and I have the curious impression that the costumer service is only there to spread already-made-standard-polite-useless replies. They maybe don't know more than the costumers finally. And they probably don't expect anyone to ask precisions or anything. It's no wonder they never responded to you after you wrote back.

That being said, I would have been attracted to the lipsticks at the store for quite the same reasons as you. Its being dry is strange because the ingredients are rather clean and nourishing. The color fits you greatly though (and you have lovely shaped lips!).

The Beautifier said...

Ah! Another stunning red lippy! gotta love this for its ogranic ingredients!

Witoxicity said...

I'm pleased you like it! :)

@The Girlie Blog
Well, I do have to look elsewhere any which way, as it's no longer available in the stores. :)

You would think that businesses would have wised up to this, but strangely, little has changed over the years. Inexplicable!

Thanks. :)

Thanks, Nathalie! I was quite surprised too that this lipstick wasn't that moisturising, but then again, I really do have ridiculously dry lips to start with. :)

As for the issue on customer service, you're right about the possible poor system of information dissemination within the organisations. However, I also think it's a pure lack of initiative on the part of the employees (especially the frontline staff). They couldn't care less!

@The Beautifier
Thumbs up for organic ingredients! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful copper lips!

I wonder why some shops even have a customer service, why bother if they can't help customers (or maybe I should say: don't want to help).

According to me staff should know more about brands or products they are selling. They sound so stupid if they don't know basic stuff.

Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, Nicole. True, true and totally true about customer service! When will they ever change for the better?! Sigh!

DinaXYYan said...

The color does look good on you despite the lack of information about the brand!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Dina. :)