I used to wear a dark brown lipstick to the office. How I got away with that, I do not know.

That feels like a century ago (ooh, it probably is!). So now, how do you like this dark brown lipgloss (yes, my lips are now back to normal size after last week's 'unpleasantness')? The colour sure isn't my usual. I was provided with this lipgloss by ELLIS FAAS to try a couple of months back. It's actually the first Glazed Lips I've ever put on.

I don't think I need to say much about the packaging: it's in the signature silver pens with the same click-turn mechanism at the bottom. The brush applicator is much like the one for Milky Lips.

Name: ELLIS FAAS – ELLIS LIPS Glazed Lips No. L302
Colour choice: Available in nine shades (including one clear gloss)
Volume and Price: 2.8ml / 0.095 US fl oz for €25.00

According to ELLIS FAAS (excerpts)
Turn to ELLIS FAAS Glazed Lips for an ultra-wet, yet long-lasting splash of colour that combines transparency and intensity. Load the pen and slick on Glazed Lips for hours of coverage. Glazed Lips is made from plant seed oils that hydrate, as well as Tocotrienol (a powerful antioxidant and component of Vitamin E), Vitamin C, and Omegas 3 and 6. If you blot the lips after application, you will achieve a more subtle stained look.

Please click on image to enlarge.

My Thoughts
The Glazed Lips is really a lipgloss by another name. L302 is a dark brown shade. It has no scent.

Direct application with the brush applicator is the easiest.

It's lightweight. Its consistency is perhaps not as thick as most lipglosses I've tried, which makes it easy to 'paint' on the gloss. Pigmentation is great. As can be seen in the lip photos, it surely is glossy shiny, "ultra-wet" as ELLIS FAAS calls it. Personally, I do find it a tad sticky, but it's tolerable.

This gloss is rather emollient. A thick coat lasts on my lips for two to three hours. The colour is faded by then but my lips don't start to feel dry for a further hour or so if I don't re-apply. Thankfully, there is no ghastly white layer on the lips at the end of the day.

I like the fact that it is emollient and that it keeps the lips hydrated for a good number of hours. One can tell that it's a good quality lipgloss, but truth be told, I think I'm more taken by the other two less transparent ELLIS LIPS textures: Creamy Lips and Milky Lips. If you love lipglosses and if you have the budget for it (let's face it: this gloss ain't cheap), I'd say give the Glazed Lips a try. There are, after all, other shades to choose from. This colour L302 would look fantastic on brown-skin.

More information: The nine shades of Glazed Lips
My previous ELLIS FAAS reviews: Creamy Lips and Milky Lips


Milz said...

I love this color, dark browen is always my favourite lipcolor but this one is a bit pricey

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous color on your beautiful lips. Great review! Take care, Nicole x

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

What a powerful color! It looks creamy.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous shade! It looks wonderful on you.

Witoxicity said...

Hey, alvira! Lovely to hear from you! This L302 is certainly right up your alley if you love dark brown lip colours. I agree, it would do some damage to one's wallet. :P

Thanks, Nicole! You are always so kind in your comments. :)

@The Girlie Blog
It's not my usual colour, but I love variety. :)

Thank you, my dear! :)

Anonymous said...

It looks great on you. It's different (somewhere between brown and dark red), but I love it. Thumbs up for your detailed reviews. :)
"KTee" xx

The Beautifier said...

This shades looks fantastic on your beautiful pouty lips <3

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, KTee! Well, its transparent finish is probably why it ends up not looking full-on dark brown on my lips. Works out well in the end. :D

@The Beautifier
Thanks, Sonali! :)

DinaXYYan said...

Wow, it's amazingly pigmented! Love it on you :)

Cynthia Z said...

I think that brown really suits u. I like the brush applicator...looks so fun :)


Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Dina. :)

Yeah, it's pretty fun to paint on the gloss. Thanks, my dear. :D

Eli (Beauty Blog) said...

That lip colour looks very sexy ;-)

Witoxicity said...

It's perfect for a sultry look, I suppose. :)

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

I really like this!

Witoxicity said...

Thanks, Michelle! :)